School Presentation templates

Use the best School PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes to engage your students and educators with your presentations. All slide designs are easy to edit and 100% free to use.

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Printable Brain Breaks for Classroom presentation template

Printable Brain Breaks for Classroom

Active breaks are a way for students to take breaks to change their dynamics for a short period of time, usually no more than five minutes. It is also a way to reactivate their attention. In this template you will find cards in A4 horizontal format ready to print, in...

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Subject Dividers for High School Ring Binders presentation template

Subject Dividers for High School Ring Binders

Ring binders are very practical, right? But sometimes, you wish you had everything a little more organized. Take a look at the slides included in this template! We've designed subject dividers so that you can separate your notes properly. The design is very cool, with big letters, multiple shapes, some...

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Double Digit Multiplication Puzzles presentation template

Double Digit Multiplication Puzzles

Today we bring you a perfect proposal if you are an elementary math teacher. This is a fun template full of two-digit multiplication puzzles for your students to solve. The design is simple, with white background and gray waves. The colorful touch is provided by doodle-style illustrations related to school...

School Principal’s Day presentation template

School Principal’s Day

School principals have an important job to develop, which is to ensure the quality of the school and take care of teachers, parents and students, for which they must have great leadership and communication skills. Take advantage of the school principal's day, which is celebrated on May 1, and show...

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Middle School Daily Planner presentation template

Middle School Daily Planner

Surely more than once you have forgotten to hand in an assignment because you didn't write it down or you lost the paper with the instructions. To help you better organize your homework we propose today this daily planner. It is Memphis style, with handwritten typography in the titles and...

Meteorology School Center presentation template

Meteorology School Center

What's the weather forecast for next Wednesday? Will we need umbrellas or sunglasses? Well, meteorologists have the answer to these questions. They have studied in schools or colleges with courses on meteorology, and now you can promote yours with this template! The resources have to do with the weather in...

School Bus Drivers Day presentation template

School Bus Drivers Day

School bus drivers do a great job that is good to reward. For this purpose there is a day specially dedicated to them, which is the fourth Tuesday of the month of April. If you want to show your appreciation to them you can use this fun bus and traffic...

Hippie Style School Center presentation template

Hippie Style School Center

Peace and love! If you want to differentiate your school center from the rest, use this original purple hippie style template. It features fun illustrations of cactus, doves, hearts, flowers, etc. that will immediately catch the attention of parents and students. And now it's time to talk about your teaching...

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Judo Dojo Center presentation template

Judo Dojo Center

Judo is a very effective martial art for self-defense, and it is not only based on strength, but also on the mind. If you have a judo teaching center and would like to attract more students, try using this illustration template to present it. It is orange colored, with abstract...

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Brave New World Code Academy presentation template

Brave New World Code Academy

If you prefer to look into the future instead of going back to the past, you'll like this template. Your learning center will be the main destination for lots of students if you promote it with this editable template. It's just that, futuristic! With a selection of three-dimensional grids, backgrounds...

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School Librarian Appreciation Day presentation template

School Librarian Appreciation Day

Libraries are an immense resource of wisdom, which should be well guarded by librarians. April 16 is dedicated to them, to recognize their work and knowledge. If you would like to show them appreciation in a special way we suggest this template. It has a cream background that blends perfectly...

Farm Animals Day presentation template

Farm Animals Day

Is it lunch time? Have a look at your table or at your fridge: are there eggs, milk, cheese and so on? Then you should be grateful to farmers and the animals they care. Yes, this new presentation is for Farm Animals Day, meaning the slides have illustrations of sheep,...

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Native American Lesson presentation template

Native American Lesson

For all those teachers that need to give a lesson on the history of native Americans, this template can help you make your class more interesting. Use these slides and project them on a screen to catch your student's attention. The layouts contain examples of how to divide the lesson...

Alice in Dreamland Kindergarten presentation template

Alice in Dreamland Kindergarten

When you run a kindergarten you know how important it is to convey confidence to parents. Start by having a good presentation of your center. With this template you will capture the attention of young and adults. It has a watercolor style, with a grainy background and beautiful illustrations inspired...

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International Plant Appreciation Day presentation template

International Plant Appreciation Day

Since plants are very important in our planet—they are the ones who turn CO2 into oxygen!—it's no surprise there's an International Plant Appreciation Day! It takes place on April 13, so you have plenty of time to download this template and create your own visual ode to these living organisms....

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American Symbols for Elementary presentation template

American Symbols for Elementary

Can you name the amount of stars and stripes that appear in the US flag? Or what is the Statue of Liberty holding in her hands? This interesting topic for elementary school students can be the next theme of your presentation, so download this template and make your lesson more...

Find a Rainbow Day presentation template

Find a Rainbow Day

Did you know that rainbows have their own national day? That's right! It is celebrated on April 3, and it encourages people to look at the sky in search of this beautiful phenomenon that attracts the attention of young and adults. If you are a pre-k teacher you may want...

Photography Lesson for Middle School presentation template

Photography Lesson for Middle School

A pose here, a smile there... Photography is part of our everyday life, especially since we got smartphones, but what about traditional cameras? With this template you can prepare a photography lesson for middle school students. It has a white background that blends perfectly with the colorful geometric elements, which...