Storyset Presentation templates

Design great slides using Storyset by Freepik! These lovely friends will animate your presentation quite a lot! Ready to tell your own story?

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Experiences Company presentation template
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Experiences Company

Looking for new experiences? Maybe you want to drive a race car, visit an exclusive restaurant or discover Graceland. Help your clients create new and adventurous memories thanks to your Experiences Company? Why don’t you try this energetic template now?

Meeting Tools presentation template
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Meeting Tools

Technology is advancing rapidly and new tools are available to make our lives easier when it comes to holding meetings. Edit this new free template and talk about these new quality-of-life improvements! This slide deck is unique and very special because it has a 4:3 format, a novelty in Slidesgo....

Isometric SEO Strategy presentation template
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Isometric SEO Strategy

This elegant presentation is great to design your SEO strategy and increase its visibility. Define your objectives with these isometric slides full of illustrations of people analysing graphs and data, which is in line with the topic of the template. Also, use the different diagrams, tables and so on to...

Geate Advertising Agency presentation template
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Geate Advertising Agency

This template is perfect to explain to your audiencefuture clients what your Advertising Agency does. Its design is fresh: the backgrounds show abstract shapes, illustrations and vivid colors. It’s very eye-catching and it contains sections to provide details about your product or service, clients and team.

Personal Trainer CV presentation template
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Personal Trainer CV

Sport is quite important to have a healthy body and mind. It’s not strange that you became a personal trainer! Do you know how to create and deliver effective exercise programs? Cool! Then, use our template and get a new job position!

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Investment Newsletter presentation template
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Investment Newsletter

This newsletter presentation deals with investment. We have added a lot of Stories illustrations related to money, business and coins! The main hues of the template are blue and yellow, and we have added some geometric shapes in the backgrounds that give a professional touch. The rounded titles and the...

Product Launch Marketing Plan presentation template
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Product Launch Marketing Plan

Time to launch the product you have been working on for a long time! Design your marketing plan with these cool presentation templates to make your clients get as excited as you are. Freepik Stories illustrations will make your strategy even more professional and creative.

Investigation Project Proposal presentation template
Download 8,871

Investigation Project Proposal

Life is full of mysteries, but most of them have an explanation—you just have to find it! Our new template is about investigation, so it can be a good choice for PIs or cybersecurity. Multiple characters from Storyset are present in the slides to add a good visual touch to...

Isometric Proposal presentation template
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Isometric Proposal

Engaging all the attendees in a project proposal is difficult. You need to sound convincing, confident, and you need to be ready for any questions that may arise. Ease the process using our new free template, whose isometric design stands out and makes your presentation look professional.

Economics Thesis presentation template
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Economics Thesis

If numbers, exchange rates, money and trading are your forte, odds are you’re already working on an economics thesis for your master’s degree. Defending your dissertation is the last step and the most difficult one, but Slidesgo can help you. Here’s our new free presentation template with a focus on...

Clinical Case 11-2020 presentation template
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Clinical Case 11-2020

Are you a doctor and you've been working hard in the treatment of a patient? We're sure that clinical case could be useful for reference! With this new template, you can explain the medical history, the diagnosis, the indications or contraindications and so on. It's very easy! The illustrarions, from...

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E-Learning presentation template
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New and interesting technologies are being used for teaching. This means that you don’t need to be at school or at the university to take courses. If you need to prepare a webinar or you must give a presentation to talk about e-learning and these kind of advances in education,...

Historical Fails presentation template
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Historical Fails

Everyone makes mistakes, right? But did you know that there have been big fails in history? You did? Then edit this template and share these historical facts with your audience. This colorful template has illustrations from Stories by Freepik and some real-life examples with which you can get some inspiration....

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Lative Weekly Planner presentation template
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Lative Weekly Planner

This weekly planner from Slidesgo will help you organize your weekly tasks quickly and easily. It has an elegant design with yellow background, floral illustrations and abstract shapes. It has a top menu with the days of the week, which you can link directly to the slide of your choice....

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Research Project Proposal presentation template
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Research Project Proposal

Before embarking yourself on a new project, especially if it’s about research, you need to set out a proposal to explain its viability. Here at Slidesgo we’re offering this theme that you can actually use for any kind of project, regardless of the topic.

Mander Meeting presentation template
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Mander Meeting

Attend your next meeting and give a presentation like a professional with this editable template featuring illustrations from Stories by Freepik. You can talk about the project, add a status report, include a RAID analysis and mention future events briefly. The color palette has contrasting colors that facilitates reading the...

Employee Newsletter presentation template
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Employee Newsletter

Create a Newsletter for your employees and share it with them with this neon presentation. You’ll have plenty of different sections for you to use: announcements, in depth, in brief, and even events!