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How to Find the Best Presentation Template

How to Find the Best Presentation Template | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

We want to simplify the process of finding a creative presentation template that conveys all your innovative ideas and that, at the same time, tells a convincing story to your audience, 100% editable and free. 

The best way of saving time and being true to your own discourse is to find a theme with a professional design that can be adapted to your project. Still, how to choose the most suitable one? In Slidesgo we have hundreds of Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates, and now we have added new ways of helping you find the perfect one to best suit your needs. 


On the homepage you will find interesting collections from our template catalogue. We have now incorporated Trending searches. It is a carousel that contains a collection of the latest (and most actual) searching trends.

Trending searches carousel

In addition, you will also discover a selection of the latest themes, so you can give our new and fresh designs a try, and the most popular templates among our users. This last section contains very attractive and polivalent presentations that you could adapt to any idea. Likewise, you can also access these sections from the navigation bar:

Sections in the navigation bar

At the bottom of the page there is a selection of the most consulted tags. Click on any of those to access the set of templates of any tag.

Most consulted tags

Finding Templates by Color

There is a new option in Slidesgo to help you find the ideal template. It allows you sorting by Color, so you can select the most suitable one for your work. On each color page there is a brief description of their uses and psychology, so you have no doubts about using the correct color to support your discourse. 

This section contains those templates that have been designed with different color palettes and whose chromatic variant coincides with the color you are looking for. Let’s try clicking on the color blue: 

Blue color filter

Sorting Templates by Style

There is a new option to find the perfect template: sorting by Style. Thanks to this feature you can filter depending on the creative tendency and focus you want to convey: 

  • Cartoon: These are themes with cartoon illustrations that have a funny taste.
  • Creative: These templates have been designed according to the latest tendencies. If you are looking for something innovative, this is your style.
  • Cute: This section contains adorable designs, but adding cute elements to provide your message with sensitivity.
  • Dark: Dark colors are predominant in this sort of slides in order to create a great contrast and to highlight your message
  • Elegant: They are ideal for presentations with a sophisticated aspect. These templates have a great range of graphic resources.
  • Funny: No one will get bored of these presentation templates. Thanks to them you will offer an unforgettable experience.
  • Futuristic: These are perfect for avant-garde and modern issues. They are widely used for technological purposes, as well as for topics as video games or fashion.
  • Minimalist: These correspond with professional designs which are simple and clear. They use mainly neutral colors
  • Simple: These templates have a clear and direct composition, without adding distraction elements that could divert your audience’s attention.
  • Vintage: Those are high-impact presentations that include elements with an “old” note. They are ideal for design, decoration or historical themes.
Styles drop-down menu


In Slidesgo we design templates that you can easily adapt to any topic of project. However, to group our contents in a clear way we have divided our template catalog into a series of main categories. Each one corresponds with different professional arenas in which using presentation is something pretty common: Education, Business, Marketing, Medical and Multi-Purpose. This last type includes very versatile presentations that are handy for any topic. 

Within each section, you find a carousel with different presentation collections that could be suitable for your projects, together with their structure of contents. For example, in Education there are templates for Lessons, Workshops (both are ideal for teachers), Thesis defenses (very useful for graduate and undergraduate students) or School (including slides for introducing academic centers or “back to school” packs.) 


Filter by Color

Last but not least, we have incorporated a filter by color option to each landing page: Color, Style, Recent, Popular and to any category, tag and collection. This way, you will be able to spot which are the most suitable templates for your corporate identity or the message you want to transmit in a quick and easy way.

Filtering by color

Remember that choosing the color of your presentation is one of the most important decisions to make, as it can make a difference in your audience. If you want to know more about this issue, you can read this post: How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Presentation.  

Now you know how easy it is to find your free Google Slides and PowerPoint template for your project in Slidesgo. Download and edit them now! 



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