The three best Easter presentation templates

The three best Easter presentation templates | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

From eggs to rabbits, from lilies to lambs, Easter is not only the most important holiday for the people of the Christian faith, but a week of excitement and fun for everyone to celebrate new life. It's a time when the everyday world seems to disappear and we can all bask in the joy of springtime.

If you're looking for some fun ideas to celebrate Easter, you've come to the right place! In this blog post, we'll show you the three best free Google Slides & PowerPoint templates to organize Easter-themed activities for your family, your classroom, or your Christian community. Have a look at them and start creating Easter magic!

Enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt Newsletter

Did you know that the Easter Bunny, who visits children all around the world to hide eggs for them to find, was actually invented by German Protestants? And that it used to bring gifts according to how well-behaved the children had been? Luckily, it has now become just a fun activity to do with the kids, although we probably all know some adults who still enjoy Easter egg hunts as well.

Of course, we can take the Easter egg hunt idea a little further and a little less literally: Check out our template Enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt Newsletter and maybe it’ll inspire you to have your clients looking for hidden gifts as well! This charming presentation template in mint and purple with soft drawings of eggs and bunnies is just too adorable to pass by. You’d be hard-pressed to find a springier newsletter - this one just transmits calm and joy at first sight. Your clients will be enchanted for sure!


Let’s Celebrate Easter for Pre-K


We all know that young kids get the most excited about any holiday, and especially during a time of the year where the sun comes out, nature awakens and, most importantly, they can expect fun outside activities and PRESENTS! So if you have the little students wiggling around in your Pre-K classroom unable to sit still (and who can blame them?), you may want to have a look at the colorful Let’s Celebrate Easter for Pre-K template: Full of very funny illustrations, it’s ideal to explain some fun facts about Easter and its origin and traditions and organize a little egg (or treasure) hunt around the classroom. The deck of slides already comes with a few ready coloring and counting activities so that learning won’t fall short - definitely the best template for a well-rounded and engaging preschool Easter lesson!



Religious Easter Traditions Workshop


If you’re planning on celebrating Easter with your religious community, we also have templates for you that don’t focus on egg hunts. One of the most all-around beautiful ones is undoubtedly this Religious Easter Traditions Workshop with its abundance of pastel watercolor drawings of religious and spring symbols. Use this template to speak about and commemorate the last supper, Easter-specific mass rituals and traditions for different countries. Why doesn’t Easter fall on the same day every year? Why do we light candles? How has the holy communion evolved? These slides give you room to answer all these questions and more!


And there you have it, folks! Three egg-cellent Google Slides and PowerPoint templates to help you hop into the Easter spirit. Whether you're putting together a presentation for your Easter brunch or creating an Easter-themed lesson plan for your classroom, these templates are sure to impress. But if you're still hungry for more, head on over to for a basket full of other festive templates. A very happy Easter to you, your family, friends and community!

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