20 Fun first day back to school activities

20 Fun first day back to school activities | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

Welcome back to school! The first day back can be a mix of excitement and jitters for both students and teachers. To kick off the school year on a high note, we’ve put together a list of 20 super fun first-day back-to-school activities for all ages that will break the ice, get everyone smiling, and set a positive tone for the rest of the year. 

20 First day back to school activities

Classroom scavenger hunt

A classroom scavenger hunt is a great way for students to become familiar with their new learning environment. Create a list of items or areas in the classroom for students to find. This activity not only gets them moving around but also helps them learn the layout of the room.

Storytime with a twist

Select a fun and engaging story to read aloud, but add a twist: Ask students to predict what will happen next at various points in the story. This keeps them engaged and encourages critical thinking. Afterward, discuss the story and their predictions as a class.

Goal setting session

Kick off the school year with a goal-setting session. Ask students to think about what they want to achieve this year, both academically and personally. Provide them with goal-setting sheets where they can write down their aspirations and the steps they plan to take to achieve them. This sets a positive and proactive tone for the year.

Balloon pop questions

Write different questions or prompts on small pieces of paper and place them inside balloons. Have students pop the balloons one at a time and answer the question inside. This can be a fun and interactive way to get students talking and sharing with the group.

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Teacher Q&A session

Hold a Q&A session where students can ask their teacher questions to get to know them better. This could include questions about the teacher’s favorite hobbies, why they became a teacher, or fun facts about their careers. This helps students feel more comfortable and connected with their teacher from the get-go.

Friendship bracelets

Set up a station with materials for making friendship bracelets. Encourage students to make bracelets for a new friend they meet. This activity not only fosters creativity but also helps build new friendships and a sense of community in the classroom.

Classroom Agreement poster

Work together as a class to create a “Classroom Agreement” poster. Discuss and agree on a set of rules and expectations for the school year. This collaborative activity helps build a sense of responsibility and community among students.

My summer snapshot

Ask students to bring a photo or draw a picture that represents something fun they did over the summer. Have them share their snapshots with the class and explain why they chose that moment. This activity helps students break the ice by sharing personal experiences.

Slidesgo worksheets are a great resource for the first day of class

Debate icebreaker

Organize a light-hearted debate on fun topics like “Which is better: pizza or burgers?” or “Is it better to be an early bird or a night owl?” This helps students practice public speaking and critical thinking in a relaxed setting, while also learning to respect differing opinions. If you need more ideas for icebreakers, check out our AI icebreaker generator.

Speed friending

Similar to speed dating, set up a speed friending session where students have a few minutes to talk to each classmate before moving on to the next. Provide prompts or questions to guide their conversations. This is a fun and dynamic way for students to meet each other.

Time capsule

Have students bring an item that represents their current interests or write a letter to their future selves. Collect these items and letters in a time capsule to be opened at the end of the school year or upon graduation. This activity allows students to reflect on their growth and changes over time.

Class mascot

Choose or create a class mascot. This could be a stuffed animal, a drawing, or a symbolic object. Throughout the year, the mascot can be used to celebrate achievements, motivate the class, or even be part of classroom games and activities.

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Subject-themed escape room

Create an escape room challenge with puzzles and clues related to a subject they will be studying that year. This can be a fun and engaging way to introduce the subject matter and encourage problem-solving and teamwork.

Career interest survey

Have students complete a survey about their career interests and aspirations. Then, organize small group discussions based on similar interests where they can share their goals and learn about different career paths. This activity helps students start thinking about their futures and connect with peers who have similar ambitions.

Back to school bingo

Create bingo cards with different back-to-school-themed activities or facts, such as “Find someone who has traveled out of the country” or “Has a pet cat.” Students mingle and try to fill their bingo cards by finding classmates who match each square. This is a fun way to get students interacting with one another.

First day selfies

Set up a selfie station with fun props and a backdrop. Encourage students to take selfies with their new classmates and teachers. You can create a class collage or a digital album with these photos to commemorate the first day back at school.

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Class playlist

Create a class playlist where each student contributes one song that they enjoy or that represents them. Play the playlist during breaks or class activities. This can be a fun way to learn about each other’s musical tastes and create a shared soundtrack for the year.

Class calendar

Create a timeline on a bulletin board or a digital platform where students can add significant events from their lives. This helps students see their diverse backgrounds and experiences and how they come together to form a unique class history.

Friendship tree

Create a large tree on a bulletin board and give each student a paper leaf. Have them write their name and something about themselves on the leaf, then attach it to the tree. This visual representation of the class can help students feel connected to one another.

Fun fact match-up

Have each student write a fun fact about themselves on an index card without their name. Collect the cards, shuffle them, and then read them out loud one by one. The class can guess which student each fact belongs to. This helps students learn interesting things about their classmates.

Back to school activities for elementary

As summer vacation ends, it’s time for the exciting journey back to school. For elementary students, starting a new semester can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking. Help ease their transition with this template filled with fun back to school activities for elementary students. The cute illustrations on every slide are more than enough to catch our little students’ attention. 

Use this template filled with fun back to school activities for elementary students

Back to school activities for Pre-K

Make the return to school exciting and educational for your little ones with these fantastic editable slides designed specifically for preschoolers. This collection of fun, printable A4 activities is perfect for use with Google Slides and PowerPoint. The materials are bright and engaging, packed with interactive exercises to spark creativity and exploration in young learners. Use these back to school activities for preschoolers to kickstart a great year!

Back to school activities for middle school

Kicking off the school year with a burst of fun and creativity can set a positive tone for middle school students. Reconnect them with friends and help them make new ones using this creative template packed with interactive games and back to school activities for middle school students. It includes editable slides and easy-to-edit graphics like icons, maps, and timelines, making it perfect for helping your students get to know each other and have fun on their first day.

This creative template is packed with interactive games and back to school activities for middle school students

Back to school activities for high school

Getting back to school can be tough for high school students, but you can make it a lot more fun and engaging with this fully editable template. It’s perfect for designing activities that get students excited about the new school year. Whether you’re using Google Slides, Canva, or PowerPoint, this template will help kick off the school year on a high note.

Check out more high school templates here.

Find back to school templates on Slidesgo

Slidesgo has a lot of back to school templates to make your planning easier and more creative. Check out these great options.

Back to school activities

Get ready to make back to school super fun with a bunch of activities for your students! This cute template is just what you need to surprise them. We’ve also added some line elements and icons to help you plan your activities, and there are new interactive slides to keep your students engaged and excited.

Meet our professors

Help ease first-day nerves by presenting the teachers with this engaging, editable presentation. Featuring a dark background with colorful shapes and doodles, it’s perfect for introducing each professor with a photo, brief description, and their subjects. 

Back to school presentation 

This template is perfect for all your school presentation needs. Use it in PowerPoint or Google Slides. It’s great for lesson plans, student reports, and administrative tasks. Easy to customize and adapt, it helps educators present information dynamically and effectively.

Featuring a dark background with colorful shapes and doodles, this template is perfect for introducing each professor and their subjects. 
Check out other inspirational tips here



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