The best aesthetic presentation template ideas

The best aesthetic presentation template ideas | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

Are you a Tumblr, Tiktok, Pinterest or Instagram user? One of the most used words on these social networks is “aesthetic”. There are more than 90 million posts tagged with this term on Instagram. 

Why has it become so popular? Because the aesthetic style shows us the world around us in an artistic and idyllic way. Its compositions evoke positive emotions and at the same time, they inspire us to achieve the ideal of beauty in our everyday life. 

The aesthetic style has already crossed the boundaries of photography and social media networks. We have been incorporating it into other areas of our lives such as decoration, fashion and also, the presentations that we use in class or at work.

To be able to recognize the aesthetic style, would you like to know what distinguishes it?

What is the aesthetic style?

To better understand the term “aesthetic”, we have to go back in time to know its etymological origin. The word aesthetic comes from the Greek word aisthētikos, meaning "perceptible by the senses or endowed with sensitivity". It is closely associated with the standard of beauty we would like to achieve.

When you contemplate an aesthetic design, doesn’t it provoke you the sensation of being inside a dream?  Reality is covered by a veil of beauty and order that awakens our senses.

Over the years, the concept has been evolving and adopting new tendencies.  Then, how can you recognize it?

The aesthetic style is predominated by pastel colors (pink, lilac, orange, or yellow). Many images are mainly centered around sky landscapes, retro elements from the 2000s, 90s, and 80s or anime references. 

Yet the truth is that it is difficult to pinpoint the concept. The aesthetic style is a hotchpotch of styles that encompasses many subcategories such as angelcore, vaporwave, fiction or goth. Would you like to see a few examples to know how to recognize them?

Examples of aesthetic style templates

Have you ever been looking for aesthetic ideas for Google Slides? Throughout this post, we are going to show you four aesthetic templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides, designed by Slidesgo, that will inspire you and help you to better understand it. 

Neon Aesthetics Project Portfolio

Do you want to stand out with your portfolio? Breaking down the preconceptions? Here is a presentation that meets all these requirements: Neon Aesthetics Project Portfolio. They won’t be able to take their eyes off your portfolio thanks to the use of bubblegum pink and neon yellow colors. 

Each of the slides in this presentation incorporates sculptures from the Hellenistic period and vinyl records. What a peculiar combination, isn’t it? Introducing vaporwave aesthetic style: a trend that blends visual and aural senses.

One of the three Ladies of the Louvre, the Venus de Milo, appears recurrently in the presentation, demonstrating that it is possible to mix artistic expressions from millennia ago with the digital age. 

Let your imagination run wild! You will find different types of slides to organize your portfolio schematically and thus, reinforce your personal brand image. 

Webcam Style IG Posts

How many years did you use Windows XP? The most nostalgic people miss it and that’s why we wanted to pay tribute to it with this template that simulates the look of the most used operating system during the 2000s.

With an adapted design for Instagram, this vaporwave aesthetic style proposal by Slidesgo allows you to fill your entire feed with color or create a carousel post in which you can group and organize a ser of your brand’s ideas.

The feeling is that you have ridden in a time machine that has taken you back to two different eras: the 2000s and the Ancient Ages. 

As you can see, the design has been designed to resemble the look and feel of a webcam. The different windows on the screen are used to organize the content of your presentation according to your needs. The neon colors and classical Greek sculptures add an air of gracefulness.

If you really want to get noticed, download the Webcam Style IG Posts template and let the glitch art reflect your company's bold and alternative personality. Your portfolio is going to say with neon signs that you are different and unique in your industry. 

Camera Filters Aesthetics App

The tables have completely turned on Instagram. When we open the app, our first impulse is to visualize the stories of our friends or the brands we like the most.  Don't you think it's also an excellent space to tell your news?

For this reason, at Slidesgo, we have designed a set of stories that are ideal for presenting the new features of your product.

The lilac color and the star filter are repeatedly used in all layouts, trying to make us think of an ethereal and perfect world. This is a template that perfectly reproduces the angelcore aesthetic style, in which supernatural beauty is emulated.

Raise your hand if you would like to be right now on a paradisiacal beach like the one shown in the presentation. We are so jealous!

Each of the slides makes us travel far away from home and the routine that accompanies us every day. They are a breath of fresh air.

As the name of the presentation itself indicates, Camera Filters Aesthetics App, the slides show the settings and controls of a mobile photo application, being the common nexus of the whole design.

Sparkling Aesthetics MK Campaign

Glitter here, glitter there. You're going to dazzle your audience using the Sparkling Aesthetics MK Campaign template. The angelcore aesthetic explores the visual appeal of using gradients, sparkles, and glitter. 

We suggest using the template to talk about your new marketing campaign, to present a new product line or to announce major news. Its design is versatile and elegant, so it can be a wise choice if you work in the fashion, beauty, tourism or hotel industry.  

Make your work "shine". The theme incorporates 31 slides where you have the opportunity to organize different sections of your marketing report such as the objectives of the study, the competitor analysis, a market study, the product description or the action plan.

How can you bring out your results? With the use of graphs, infographics and diagrams. We have included several customizable graphical elements, which never lose the dazzling look. 

A gradient from purple to brown tones has been cleverly used, conveying calm and peace, but also luxury and exclusivity in the same design.

We're sure you'll receive a couple of "wow's" and "I love it" from your co-workers. And at the end of your presentation, you'll gain a wave of praises and a tidal wave of applause.

Once aesthetic style enters your life, it stays with you forever. We have also joined this trend at Slidesgo. Have you just discovered your artistic side? Do you want to download a free aesthetic template? Lovers of good taste have their own aesthetics space on Slidesgo.