White Presentation templates

Download and customize these free presentation templates with White backgrounds for Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. Get your message across using this neutral color and embrace simplicity, optimism and integrity.

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Hot Air Balloon Planner presentation template

Hot Air Balloon Planner

With this new template, you'll never forget your tasks and appointments. Yes, rise to the top by editing these slides that contain calendars, tables, timetables and other layouts. It's like a trip to creativity, with doodles of balloons and strokes of watercolor. You'll have a lot of fun editing this,...

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Effective Communications Meeting presentation template

Effective Communications Meeting

You've been told that there will be a meeting next Friday. There's still time to create a slideshow in which you can detail the objectives of such meeting, along with a report of your project and other essential information. Fear not, this new template is quite the eye-catching one. Actually,...

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Maths for Elementary 2nd Grade - Measurement and Data presentation template

Maths for Elementary 2nd Grade - Measurement and Data

Make your elementary students have fun learning math operations, measurements and hours thanks to this interactive template. It has cute animal illustrations and a white background with a pastel purple frame. Did you notice the typography of the titles? It has a jovial touch that mimics the handwriting of a...

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Stroom Newsletter presentation template

Stroom Newsletter

Newsletters can be a great way to build trust with your subscribers. Download this template to let them know the latest news from you. We guarantee that they will love this modern design, with 3-D waves and other elements. It also gives a bit of techie vibes, so this could...

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B&W Grid MK Campaign presentation template

B&W Grid MK Campaign

If there is a color combination that is a sure hit, that is black and white, a classic. With this template you can present your marketing campaign with an elegant and modern style, thanks to the geometric shapes we have included. In addition, we have also applied a black and...

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Impossible Perspectives CV presentation template

Impossible Perspectives CV

Having a creative resume is much more effective than a plain-looking one, with just a white background and text on top of it. We have designed this print-ready template for you, in which geometry plays a little trick to your eyes. With a combination of white, light gray and magenta,...

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Elegant Marble Inscriptions Company Profile presentation template

Elegant Marble Inscriptions Company Profile

Defining your company profile allows other businesses and possible clients to know exactly what you do and what you offer. If you download this new template by Slidesgo, you'll get a nice and elegant slideshow that will make your message more credible and inspiring. All the backgrounds contain a marble...

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Sales Forecast Business Plan presentation template

Sales Forecast Business Plan

These new slides are optimal for presenting a sales forecast in a professional way. The white backgrounds allow you to lay out your contents without any distractions. We also used some photos to highlight something very important when it comes to achieving objectives: the employees and their work. There are...

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Modern Shapes Math Lesson presentation template

Modern Shapes Math Lesson

Math is a somehow polarizing subject, you either love it or not. As a teacher, you'd rather have your students love it, right? We have prepared this presentation template with which you can make your lessons a bit more approachable and easier for your pupils to understand the contents. White...

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World Ego Awareness Day presentation template

World Ego Awareness Day

Did you know that May 11 is the world ego awareness day? This movement was born in 2018 and the aim of this day is to raise awareness about how it affects in our daily life. If you are preparing a presentation on the topic, we suggest you to use...

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Rorschach Test Analysis for College presentation template

Rorschach Test Analysis for College

The Rorschach test is a psychological test that allows you to collect the perceptions of the people analyzed about the inkblots shown to them. If you are preparing a study to present in public, we have created this template especially for you. It has a sober and formal style, is...

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HR Services Business Plan presentation template

HR Services Business Plan

Our latest template has a design that will most likely suit you! It has some traces of minimalism, combined with geometric shapes and subtle gradients with different tones of greenish blue. The typography is more focused on formality, so it gives your presentation a more professional look. Since it is...

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Accounting Proposal presentation template

Accounting Proposal

To run a business effectively, you need a good workforce and, perhaps obviously, good financing. If you want to inform your investors or regulators about the economic viability of your project, you can use this template. Make a slideshow and specify on it what your accounting proposal is about. You'll...

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No Homework Day presentation template

No Homework Day

Homework can become overwhelming for students. To encourage young people to focus on their hobbies and take a day off where they can do what makes them happy, no homework day was created. Take advantage of the occasion and use this template to talk about the history of this celebration...

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Foster Care Appreciation presentation template

Foster Care Appreciation

Foster families play an important role in the development of children, improving their lives. That is why, since 1988, May has been National Foster Care Month in the United States, a date they take advantage of to show them appreciation. If you want to join in, we propose this template,...

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Double Digit Multiplication Puzzles presentation template

Double Digit Multiplication Puzzles

Today we bring you a perfect proposal if you are an elementary math teacher. This is a fun template full of two-digit multiplication puzzles for your students to solve. The design is simple, with white background and gray waves. The colorful touch is provided by doodle-style illustrations related to school...

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Middle School Daily Planner presentation template

Middle School Daily Planner

Surely more than once you have forgotten to hand in an assignment because you didn't write it down or you lost the paper with the instructions. To help you better organize your homework we propose today this daily planner. It is Memphis style, with handwritten typography in the titles and...

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International Tea Day! presentation template

International Tea Day!

It's tea time! This well-known beverage has millions of followers all over the world and its own international day dedicated to it: May 21. If you are a tea lover and you are interested in making known all the varieties that exist, its properties, origin, ways of consuming it, etc....