White Presentation templates

Download and customize these free presentation templates with White backgrounds for Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. Get your message across using this neutral color and embrace simplicity, optimism and integrity.

Event Sponsorship Proposal presentation template

Event Sponsorship Proposal

Could you imagine the logo and the brand of your company appearing everywhere in an event with thousands of people? This template, designed for project proposals, can be the first step to making that a reality. The design of the layouts resemble a mosaic, so you can combine different colors...

Censorship Thesis presentation template

Censorship Thesis

A study on freedom of speech in each country sounds very interesting, at least for us. If you have completed a thesis or a school paper about this topic, this template can help you show what you've found out. The design features a very noticeable halftone effect on the photos...

Leave The Office Earlier Day presentation template

Leave The Office Earlier Day

Work to live and not live to work. That's what the leave the office earlier day is all about. Motivate your employees by implementing this original initiative that aims to raise awareness of the benefits of having a work-life balance to increase productivity at work. Use this modern illustration template...

Music Subject for Pre-K: Musical Notes presentation template

Music Subject for Pre-K: Musical Notes

Music is almost a universal language, understood by everyone, and a means of conveying emotions. You can use this new template to teach the musical notes to your pre-K students! Don't worry, we've used lots of colors to grab their attention. The theme, music, is all over the presentation, since...

International Environment Day presentation template

International Environment Day

We only have one planet Earth, so any actions from companies in favor of the environment is welcome. Show your CSR in this editable template that has wavy shapes and soft pastel tones of white, green and brownish (these two are closely tied to nature!). All the layouts are quite...

Rocódromo Local presentation template

Rocódromo Local

Learning how to get to the top of artificial climbing walls sounds like a very fun activity and a rush of adrenaline, right? Promote your local climbing wall facilities with this template and watch how the amount of people interested goes up, up, up! We've added several colorful 3D-like shapes...

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) presentation template

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also known as COPD, encompasses a group of diseases that cause problems with breathing. In the United States alone it affects about 16 million people. If you are preparing a presentation about it you can use this Slidesgo proposal. It has a simple style, with a...

Be Creative Newsletter presentation template

Be Creative Newsletter

Your readers will be hooked on your Newsletter if you use this creative template! The modern fonts, bright colors and geometric shapes will catch your audience’s attention and will make it easier for you to speak about meetings, events, marketing, reviews or goals. The graphs, maps and infographics that we...

Elegant Education Pack for Students presentation template

Elegant Education Pack for Students

The way in which we study has changed drastically in the last year, that's why we need to be more organized than ever. In Slidesgo we want to help your students and have designed this elegant template full of resources for your classes. We added everything you could possibly ask...

Creative Multi-Education Toolkit presentation template

Creative Multi-Education Toolkit

If you are a teacher, you are always looking for new resources to help you improve your classes and make them more enjoyable and entertaining. Well, today you are in luck. In Slidesgo we have created this multi-education toolkit in which you will find a variety of slides for presentation,...

Nurse Academy Center presentation template

Nurse Academy Center

In healthcare, sometimes people think only of doctors, but what about nurses? They're a fundamental part and very hard workers. This template allows you to promote a nursing school that provides education and training for future nurses. Simplicity is the key here, with white backgrounds and blue titles (remember that...

Business Status at Pandemic Times presentation template

Business Status at Pandemic Times

Keeping your team informed about the status of the business is vital, especially in times of pandemic, when uncertainty overwhelms many and serenity is a quality more than necessary. If you are preparing a business status report, we suggest this Slidesgo design. It has a minimalist style, with a white...

Isometric Linear Healthcare Center presentation template

Isometric Linear Healthcare Center

Whether you want to publicize your healthcare center, or you want to keep shareholders and investors informed, this template will suit you like a glove. It has a cool style thanks to the isometric illustrations, which provide some perspective. The background is white, which conveys purity, and for the texts...

Off-White Design Project Proposal presentation template

Off-White Design Project Proposal

Do you have a project proposal you need to present, are you looking for an elegant and sober, yet modern design? Here's the solution! This black and white template conveys professionalism. In addition, the images with different colored cutouts add dynamism. As for the typography, the one of the titles...

Kawaii Cactus MK Plan presentation template

Kawaii Cactus MK Plan

Are you preparing your marketing plan and would like to surprise your audience during the presentation? Try using this kawaii style cactus template, which gives an original and different touch to any presentation. The background is white, with the elements in green and some touches of red to create contrast....

Leprechaun Day presentation template

Leprechaun Day

Have you ever heard of leprechauns? They're legendary creatures from the Irish folklore, represented by small bearded men in green and obsessed with gold. May 13 is the date chosen to celebrate Leprechaun Day! You can download this template, whose palette makes use of the colors of the Irish flag...

Hospital Capacity Surge Plan presentation template

Hospital Capacity Surge Plan

Since the pandemic began, we have seen hospitals overflowing and running out of capacity to care for patients. If you need to present data on your medical center's surge plan, you can use this Slidesgo template. It has an elegant style, with a white background and blue geometric shapes, a...

Financial Statement Project Proposal presentation template

Financial Statement Project Proposal

Financial statements collect the economic information of a company. If you need to present it in a visual, professional and well-structured way, you have to see this template we have created at Slidesgo. It has a modern design with colorful geometric shapes, but keeping the white background to provide clarity...