Introducing Our Freemium Templates with Extra Slides

Introducing Our Freemium Templates with Extra Slides | 프레젠테이션을 위한 빠른 팁 & 튜토리얼

We are sure you have noticed the changes we have recently introduced at Slidesgo. Among the most noteworthy are the possibility of registering an account and the adoption of a freemium subscription model.

This allows us to keep offering a large amount of free, high-quality resources for our users. In addition, we have also started to release templates for premium subscribers only.

You may have also noticed that there is a third kind of presentation on our website. These are called "freemium templates with extra slides", and we will talk about them in this article. They are derived from the ones that are having the greatest success among our audience, so we think you might be interested in knowing more about this novelty.

We are confident that you will be delighted to have more possibilities for editing and design at your disposal so that you can adapt the presentation to your needs. Let's dive into the subject so you can learn more about them!

What Are the Freemium Templates with Extra Slides?

The freemium templates with extra slides are similar to the ones you’ve been enjoying on Slidesgo before, but there’s a new twist!

If you are not a premium user, you will be able to download them normally. However, you will only have access to the free part, of approximately 30 to 40 slides, very similar to the presentations that Slidesgo has been offering since its inception. You will also see that there are actually more slides, but you cannot modify or do anything on them. In addition to a watermark, they contain a message that indicates that they are for premium subscribers only.

Slide only for premium users on Slidesgo
Slide only for premium users

It is precisely in these slides where you will find additional content that expands the template and offers more alternatives and options for the user. If you are a premium subscriber, when you download the template, you will have access to each and every one of the slides, and yes, you can edit them to your liking without limitations. The possibilities are endless!

What Are the Benefits of the Freemium Templates with Extra Slides?

We have already mentioned the fact that they contain a larger number of slides, but that's not the only thing! 

For starters, in the final slides you'll find a larger amount of resources, both alternative and those that have already been used in the template itself. The best thing is that many of them come from the premium catalog of Freepik and Flaticon, so quality is guaranteed. This means that you will have at hand everything you need to work on the presentation: illustrations, photos, icons, and so on.

Another advantage of this type of template is that its slides contain animations or transitions already applied, so you can leave them as they are or take them as an example to get an idea of what can be done and try other combinations that you like better!

And there's even more. For example, have you seen the cover page of a section within one of our presentations and wish it had been designed differently? Most of the slides you will find in this type of template come with two or three alternatives, in case you are not satisfied with the one that comes in the free version and want to have a greater variety.

All this will allow you to achieve a totally original result, much different from any other presentation derived from this same template.

How to Download Them?

Getting these templates is easy. But the first step, and the most important one, is to become a premium user. If you need more information about it, you can check our Pricing page.

OK, let's say you have already purchased the subscription. Now you'll need to find the freemium templates with extra slides. How to distinguish them from the others? When you browse the Slidesgo website, look at the top left corner of the thumbnails of each template. If you see a silver crown and the caption "Freemium", that means you've found one! See the following image and look at "Gym Sport Business Plan".

Freemium template with extra slides on Slidesgo
Freemium template with extra slides

Great! Now, click on that presentation to access its article. Once you're in, you'll see that below the thumbnail carousel there's one more, indicating how many extra slides are available and which ones they are, with a preview of them.

Article of a freemium template with extra slides on Slidesgo
Article of a freemium template with extra slides

Have you already decided that this is the template you want? In that case, just download it by clicking on the "Google Slides" or "PowerPoint" button, depending on the program you are going to use to edit it. If everything went well, you will have a copy of the presentation with all the slides (both those accessible only to users without subscriptions and those that are exclusive to premium users). You can start working now!

Don't wait any longer and start blowing everyone's mind with your presentations. Just trust Slidesgo and its great templates!



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