Natural Inspiration by Slidesgo

Natural Inspiration by Slidesgo | 프레젠테이션을 위한 빠른 팁 & 튜토리얼

From Christmas invitations to medical breakthrough reports, you can find templates of a wide range of topics that you can ever imagine on Slidesgo. Using a creative template for your presentation is the best way to catch your audience's eyes immediately and explain your idea successfully. 

We came up with some of our favorite templates to inspire you and help you to choose one for your presentation! They are all based on nature themes since there’s nothing more important for our lives than nature itself! 

In these templates, you will find leaves, flowers, little animals and landscapes everywhere. Oh, remember that you can download them both for Google Slides and PowerPoint. Now, enjoy!

Science Subject for Middle School - 7th Grade: Dynamic Earth

Dear teachers, don’t worry about sleeping students and boring classes anymore. Here, we have this amazing template for the topics that are related to our beloved planet, Earth. It has a modern and simple design in green and black and is full of pictures of mountains, forests and everything that reminds us of nature. 

Looking at this template, you will immediately feel the fresh air as if you were at one of those places. Let your students experience the same, and teach a lesson creatively. Check it out now and make the most interesting class of the semester!

Herbal Medicine Breakthrough

Are you worried about antibiotic resistance or side effects? Then you might be interested in the world of herbal medicine, consisting of 100% natural ingredients. 

Did you know that there is a university major called oriental medicine that studies herbal medicine professionally? If you achieved a breakthrough or know the benefits of using herbal medicine, share the information with everyone by using this elegant green colored template. It has multiple pictures of medicinal herbs that will go perfectly with your topic. Have a look

Global Wind Day

You don’t even need to read the title of the presentation to know what it is about. 

Look at the waves and the light sky-blue colored background of the design. What do you think? Yes, they represent wind! Just taking a glance at the template, it will make you feel like the wind is blowing on your face. 

How can we use wind as a renewable energy source? Nowadays, as you know, due to the rapid climate changes, considering alternative energies is one of the most trending topics. 

Besides, every June 15th is Global Wind Day, designated by the European Wind Energy Association to raise awareness of the importance of wind in our lives. 

Seriously, what could be a better reason to make a presentation about wind that these? But first, click the download button and get this template

Natural Science Thesis

This one is our favorite! 

Look at this! Isn’t it gorgeous? If you have been working with your thesis for a long time and you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, then you should present it in the best way possible. 

That’s why we have designed this elegant template for you! You can find watercolor illustrations of plants and animals, including beautiful butterflies and birds, on every slide. 

We wanted to meet everyone's expectations so many different resources are also included in it! What are you waiting for? 

Check it out now and talk about your methodology, results, tools, and references! We are sure that with this template, your presentation will captivate your audience in a second. Have a look!

Vegetarian Menu Banquet Wedding

The door is open, you walk down the aisle. Maybe you are wearing a wedding dress or a suit. Everything is wonderful. What a day! You and your partner exchange rings. Many of us might dream about a perfect wedding day like this! 

But, sorry, let's get back to reality for a second. To make a reservation at the venue that you like, you probably need to do it months in advance. What about the wedding cake or the catering service? It can be a little bit more stressful than what we have thought in our imagination. But, you know that we are always here to help you. 

First thing is first, let’s choose the menu for your banquet! Some of your family members might be vegetarians, or they simply enjoy eating vegetarian meals.

Therefore, including fantastic vegetarian dishes for your wedding ceremony can be a good idea. Here, take this template that has tons of menu design options, and just pick the one you like best! 

The combination of soft cream and pastel deep blue color will give an elegant touch to your event. It should be very festive, so we didn’t forget to add some beautiful floral decorations everywhere. 

Get this template and make your special day beautiful and perfect.

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