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5 Presentations to Welcome the Back to School Season!

5 Presentations to Welcome the Back to School Season! | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

Educators, students, parents, counselors and administrators… for everyone involved in the education system, the start of a new school year is a busy and exciting time! From the first year elementary student whose eyes shine with excitement to the seasoned teacher working around the clock to organize yet another year of classes, curriculums and grading, they all have their own needs and struggles. So take a minute, grab a coffee or tea or refreshment of your choice, and let us take you through our Back to School content to make your life a little easier.   

Discover all our back to school content!

At Slidesgo we have a great and varied selection of free Google Slides and PowerPoint presentation templates available to help you kick off the new school year in style. Browse our content to discover planners, grading sheets, lesson plan templates, introductory activities, icebreaker games and many, many more! 

And if you’re short of time, keep reading to see the crème de la crème of our top 5 Back to School designs.

Back To School: Info for Parents & Students

First things first! Before you can even think about which fun icebreakers to use this year and how best to convey your classroom rules, it’s time for the yearly parents’ meeting where you give them information about the curriculum, the yearly goals, your teaching method, the required materials and the class load their kids are about to face. 
This all-time favorite chalkboard-style template titled Back to School: Info for Parents & Students is a timeless gem you can use to get all of this information across in a clear yet fun way! The slide deck helps you out with loads of infographics and graphs drawn in colorful doodles on the black backdrop; and there are maps and timelines as well!

First Day of School

The first day of school has arrived and there they are, your new students sitting in their chairs, looking up at you with a mixture of nerves and excitement. Start to make them feel at home in the new environment with this colorful slide deck! 

First Day of School gives you room to introduce yourself, invite questions about you and make sure all students are clear on what is expected of them — and what they can expect of you!

This template comes in a fun sticky-notes-on-writing-pad design and includes infographics on study tips, a calendar of the school year, a timetable and room for explaining the system of electives. In short, it leaves nothing up to chance, and if you use it, neither will you!

Introducing Myself at School: This is me!

Especially for younger students, it can be extremely daunting to find themselves in a room full of unknown people and be expected to be friends with them all of a sudden. 
Help them out and foster a spirit of community in your classroom by having your kids create an awesome presentation about themselves! Introducing Myself at School: This is me! asks for information on students’ hobbies, favorite things and sports, friends and family and their dreams. Depending on the dynamics, it is perfect as a pair or group activity but also for individual work. 

One thing is for sure: If you use this template, your students will get to know each other in a heartbeat and feel more comfortable around each other, and isn’t that the most important thing?

School Icebreakers

The yearly mix-and-match of students and teachers is guaranteed to make friends and foes (of any age) end up in the same classroom, some groups that already know each other and some who don’t… and that calls for a fast-paced and engaging lesson full of icebreakers! 
No matter whether you already have a collection of tried and trusted ones or whether you still need inspiration; School Icebreakers is here to help you organize your compilation of activities into a super bright presentation. Its poppin’ pink, purple, yellow and white don’t only catch the kids’ attention but command it for as long as necessary. It’s been designed with an easily readable typeface and the coolest thing is that it’s interactive, so different buttons you click on will direct you to different slides! 

Interactive Bulletin Board

And here we have another interactive template for you: the Interactive Bulletin Board! This one comes in a traditional cork pinboard design and is perfect for all the minutiae that have to be organized in a homeroom on a daily basis: Notes, events, due dates and permission slips can be compiled here for everyone to review at the click of a button and shared between students, parents and teaches to ensure that everyone involved is literally on the same page. 

Of course, this template provides you with the usual wide range of slide designs, from charts and graphs to photos and yes, also “just text”, there’s room for just about everything. Add info and watch as the presentation grows over time and creates a record of achievement for you and your class!

So now that you’ve seen our top 5 Back to School templates, we hope the load on your shoulders has lightened some and you feel easier about starting the new academic year! 
And as we’ve mentioned before, there’s more to explore on Slidesgo, so head on over there for organizational content and, as the year wears on, additional planners as well as some ready-planned lessons for a range of subjects!

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