Top 3 templates of 2022

Top 3 templates of 2022 | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

2022...what a year! In the world, there have been countless events, worthy of recognition. But in the world of Slidesgo, it has also been a year full of memorable moments and, above all, Google Slides and PowerPoint templates to remember.

Thus, Slidesgo is proud to present the top three most popular templates during the year 2022. These designs have been downloaded and used by our users in numberless presentations. By showcasing these templates, we hope more people will be inspired to create amazing slideshows with our help. So without further ado, let us jump into the top three.

TOP 3: Elegant Education Pack for Students

When it comes to preparing presentations, we all need something that looks professional, cool, and fresh. Elegant Education Pack for Students not only fulfills these requirements but also provides useful resources such as backgrounds for video calls, organizers, or avatars. The style is elegant and minimalist with waves as the main decoration element that helps you create a stunning presentation. It is the perfect pack for students of any school level!

TOP 2: Minimalist Aesthetic Slideshow

Coming in at number two is Minimalist Aesthetic Slideshow. If you are looking for something more aesthetically pleasing and professional, then this one fits the bill perfectly. It features watercolor waves, shades of pastel, and a minimalist style that makes it easy to customize while still retaining its original impactful look. One thing that makes this design popular is that you can use it for any purpose!

TOP 1: Notebook Lesson

Finally, we have the winner: Notebook Lesson! This template has the appearance of a notebook making it look very professional yet cool. With its modern illustrations, comic-style fonts, and colorful paper notes, this template is perfect for any lesson you have to present. You can make your slides look creative without spending too much time creating every element from scratch. The green color of the background will impress everyone!

The templates listed above reflect the styles and trends of today's presentation world; by using them you can create amazing slideshows that will catch your audience's attention from beginning to end! From minimalist designs to professional looks those are just some of the many resources that can be found in Slidesgo, so don't forget to check out our website for more options!

Congratulations on these amazing templates! We hope they inspire you and help make your presentations stand out from others this coming year! Happy 2023!

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