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You're Late For Your Wizard Class! presentation template

You're Late For Your Wizard Class!

Hurry! It's getting late and wizard class is starting - have you got everything? Let's review: wand, your owl, potions material, your spell book and this template for Google Slides and PowerPoint! If you want to add a touch of magic to your presentations, download this multipurpose template and adapt...

Real Life Startup Pitch Deck presentation template

Real Life Startup Pitch Deck

This is it, the first step to make your way into the business world! You have a nice startup ready to set in motion, and now it's time to get some funding. Download this new template and use it as a pitch deck so that people believe in your ideas!...

Health Subject for Elementary - 2nd Grade: Prevention & Control of Diseases presentation template

Health Subject for Elementary - 2nd Grade: Prevention & Control of Diseases

We think that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've become more aware of diseases and how to prevent them. It's also a good topic to teach in school, so this new template has been designed just for that. Take these blue slides and make the most of the elements included,...

Anime Agency presentation template

Anime Agency

If you want to promote your agency, we bring you a wonderful presentation to do it. Everyone will remember your agency because it has a great marketing plan, but also because you have used the Anime Agency template. With bright electric green backgrounds and a modern flashy design, you will...

Réunion D'accueil Des Nouveaux Employés presentation template

Réunion D'accueil Des Nouveaux Employés

Welcome! Today you are welcoming new employees to your company? Great! Slidesgo brings you this template to give them a warm welcome. You will be able to present in Google Slides or PowerPoint your business plan, your company profile and other information that new employees will need. With a creative...

Music Subject for Pre-K: Tempo presentation template

Music Subject for Pre-K: Tempo

Since music is an international language, it's good that you use it for educational purposes with students of all ages. Even the younger ones can learn from music, so if you are a teacher, you might be interested in this new template, created to teach things such as tempo. The...

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The Myth of the Abominable Snowman: Yeti presentation template

The Myth of the Abominable Snowman: Yeti

Many people claimed that they have seen him, wandering in the snow. Do you think he's real? We're talking about the yeti, and he's the star of this new presentation template. As we've created these slides for a young audience, the illustrations are more on the cute and cartoony side....

US National Hot Dog Month presentation template

US National Hot Dog Month

We've all seen them in movies or the TV: a sausage, bread and some toppings such as ketchup and mustard. The hot dog is very popular in the US, and they celebrate the Hot Dog Month in July. Our template, which has a vintage design, is loosely inspired in old...

World UFO Day presentation template

World UFO Day

Do you think there's life out there? It's a good question that, for now, has no definite answer, but if you want to believe, you can use this template and customize it so that you create a presentation for World UFO Day! Have fun with the resources included, such as...

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Daniel Duck Day presentation template

Daniel Duck Day

There are characters from cartoons that have become so popular, everyone knows who they are. If you want to pay homage to certain cartoon duck, you can create a presentation in which you talk about its conception, history, movies and more. To help you, we've designed this new template with...

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Baby Shower Invitations presentation template

Baby Shower Invitations

Oh, you’re expecting? Then, we’re expectant! There is no better thing than the gift of life, so in Slidesgo we have prepared a template that is just perfect to share the biggest of news! With this template, designed with pastel colors and funny illustrations of kids, your social media strategy...

Onomatopoeias Agency presentation template

Onomatopoeias Agency

Onomatopoeias are the written representations of sounds and they help make written texts more vivid. Maybe you were looking for a marketing template and then… ¡Boom! This modern design appeared. Why don’t you try downloading it and seeing what it has to offer? You can use it to give a...

Interactive Education Pack for Teachers presentation template

Interactive Education Pack for Teachers

We know how popular distance learning and virtual classrooms are nowadays. Education is embracing new technologies, and that's cool! We have this new template for teachers in which we've added all kinds of resources, from backgrounds for Zoom to planners, calendars, timetables and an avatar creator. There's a lot more...

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International Day of Family Remittances presentation template

International Day of Family Remittances

Some people need to migrate to another country for work, and they still financially support their family. June 16 is International Day of Family Remittances, and this template can be useful to recognize the contribution of all migrant workers. Since we wanted this presentation to be for all ages, we've...

Calendar & Weather Subject for Pre-K: Days of the Week presentation template

Calendar & Weather Subject for Pre-K: Days of the Week

Whenever you need to teach young kids something at school, it's better if they have fun while learning, as this helps them retain the information. We've created a cheerful presentation in which you can add the contents of your lesson. Thanks to the colors, the illustrations and the photos, they...

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Anime Style Project Proposal presentation template

Anime Style Project Proposal

The aim of a project proposal is to demonstrate its viability, it's complete potential to be a reality. To surprise your colleagues, investors or managers, we've designed this attention-grabbing template inspired by Japanese elements. This means you'll find some illustrations or icons of ninja stars, landscapes and urban settings. The...

Attribution Models for Marketing presentation template

Attribution Models for Marketing

Have you ever purchased a product after watching an ad about it? Marketers try to analyze what actions or elements influence the decision of buyers, and attribution models play a big role! This template is like no other: it's super cool and makes use of many, many different illustrations taken...

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival presentation template

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Introduce the Dragon Boat Festival to your audience and tell them the origins and the traditions of this celebration! Originated in China and with a different date (as it is observed on the 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese calendar), we think the design of this template...


Quit Smoking Infographics presentation template

Quit Smoking Infographics

Smoking is bad for your health. That is crystal clear. If you intend to give a speech about this matter, you can use our infographics and show some statistics or other kind of important data to your audience. Obviously, all designs use the concept of quitting smoking one way or...

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Goyang International Flower Festival Infographics presentation template

Goyang International Flower Festival Infographics

Did you attend the Goyang International Flower Festival? Did you also download our template dedicated to it? Then, if you were wishing for more, we're happy to oblige! This is a set of infographics whose style is similar to the mentioned template, so you'll find lots of flowers as part...

Aqua Marketing Plan Infographics presentation template

Aqua Marketing Plan Infographics

Marketing plans need very complete presentations full of data, examples, guides… That’s why we have designed this set of extra infographics for our “Aqua Marketing Plan” template. The resources follow the same eye-catching design so that you can use them without changing the esthetics of your presentation. Illustrate percentages, numbers,...

Numismatics Infographics presentation template

Numismatics Infographics

Numismatics is an amazing field of study that focuses not only on coins, but also in all money, tokens and exchanged objects. It’s known because of people who collect coins but, in reality, it’s a well-developed science that analyzes payments and exchanges. These infographics focus on them and are helpful...

Daily Activities for Online Lessons Infographics presentation template

Daily Activities for Online Lessons Infographics

We know that organizing online classes can be a complicated task. Slidesgo wants to help you, so it brings you these great infographics. If you liked our Daily Activities for Online Lessons presentation, you would love this template because you can use these infographics to supplement the presentation. They have...

How to Save Money Infographics presentation template

How to Save Money Infographics

"Oh, it's the electricity bill again. How do other families manage to save money?". This question might sound familiar, so if you have tips and recommendations on how to save money each month, it'll be great if you used these editable infographics to represent that data visually in front of...