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How to Create a Banner in Google Slides

How to Create a Banner in Google Slides | 프레젠테이션을 위한 빠른 팁 & 튜토리얼

Banners have been around us (at least, when it comes to browsing the net or participating in forums, among other things) for a long time. Creating one is by no means a difficult task, and you can do it with free software such as Google Slides. 

The steps that you’ll need to follow are very simple, so we’re sure you’ll start creating banners one after another in a few minutes. Let’s see how to proceed!

Creating a Banner in Google Slides

Run Google Slides and create a new blank presentation. Delete the placeholder text boxes and click File > Page setup. You’ll see a window with a drop-down box, but unfortunately, Google Slides doesn’t offer a list of presets as comprehensive as PowerPoint. But we can do the trick! Choose “Custom” and enter the same values as PowerPoint’s “Banner” preset, which is 20.32 cm x 2.54 cm (or 8 x 1 inches). Press Apply.

Using a custom size in Google Slides
Using a custom size

Alright. We have the optimal size. Now it’s time to change the background (unless you want it fully white). Right-click on any part of the slide and choose “Change background”. A new window will appear, offering you several options:

  • Color: This option allows you to fill the background with a solid color (if you choose “Solid”), either from the list of presets or by selecting your own by clicking “Custom”, which in turn lets you enter the hex code of the color you want. If, on the other hand, you choose “Gradient”, you’ll be able to add a gradient to the background. Again, you can choose it from the list of presets or you can click “Custom” and personalize it to your own preferences, including type, angle and number of stops.
  • Image: This option allows you to upload an image from your computer to use it as a background. It also lets you select images that you already have on Google Photos or Google Drive.

In our example, we’ll upload an image from our computer.

Inserting a background in Google Slides
Inserting a background

OK, now let’s add some text. Click Insert > Text box and then click and drag on your banner to create a text box. When done, just type the text! Remember that you can modify the font, the size, the color and other settings. If you need more information, check out our “How to Format the Text” tutorial.

Adding text to the banner in Google Slides
Adding text to the banner

It’s done! Now save it as a .JPG or as a .PNG so that you can use it elsewhere! Now, practice on your own and try to create several banners!

There’s one more trick to save some time: we have a template with nearly 30 banner designs, ready for you to customize on the fly! Download it and have a look inside!

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