How to Make a Concept Map in Google Slides

How to Make a Concept Map in Google Slides | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

We live in bustling times. Between work, family, social media, etc., our minds can get extremely cluttered. That can make it difficult to focus, especially when there are complex concepts to explain. This is why concept maps play a crucial role in organizing information: They make it easy to digest.  

Concept maps are a type of diagram used to explain relationships between ideas visually. They begin with one main idea before connecting it to other smaller yet equally important related ideas. The best part is that you only need a few basic shapes—lines, ovals, and squares—to create a concept map in Google Slides. 

Creating the main concept or idea

  • Open your Google Slides presentation.
  • Go to the slide you want to make the concept map in.
  • Go to the toolbar and click Insert → Shape → Shapes. Select Oval and drag it out with the mouse to create a circle. This represents the main idea of your concept map.

Pro tip: Hold on to Shift while dragging to create a perfect circle. 

Creating a circle for the main concept in Google Slides
Creating a circle for the main concept
  • Style your circle by using the options Fill Color and Border Color. Remember to stick to the slides’ theme colors and select a transparent border for a cleaner and more consistent look.
Styling the circle with theme colors in Google Slides
Styling the circle with theme colors

Adding titles to the nodes

  • If you want to label the nodes, double click on the circle and start typing. Style the text by using the options Font, Font size, Text color and Align. Remember to continue using the theme’s font types and colors and make sure the text is centered in the circles.
Adding text to a node in Google Slides
Adding text to a node

Adding descriptive texts to a concept map

  • Click on Insert → Text box. With this text box, you can either describe the relationships between the circles in the concept map or provide more context. Do not divert from the slides’ theme colors and fonts. Also, remember that the concept map is a visual design so refrain from adding too much text to distract your viewers.
Adding a text box in Google Slides
Adding a text box
  • Copy and paste (Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V)  to replicate as many text boxes as you need. In this example, we’ll have three of them to represent the concept’s three main relationships.
  • You can also play around with alignment options by selecting Arrange in the menu. You may want to align the text boxes on the side to the left and right and center the text in the text box at the bottom.
Completing the text boxes in Google Slides
Completing the text boxes

Adding visual details to a concept map

  • You can also add icons to your concept map. Google Slides doesn’t have integrated icons. But there are thousands of free icons available on Flaticon. You may download the icons or install the Flaticon extension for Google to access them directly from Google Slides. Once you have them, insert them into your concept map by selecting Insert → Image → Upload from computer.
  • Resize the icons as needed and place them in the middle of the circles.

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Uploading an icon
Uploading an icon

Pro tip: All of Slidesgo’s templates for Google Slides come packed with tons of icons. We’ve included them in the final slides of our templates, right after the Thank you slide. All you have to do is copy and paste the ones you like into your concept map. Plus, they are all 100% editable!

Selecting an icon from Slidesgo's templates
Selecting an icon from Slidesgo’s templates
  • To change the color of the icon, click Arrange → Ungroup and use the Fill color option.
Changing the color of an icon in Google Slides
Changing the color of an icon
  • Copy and paste all remaining icons to complete the concept map. Again, remember to stick to the slides’ theme colors and make sure icons are placed right in the middle. That’s it: A concept map made easy!
Wrapping up the concept map in Google Slides
Wrapping up the concept map

With this, you’re well equipped to make a concept map in Google Slides. If you prefer, you may also try out some of Slidesgo’s beautiful templates that are ready for you to use and adapt. Check our most popular themes now!