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How to Add or Change Fonts in Google Slides

How to Add or Change Fonts in Google Slides | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

Some experts recommend that you include just the right amount of text in your presentations. Too much, and the audience will be reluctant to read it. Too little, and the audience will just refrain from looking at the screen. 

Let’s say you already have the right amount of text. In order to maximize your chances of success, you need to choose a good font. Combining a nice readability with a nice visual hierarchy of all the components of your design will make an impression on everybody. They will be more than delighted at how your text looks. 

So, in this tutorial, you’ll learn to change the fonts in your presentation. You’ll also find out how to add new fonts in Google Slides. 

How to Change a Font in Google Slides

  1. Open your presentation in Google Slides.
  2. Select one or more text boxes whose font you want to change. To select more than one, hold the Ctrl/Cmd key while clicking the text boxes.
Selecting text boxes
  1. Go to the toolbar, click the Font drop-down arrow and choose the font that best suits your needs. You’ll see an arrow next to some fonts. If you hover over one of these arrows, a list with the different available styles for that font will be displayed.
Choosing a font

How to Change the Font Color in Google Slides

If you’re familiar with text editors such as Microsoft Word, this will look familiar to you. To change the color of the font, do the following:

  1. Select the text box that contains the text whose color you want to modify, or either select just a part of the text.
  2. In the toolbar, locate the “Text color” option, which is next to the text styles option and click on it. 
  3. Now, select any of the colors listed. You can also use the color picker to pick any color present in the current slide. Additionally, there’s an option to enter the hex code of the color that you want. For the latter, click on the “+” sign under the “Custom” section.
  4. Changing the font color

How to Change the Font Size in Google Slides

Once again, if you’re familiar with programs such as Microsoft Word, changing the font size won’t be a secret to you. In any case, here’s how to do it:

  1. Select the text box containing the text whose font size you want to change, or either select part of it.
  2. In the toolbar, you’ll see a number next to the Font drop-down menu. That indicates the font size, measured in points. Click the number to either choose a font size from the list that appears, or type the size that you want.
  3. You can also click the plus or minus sign to increase or decrease, respectively, the font size one point at a time.
  4. Changing the font size

How to Change All the Fonts of the Presentation

  1. You can change the font of all the texts in your presentation at once. This can be done from the master slides. 
  2. Open your presentation in Google Slides.
  3. Access the master slides by clicking Slide → Edit master.
  4. Select the master slide (the first one). 
  5. Select one or more text boxes in this slide and change the font by selecting the one you want from the Font drop-down list. The top text box controls the slide titles. The lower text boxes control the rest of the text in your presentation. Once you’re done, all the text in your document will be updated accordingly. 
  6. Close the master slides by clicking the “X” button in the top-right corner of the editor and make sure the changes have been applied to the slides. It’s important that you click the “X” button to exit the slide master because, otherwise, there could be unexpected changes if you don’t do it this way.
  7. Accessing the master slides to change fonts

How to Get and Add More Fonts in Google Slides

  1. Open your presentation in Google Slides.
  2. Select the text box where you want to use a new font.
  3. Go to the toolbar and click the Font drop-down arrow. If you can’t find the font that you want, click More fonts. A new window will open. 
More fonts
  1. In this window, you’ll be able to manage the fonts used in your presentation and view the available fonts.
  2. Use the filters at the top to search a font by type of script, or try entering its name. You can sort the results by alphabetical order, date, trending or popularity. 
  3. To add a new font, just click its name. To remove a font, click the X next to its name under My fonts. Once you’re done, click OK.
Adding new fonts
  • Please note that Google Slides only supports fonts from Google Fonts. This means you can’t add third-party fonts to your presentation.

That’s it! By the way, if you want to check out the template that we’ve used for this template, it’s this one. Keep visiting Slidesgo to stay up to date with the latest designs and templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint

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