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Introducing the AI Presentation Maker

Introducing the AI Presentation Maker | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

We've got big news and we cannot wait to share them with you, so the only thing we can do is jump right into it and introduce you to our new tool!

Always going forward

Innovation, a word that defines Slidesgo. We always try our best when it comes to making things easier for our users. We may already be the place to go whenever you need help with presentations, but that doesn’t mean we decided to rest on our laurels! 

There’s something that, in recent times, has been shaking the world of design, images, photography… and presentations. You’ve probably heard of it: artificial intelligence. Since Freepik Company wants to be the “one-stop shop” for everything related to graphic design, we couldn’t fall behind. 

The AI Presentation Maker

Do you need to give a presentation soon? Is the deadline too tight and do you think that you’re already at your limit? Lack of inspiration or time constraints are two things we all face at some point. However, thanks to the help of artificial intelligence, Slidesgo can help you once again. 

What if we told you that “one of our designers” can be there for you 24/7, creating presentations according to your needs, free of charge? Sounds like pure fantasy! Well, our new tool is that great! Let us introduce you to the AI Presentation Maker, an AI that generates slides and, at the same time, lets you customize whatever you want.

Working with it

This new tool will be a lifesaver, really. But first, we need to have the presentation ready! So, are you familiar with AIs? The answer doesn’t matter, because we’ve tried our best to make it as intuitive as possible.


First of all, do you know what topic you want to talk about? Perhaps you have a business meeting soon and you need to focus your presentation on teamwork. Maybe you need to give a lesson on science to middle school students. Oh, a presentation about a new book for kids whose protagonist is a zebra? These are all good choices! To get started, it’s as simple as letting the AI know, via prompt, what your slideshow will be about.


As a Slidesgo user, you probably are aware of the immense variety of styles we offer when it comes to presentations. We’ve got abstract designs, or geometric ones, or simple slides, or those where elegance is key, or… It would take a long time to list all of them! But what we want here is to save time, right? We’ve trained our AI to be able to work with the most popular and requested styles. 


Now, there’s something we need to take into account: the audience matters. A formal business setting isn’t the same as talking in front of dozens of children. You wouldn’t use the same language or the same words, right? Fortunately, our AI is ready for the job! It’s capable of adapting the tone to the one you need—well, as long as it’s one of the following: fun, casual, creative, professional and formal. Most likely, at least one of these will be suitable for almost any situation.

AI Presentation Maker generating a slideshow

Further editing

With the topic, the style and the tone, our AI has all it needs to know to do some magic. A presentation will be generated for you. Wow, that was quick! Of course, you need to be aware of one simple detail—it doesn’t read minds. That means that we, humans, always have the last word. 

What we’re trying to say is that whatever the AI generated for you isn’t immutable. In fact, we have our own set of online editing tools at your disposal. Yes, you don’t need to install PowerPoint or any other software. Text, colors, arrangement, images, icons—everything is modifiable.

Are you wondering why we mentioned “images and icons”? Well, the “one-stop shop” idea is still valid because you’ll be able to access lots of resources from both Freepik and Flaticon and add them directly to the generated presentation. How convenient!

Downloading the presentation

The presentations that are created with our AI can be downloaded. For the time being, the format available is PDF (as well as other image formats). Once again, this is totally free of charge. There’s also an alternative: you can generate a shareable link, which means your friends will also be able to check out your presentation instantly. If you feel brave enough, you can also enter the Presenter View that we’ve integrated into our tool and, yeah, start presenting right away!

Sounds good? If you’re eager to try our AI Presentation Maker, don’t hesitate! Visit our website and experience it first-hand. Mix and match different styles and tones to see what our tool is able to generate. 

While you’re at it, be sure to take a look at our latest templates. Slidesgo keeps creating new ones every day, and they’ve been designed with all the love and care that only humans have—so far…

Try our AI Presentation Maker

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