Smartick, now available on Slidesgo

Smartick, now available on Slidesgo | 프레젠테이션을 위한 빠른 팁 & 튜토리얼

In the few years since its launch, Slidesgo has become one of the most popular sources of Google Slides and PowerPoint templates for creative presentations. Educators from all levels have experienced the ease of creating visually striking presentations using Slidesgo’s templates.

However, great-looking templates are not the only things on our platform. In partnership with the learning platform Smartick, Slidesgo is now able to offer full presentations on topics as complex as math.

The next era of hassle-free presentation making is here, and we're ready to tell you all about it.

What is Smartick?

Smartick is an online method that specializes in teaching math to children. For almost 15 years, Smartick has developed an intuitive, logic-based program that has helped kids around the world improve their math skills with 15 minute-a-day lessons.

This method has proven to be a huge success since 83% of children using Smartick have improved their math grades and 94% have improved their logic, problem-solving, and calculus skills.

These results encouraged Slidesgo to partner with Smartick to turn their innovative program into ready-to-use presentations for math teachers.

This image shows how Smartick resources are available on the Slidesgo website

Where can I find Smartick presentations?

Smartick presentations have a dedicated section on the Slidesgo website.

In this section you’ll find presentations focused on topics such as division of fractions, integer numbers, and more.

This content mixes the effective design Slidesgo is known for with the expertise in math-teaching that Smartick has built over the years.

This image shows some of the Smartick templates you can find on Slidesgo

How to use Smartick with Slidesgo?

The Slidesgo presentations in partnership with Smartick are part of your Premium plan. All these presentations come in both Google Slides and PowerPoint formats and are available in various languages.

The best part is that these presentations are ready to be used in the classroom, with dynamic explanations of each topic and fun exercises to keep your class engaged.

Are you ready to make math-teaching an easy and fun experience?

This image shows more Smartick resources available on Slidesgo

The fun way to learn math

Slidesgo’s partnership with Smartick is an effort to provide a 360° solution to teachers around the world. By partnering with education experts, Slidesgo can now offer ready-to-use content that meets both design and teaching standards. This way, educators can focus on engaging with their classes in a successful way while leaving the presentation-making process to us.

Slidesgo believes that joining forces with experts in different fields will allow us to continue innovating and offering more valuable content to our subscribers. If we can make math fun and easy, we're hopeful of the direction this path will lead us.

If you’re interested in learning other ways Slidesgo is helping you wow your audience with great presentations, make sure to check our News page.

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