Workshop Presentation templates

Presenting your Workshop will be a piece of cake with our free customizable PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes. A good design is always the best way to attract new students!

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Portrait Photography Workshop presentation template

Portrait Photography Workshop

A portrait captures the essence of a person, the part of their self that is open to others. It would be nice to hold a workshop on portrait photography, right? Well, now's your chance to create a slideshow for it, so you can tell your students what they'll learn or...

Make Your Meetings Shine presentation template

Make Your Meetings Shine

Many people have meetings sooner or later at work (some even have multiple meetings every day!), so it doesn't sound too bad to offer a workshop on how to make your meetings shine, right? If that was your idea from the beginning, then this template will be most fitting for...

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Team Building and Cohesion Workshop presentation template

Team Building and Cohesion Workshop

OK team, listen up. We have some high expectations, but we're getting there. If we keep this up and work together, we can do it! Sounds familiar? This template for workshops will allow you to teach exactly how people in a team can improve their performance so that work gets...

Effective Communication Workshop presentation template

Effective Communication Workshop

Communication is the nexus we have with other people, it’s what helps us build healthy and stable relationships and has a lot of impact in our lives. How can we improve it? We must take into account the rule of the seven C’s: clearness, concretion, coherence, commitment, consistency, completeness and...

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Manicure Workshop presentation template

Manicure Workshop

We're sure many will agree with the statement that manicure is an art by itself. Now it's your chance to start a workshop and share your knowledge and techniques with other people interested in learning. This beautiful template has quite the amount of illustrations, plus some pictures, all of that...

Developing Your Identity Workshop presentation template

Developing Your Identity Workshop

Feeling identified with a set of traits and characteristics is common to all human beings. These traits can be both physical and mental, but everyone has an identity made up of different characteristics. Our identity is what makes us unique and at the same time what makes us identify with...

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Ceramics Workshop presentation template

Ceramics Workshop

If you are a teacher who want to hold a ceramics workshop, teaching your students the basics of this beautiful art, try this new template and create a slideshow so that you can use it in class! It's quite cheerful because we've played around a bit with the titles of...

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Social Skills Training Workshop presentation template

Social Skills Training Workshop

We humans are social creatures, so self-isolation has affected some of us a lot. Now that vaccination has become a reality, we are almost ready to go out and socialize again. However, we might find ourselves feeling awkward or not knowing how to make friends from scratch. It’s only natural,...

Boat Sail Workshop presentation template

Boat Sail Workshop

Ahoy captain! If you always dreamt of sailing the seas, you’re going to love this beautiful template. The bright primary colors and the geometric forms are exactly what you need to keep your audience’s attention while you explain the theory behind sailing. There’s so much to learn about before you...

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Pet Therapy Workshop presentation template

Pet Therapy Workshop

It has been proven that spending time with pets has notorious health benefits. That’s why in Slidesgo we are aware of the importance of pets in our lives, our health and our wellbeing. Did you know that they’re so important, that they are used in therapy sessions? Explain everything you...

Floppy Disk Appreciation Workshop presentation template

Floppy Disk Appreciation Workshop

Some of us still remember those floppy disks. Back then when we thought 1.44 MB was a lot! This new template is for workshops on computer science, technology or any related field of study. There's a little bit of techie vibes here and there, along with shapes in green and...

Sewing Machine Workshop presentation template

Sewing Machine Workshop

Some people find sewing a relaxing activity in addition to being a form of creativity. If you are teaching how to use sewing machines in a workshop, this template might come in handy to help you illustrate your points. The slides are totally fitting for the topic: there's a fabric...

Belly Dance Day Workshop presentation template

Belly Dance Day Workshop

Did you know that belly dancing originated in Egypt? It was part of the fertility cult, and nowadays its learning has spread to practically the whole world. If you are an expert dancer, we encourage you to create a workshop in which you teach others this ancient dance. This Slidesgo...

Master the Yo-Yo! presentation template

Master the Yo-Yo!

Are you a yo-yo expert? Taking advantage of the fact that June 6 is the international day of this toy, you could create a workshop to teach others how to use it. This template that we have created at Slidesgo will fit you like a glove. It has a colorful...

Learn to Send an E-Mail! presentation template

Learn to Send an E-Mail!

Technology is part of our lives, but not everyone has access to it or is familiar with it. Something as simple as sending an email can be a huge task for an elderly person, so why not use this template to create a workshop where you can teach them how...

Colorful & Circular Patterns Workshop presentation template

Colorful & Circular Patterns Workshop

What a colorful surprise! Let us introduce you to our new template: it has not only colorful geometric forms, but also neon tones and a simple design with a lot of contrast that will attract everybody’s attention. It’s no big news that good presentations always come in handy in class,...

Flowercut Style Workshop presentation template

Flowercut Style Workshop

If you are an expert in flower cutting and would like to teach others your best tricks and techniques, use this modern style template we have created at Slidesgo. It has an elegant black background, which conveys sobriety, and we have included different images with a cutting effect, according to...

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Grain Photography Workshop presentation template

Grain Photography Workshop

Photography workshops are in great demand, as its a very creative and artistic discipline. With this template, you can use its slides to give some lessons, for example, on how to treat grain in pictures. The composition of the slides is simple and professional at the same time. There are...