How to Add a Bulleted or Numbered List in Google Slides

How to Add a Bulleted or Numbered List in Google Slides | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

In this new Slidesgo School tutorial, you’ll learn how to add a bulleted or numbered list to your text. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to list your content in an organized manner, which means it will look clean and well arranged.

Creating a Bullet or Numbered List

  • Select the text or text box where you want to add a list.
  • Go to the toolbar and click the Bulleted list or Numbered list button to create a list of that respective type.
Bulleted lists and numbered lists in Google Slides
  • Once you’ve created a list, to close it just press Enter twice.
Closing a list in Google Slides
  • If you want to start a sublist inside a list, press Tab. To go back to the main list, press Enter twice.
Sublists in Google Slides
  • You can take any line to a sublist or return it to the main list by pressing the Increase indent or Decrease indent button respectively.
Changing the list level in Google Slides

Changing the Format of a List

  • Click a bullet or number in a list.
  • Click Format → Bullets & numbering…
Bullets & numbering options in Google Slides
  • In the Numbered list and Bulleted list options you’ll find different designs for them.
  • The last one, List options, contains several actions, such as adding a suffix or prefix to a numbered list (a text will appear before or after the numbering), restart the numbering of a list (or make it start from any number other than 1), or change the type of bullet or character for a list.
List options in Google Slides
  • If you want to change the color of any bullet or number of a list, select it and, in the toolbar, click the Text color button. Finally, just choose the color that you want.
Changing the color of bullets or numbers