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Download our cool PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes to create attractive designs for your presentations. Make the most of the beautiful backgrounds and take advantage of the easy-to-edit resources included.

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Children's Book Day presentation template
Download 1

Children's Book Day

Reading helps us to know other worlds, transports us to magical places and helps us to open our minds and inspire us. For the book day, which is celebrated on April 23rd, what better than preparing a presentation for your pre-k students explaining why it is good to read. To...

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Violin Luthier Workshop presentation template
Download 7

Violin Luthier Workshop

If you are a music teacher and need to prepare a workshop that catches your students' attention, this template is made for you. It has a creative design, with yellow background, abstract shapes and cartoon style illustrations. The sans serif typography makes it easy to read, and the icons bring...

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German History Lesson presentation template
Download 22

German History Lesson

This vintage style presentation is specially designed for teachers who want to explain the history of Germany in a visual and attractive way for students. The typography of the titles is a hybrid between functional and historical, while the text typography is thin and serif. Icons and illustrations are included...

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Gaming Week! presentation template
Download 47

Gaming Week!

Hello, fellow gamer! Are you hyped, eager to know the latest news in the sector? If you're organizing a conference, fair or exhibition on gaming, you can promote it to the whole world with this template! Delight yourself with the 8-bit typography and the numerous illustrations of consoles and players....

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Orange Animated Multi-MK presentation template
Download 29

Orange Animated Multi-MK

Marketing comes in different ways. No matter what method you follow, you'll need a presentation for your next meeting, right? Use our template and wow everyone thanks to the animated illustrations we've included. They are from Storyset, our sister project, so the quality is guaranteed! The color palette revolves around...

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Learning About Volcanoes and Lava presentation template
Download 38

Learning About Volcanoes and Lava

With this volcano themed template you will find it incredibly easy to prepare your class. It has a dark background and a very striking typography in the headlines, to capture the attention of your students, which contrasts with the roundness of the texts. It includes infographics with which your students...

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Simple Custom Portfolio presentation template
Download 19

Simple Custom Portfolio

Having a good portfolio, well presented, can be the key to your next job. To help you with this task, we provide the design with this editable template in orange and green colors, which convey vitality, energy and harmony. The vivid shade of orange combines perfectly with pastel green. To...

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All-U-Need Physical Phenomena Lesson presentation template
Download 35

All-U-Need Physical Phenomena Lesson

Physics can sometimes be difficult to understand. To make your lessons understandable, the first thing you need to do is to get your students' attention. And for that, nothing better than using a creative presentation with illustrations related to the subject, such as these that we propose in this editable...

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Eco Green Business Plan presentation template
Download 11,488

Eco Green Business Plan

Sustainability is an important point to take into account in company policies. If yours is related to eco issues, this template is perfect to develop your business plan. It has a green tone, related to nature, and an elegant and formal style, with geometric shapes that bring dynamism to your...

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Save the Seals Day presentation template
Download 20

Save the Seals Day

We need to preserve our rich flora and fauna! If you want to raise awareness about the problems derived from disproportionate seal hunting, you can add your eco-friendly message into this template for presentations. We've used beautiful illustrations of sea life and a cool font for the titles so that...

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Lative Weekly Planner presentation template
Download 7,576

Lative Weekly Planner

This weekly planner from Slidesgo will help you organize your weekly tasks quickly and easily. It has an elegant design with yellow background, floral illustrations and abstract shapes. It has a top menu with the days of the week, which you can link directly to the slide of your choice....

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Happy Piano Day! presentation template
Download 1,964

Happy Piano Day!

Isn't music one of the most relaxing things (or exciting, it depends!) in this world? The piano is such an iconic instrument that it has its own day! March 29 is World Piano Day, so it's the perfect chance for you to create a presentation about it! Our template has...

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Alternative Resume for Business presentation template
Download 1,700

Alternative Resume for Business

We love helping our users land the job of their dreams, so that's why we have a category just for résumé templates. This one is a bit special, since it's more in the form of a presentation, rather than a print-ready A4 file. Its dark beige tones are quite surprising,...

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Virtual Classroom Meetings presentation template
Download 73

Virtual Classroom Meetings

Thanks to the boom of distance learning and online classes, virtual classrooms are more popular than ever. Get this template and create your own presentation with tips for virtual meetings, so that your students know how they should behave. We've tried to give it a funny look, and we think...

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History of Comedy Lesson presentation template
Download 2,206

History of Comedy Lesson

Did you know that comedy is not a recent thing, but something that started way back? Satire, humor, concepts that have been around for centuries, so their history must be interesting, right? That's right! Use this template to give a lesson on the history of comedy. These slides will help...

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Conference Planning Meeting presentation template
Download 8,574

Conference Planning Meeting

The conference is coming up soon. Quick, you need to plan ahead and hold a meeting to discuss how to prepare for it! Since you'll need a presentation, download this one and customize it. To make your life easier, we've added all kinds of layouts: from calendars and timelines to...

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Animated Raven Literature Lesson presentation template
Download 1,895

Animated Raven Literature Lesson

Prepare an original literature class with this template for high school teachers. It is based on the work The Raven, by the American writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe. It is interactive and has animated elements. You can include exercises to test your pupils' knowledge after explaining the lesson. It...

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Super Electric Blue Project Proposal presentation template
Download 857

Super Electric Blue Project Proposal

Our team of designers agree: this new template will leave you speechless. It's been created for presenting project proposals, and its main attention-grabbing point is the visuals. The backgrounds are unlike anything you've seen before, quite futurustic, "electric", which makes them perfect for companies in the IT sector. Titles come...


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Map of Norway Infographics presentation template

Map of Norway Infographics

Fancy some traveling to Scandinavia? This may sound like a cold place (well, it is), but it's quite beautiful. If you want to focus on Norway and want to tell your audience where it is located in the globe, you can use our editable infographic maps! Perhaps you'd like to...

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Daylight Infographics presentation template
Download 19

Daylight Infographics

Day and night are so different! Some people even feel different depending on the time it is at the moment. Boost your presentations by inserting these editable infographics, which revolve around daylight and information derived from that. The designs are quite varied, with all kinds of illustrations and arrangements. There're...

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Map of Israel Infographics presentation template
Download 193

Map of Israel Infographics

Thanks to maps, people find it easier to understand data related to any given country, such as geographic or demographic information. If you need to create a presentation where you talk about Israel, this is a collection of infographics that will be useful for you. Additionally, we've left some extra...

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Emotions Infographics presentation template
Download 1,337

Emotions Infographics

Expressing different emotions will be easier than ever thanks to this infographics template with funny emojis that convey different feelings. These funny emoticons have become a universal language, and what better way than through them to talk about feelings. It includes graphs, diagrams, infographics and even process infographics with the...

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Map of Netherlands Infographics presentation template
Download 289

Map of Netherlands Infographics

In some places, it is commonly called "Holland". Do you know what country we're talking about? The Netherlands! Located in Central Europe, it has quite an interesting flora, fauna and characteristics, so explaining your audience what this nation has that stands out can be even better if you use infographics....

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Toolbox Infographics presentation template
Download 615

Toolbox Infographics

A hammer, a wrench, a screwdriver... what are you carrying, a toolbox? Well, that is exactly the main protagonist of this set of editable infographics! Being innovative is always a positive thing, so why don't you try representing data visually like these designs we've included? Perhaps each tool can be...