The best black and white presentation templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides

The best black and white presentation templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

Have you ever heard of colour psychology? Colours are full of meaning and are accompanied by traditions that have been part of the culture of our region for centuries.

In the world, one of the most common combinations is black and white: two opposite colours. They are elegant, simple and associated with minimalism. They invite us to think about light and darkness, good and evil, and even life and death. Also, when we use them in our designs, we convey formality and seriousness, as well as strength.

We love contrasts! Knowing that this combo never fails or goes out of fashion, that they are a classic in the world of design, in Slidesgo we have reserved a special space on our website to show our selection of black and white templates for PowerPoint or Google Slides. Would you like to see some examples?

Social Science Subject for High School - 9th Grade: Individuality and Conformity

The first black and white proposal we present to you, called Social Science Subject for High School - 9th Grade: Individuality and Conformity, shows that elegant and clean air that we all want to convey when creating a presentation about an important lesson. 

This template is minimalism in its purest form - there are no missing elements! Its simple and clean style allows the content to be the king of the presentation. As you can see, we have opted for the use of fine lines and a combination of easy-to-read fonts. 

In the 35 slides of the template, with various design structures, you have the opportunity to expose and argue the concepts of individualism and conformity. You can pose different questions that open up a philosophical and social debate in class: "Do you let yourself be influenced by the opinions of others? Do you consider yourself a born leader?"

After introducing the topic, make use of the different visual layouts to show the remarkable differences between the two concepts.

Minimalist Marketing Plan


You take a look at your calendar and see it... there is the meeting you have been preparing for so long: the presentation of your organisation's next marketing plan. 

With this presentation, you set the course and the actions your company has to accomplish in the coming year. For the appointed day, we recommend using the Minimalist Marketing Plan template, which is available in black and white as well as in other colour combinations.

What are the keys to a successful presentation? 

We would highlight three: 

  • Good content.
  • A powerful design.
  • A clear structure.

So you need to organise each block, highlighting the most relevant points of your plan: the current business situation, a detailed market analysis, the action plan and the estimated budget. 

And from theory to action! Tell them in detail what specific strategies you have planned to consolidate the company or product in your current market, or to enter new markets that you have not worked on so far. 

Japanese Calligraphy Artist Portfolio

Mastering the art of Japanese calligraphy or shodō, which translates as "the way of writing", is not easy. It requires years of preparation, attention to detail and a great dose of patience to perfect the technique. When it comes to tracing the characters, it is as much about mastery of the brush and ink as it is about concentration and a state of inner peace. 

As this ancient discipline has sparked our interest, we have dedicated the black and white Japanese Calligraphy Artist Portfolio template to it.

And of course, the presentation pays homage to Japanese culture and traditions through the use of kanji that appear to be drawn in black India ink on the screen. 

Have you noticed that the background of the slides resembles texture? It represents the roughness of the rice paper used by artists who practice this technique. If you are one of them, you will see that the presentation includes different content structures in which to incorporate photographs of your work.

When presenting your work methodology, be transparent: show your workflow and the time it takes to develop each delivery. You will be flooded with clients because, as an old Japanese saying goes, "art brings bread" (Gei wa mi o tasukeru), which means that you will never be short of work.

White night

We leave Japan to go to France on our journey through the black and white presentation templates. We land in Paris, not just any day, but on the first Saturday in October: the day of the Nuit Blanche.  Under the moonlight, the street lamps and the decorations, the city is the protagonist of a magical day, in which art takes over the streets and the halls of exhibitions and music.

Good habits soon spread... and there's nothing more humane than joining in a celebration!  Hundreds of cities across the globe have added the festival to their calendar. Are you part of the organising committee for the White Night in your city? Then look no further: compile the programme or the subsequent analysis in this template.

As if the sun had set over the horizon in our presentation, black fills all the slides. It is the different typographies (each one more eye-catching than the last!) and graphic elements with a brutalist style that give a touch of light to the design. 

Without the need for neon colours or a lot of flourishes, we have given it a modern, transgressive and sophisticated touch from the first to the last slide. It is demonstrated, once again, that black and white are a ground-breaking couple that will always be present at the best parties.

In order to hit the mark with the choice of colours for your next presentation, whatever the topic, choose one of our black and white presentations. Because classics never fail. 

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