SEO Presentation templates

Tell your audience how important Search Engine Optimization is and how it affects the visibility of your website on the internet with these editable themes and templates.

How to Use Ad-Copy in Marketing presentation template

How to Use Ad-Copy in Marketing

The world of sales and marketing is always keeping up with trends and adapting to new situations. In the past year, sales have said goodbye to face-to-face meetings into online ads. Did you know that most of the revenue is now made through online shopping? That’s why your ads and...

Search Engine Optimization Proposal presentation template

Search Engine Optimization Proposal

SEO is search engine optimization, and it is something fundamental for any brand on the internet, as it is what allows your users to find you when they search. If you are working on the presentation of an SEO strategy and want to make a difference, we propose this modern...

Blog SEO: Advices to Optimize Posts presentation template

Blog SEO: Advices to Optimize Posts

SEO is a fundamental part of a blog. Keep in mind that search engine optimization strategies require time and dedication. If you are a SEO expert you could use this Slidesgo template to share your tips and recommendations. It has an abstract style, with lines and waves. It is blue...

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SEO Monthly Report presentation template

SEO Monthly Report

Bring your SEO reports to life with this Slidesgo template. It is 100% editable and with it you can show the most relevant data of your SEO strategy. The graphs and tables will help you convey the information to your bosses or clients easily and quickly. It has a simple...

Memphis SEO Strategy presentation template

Memphis SEO Strategy

Optimize your products, your marketing decisions... and your website! SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is quite the important matter, so now you can better decide with your colleagues what the best strategy to follow is if you use this template to illustrate your points. Its graphic style is Memphis, one...

Gradients SEO Strategy presentation template

Gradients SEO Strategy

Attention, marketer! If you need a different and original template to present your marketing plan, you already found it. At Slidesgo we have the perfect solution for you with this neon purple gradient presentation, and display typography. Explain your SEO strategy thanks to graphs, diagrams, diagrams, maps and lists. Describe...

Flat SEO Strategy presentation template

Flat SEO Strategy

It's amazing how, nowadays, the success of a website is closely tied to its optimization for search engines. Yeah, this new template is dedicated to SEO and, therefore, marketing. We tried some vivid colors and a cool approach and we're happy with the result! In fact, after adding your own...

SEO Audit Proposal presentation template

SEO Audit Proposal

A good SEO is a healthy indicator of your company's website success. So, your proposal is an audit to find possible issues and solve them. Use our template, then! It's been "optimized" (excuse the pun) for grabbing attention and helping you pitch your idea. It contains illustrations from Stories by...

Minimalist SEO Strategy presentation template

Minimalist SEO Strategy

Implementing a well-thought strategy to improve the position of your company's website in search engines can make a big difference. Here's our take: a minimalist slide deck with graphs, tables, infographics, timelines and schemes where you can show every single detail of your study and analysis. The round shapes combine...

SEO Monthly Project Report presentation template

SEO Monthly Project Report

Have you been asked to give a monthly report on the performance of your project in terms of search engine optimization? Gather all the data, lay it down in our dynamic slides and discuss the results. You can attract everyone's attention thanks to the abstract bubbly shapes and the easy-to-understand...

SEO and SEM Company Profile presentation template

SEO and SEM Company Profile

Nowadays, your positioning in search engines is practically one of the biggest factors when it comes to being relevant in the market. If your company is all about SEM and SEO, this template will come in handy. What is your history? How much did you grow? What are your services?...

Hand-drawn SEO Strategy presentation template

Hand-drawn SEO Strategy

Give your presentation a modern feel with this hand-drawn template. Expose your SEO strategy from scratch. Use the infographics to explain the basic concepts and tips for showing up first on results pages. Develop the elements that influence SEO, such as keywords or keyphrase descriptions. Explain the importance of long-tail...

Annual SEO Project Report presentation template

Annual SEO Project Report

Are you looking for a futuristic template for your Annual SEO Project Report? This presentation is full of city lights, pictures and neon hues. Sections such as data analytics, business objectives and social media will be great for any marketing-related purpose.

Isometric SEO Strategy presentation template

Isometric SEO Strategy

This elegant presentation is great to design your SEO strategy and increase its visibility. Define your objectives with these isometric slides full of illustrations of people analysing graphs and data, which is in line with the topic of the template. Also, use the different diagrams, tables and so on to...

SEO Consulting presentation template

SEO Consulting

One of the core marketing metrics of many companies is the amount of organic online web traffic they receive. To increase that, a good SEO strategy needs to be in place. Promote your expertise and knowledge of search engine optimization with Slidesgo’s latest business presentation!