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Webinar: Presentation Audit

Webinar: Presentation Audit | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

With more than 15,000 templates released on Slidesgo and a user base composed of millions of people, we estimate that the total number of presentations created adds up to… um, a lot! 

Our team of professional designers work very hard to provide you with editable slides so that the only thing you need to do is, well, customize the elements to your liking. Starting from any given template, the results may vary a lot depending on the person who edited the contents.

Have you ever wondered “Is my presentation good enough?” and wished that an expert on presentations looked at your template and told you tips and suggestions that would help make your presentation a world-class experience?

A new event that you won’t want to miss

Are you free on September 12th? No? Call that restaurant where you made a reservation, that BFF with whom you were going to the movies, or that bookstore owner that saved the last copy of the book you always wanted especially for you. Tell them that you have an even more important appointment that day: an appointment with Slidesgo!

We are hosting a webinar in which you will be the protagonist, kind of. To be more precise, your own presentation will be. The topic is “Presentation Audit”, but what does that mean?

Prior to the event, we will ask our users to send us their own presentations, and we will select some at random. These presentations will be audited by our expert designers and art directors—the same ones who create our amazing templates! They will review the slides live and offer suggestions on how to improve them. It could be the chance to turn that slideshow you created for your history assignment and graded with an A by your teacher into something worthy of an A+!

What if you don't have any presentations to send us? Nothing! We still encourage you to join the webinar because we will give tricks that will surely help you.

How to attend

We will host this event via Zoom. To register, click on this link and enter your name and email address. As the day of the webinar approaches, you will be sent the link to access the video conference. 

To send us your presentation, please write an email to support@slidesgo.com and attach your .pptx file, or a link to your Google Slides presentation (remember to allow at least Viewer access to your file or we will not be able to see it!). The email subject line should say “Presentation for webinar”.
Now that you know all the information relating to the event, visit Slidesgo, download one of our templates, work on it and send us your result. With a bit of luck on your side, it will be featured on our webinar!

Disclaimer: Please note that, if selected, your presentation will be shown in the webinar and in the subsequent replay/recording, so please make sure that is not shown any confidential information or any content that might infringe third-party rights. You're responsible for the content you share, and we disclaim any liability for it.

Join us on this webinar and create even better slides!

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