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Dandelion Thesis presentation template

Dandelion Thesis

This is it, the final test before you get your degree or PhD—the defense of your thesis! You'll need to show a little preview of your research, which is complemented by your speech (and your printed thesis, of course!). What if, apart from providing graphs, tables, concepts, conclusions and bibliographical...

Mini Consulting Theme With Geometric Gifs presentation template

Mini Consulting Theme With Geometric Gifs

If you are in consulting and need to prepare an effective presentation, use this Slidesgo template. It is fully editable and has animated gifs of geometric shapes that will bring dynamism to your exposition and capture the attention of your audience. Inside you have tables, graphs and photos to explain...

US National Burrito Day presentation template

US National Burrito Day

Do you know what is celebrated on the first Thursday of April? National burrito day! This typical Mexican dish consists of tortillas filled with meat, cheese, beans, rice, vegetables and sauces. It is one of the best known foods of Mexican gastronomy, and is currently consumed in practically the whole...

USA's National Humor Month presentation template

USA's National Humor Month

Did you know that April is National Humor Month? The goal is to raise awareness about the therapeutic potential of humor, as it has been proven that laughter helps relieve stress and improves our mood. Share facts and tips with this abstract style template with colorful shapes. You can point...

Library Week presentation template

Library Week

Library week is usually celebrated during the second week of April. It is organized by the American Library Association and promotes the use of these spaces full of culture and wisdom, so that we can all become the best version of ourselves. This template is blue in color, with a...

Animal Protection Company Profile presentation template

Animal Protection Company Profile

Thousands of pets are abandoned every year. In order for them to survive and find a new home, the role of animal shelters is paramount. Do you work in one? Why not create a company profile that you can use to present the company and raise funds to care for...

Easter Season presentation template

Easter Season

Easter is a holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus, but there's more than that. What if we asked a kid? Yeah, they would say "Easter eggs"! We want to help you create a cute presentation and, to do so, we've designed this template. It's super simple: it cointains easy...

April Fools' Day! presentation template

April Fools' Day!

Did you know that Earth is not the third planet from the Sun? That's because Mercury doesn't really exist and... Nah, we're just pulling your leg! It's because our newest template has been created for April Fools' Day. Be as funny as you can in your presentation and make the...

Happy Holi Colorful Festival presentation template

Happy Holi Colorful Festival

Holi festival, also known as spring festival or festival of colors, is one of the most important dates in India, celebrating the arrival of spring and the end of winter. It begins on the last full moon of March and lasts until the following day. This festival also signifies the...

Red Business Planner presentation template

Red Business Planner

If you like organization you will love this proposal from Slidesgo. It is a business planner in which you can keep up to date all your work. It has a red color, simple style and sans serif typography. It includes a monthly calendar, spaces to take notes, task lists and...

Interactive Color Wheel Exercises presentation template

Interactive Color Wheel Exercises

What are primary, secondary and complementary colors? Colors have different meanings, and they are very much taken into account in marketing and branding, for example. With this Slidesgo template you can teach your students everything related to this wonderful world of design. It includes diagrams, tables, charts, graphs, infographics, color...

Dinsey Cute Animals Newsletter presentation template

Dinsey Cute Animals Newsletter

Give a nice touch to your employee newsletters with this template full of cute animal illustrations. It intersperses white, lilac and yellow backgrounds, which bring dynamism and joy, just like its handwritten style typography. Inform about the most relevant news of your company, upcoming events that you are going to...

Everyday Pills Calendar presentation template

Everyday Pills Calendar

When we take several medications it is easy to end up getting confused and wondering if we have taken one dose, two or none. With this pill calendar we bring you the solution. It is divided by months, so you can use it throughout the year. It has a colorful...

Winter Business Meeting presentation template

Winter Business Meeting

This time we bring you an elegant and minimalist style template, where all the protagonism will fall to your project. It is designed for business meetings, although its design is very versatile and you can adapt it to other purposes. It has a dark blue background and a thin typography...

Atheism Day presentation template

Atheism Day

Did you know that about two percent of the world's population does not identify with any religion? Atheism day, celebrated on March 23, was created for them. If you would like to teach your students something more about this doctrine, we have prepared a special template for you. It has...

Crowns and Diadems Campaign presentation template

Crowns and Diadems Campaign

We all have a child in us that we should never lose, so if you're looking for a totally original way to present your marketing plan, take a look at this template. Its pink color and illustrations of crowns, diadems and princesses will take you back to your earliest childhood....

Impostors in the Spaceship presentation template

Impostors in the Spaceship

There's a certain video game in which a team of crew members try to perform tasks while avoiding a traitor among them. Does it ring a bell? Create a presentation inspired by this topic by using our editable template. You can explain the mechanics of the game, provide tips, add...

Industrial Fashion Design Company Profile presentation template

Industrial Fashion Design Company Profile

Attention, fashionistas! We have a new template created especially for you. It is an ideal presentation to publicize your fashion company. Its yellow color conveys optimism and joy, and the typography of the titles and text is modern, sans serif. Here you can talk about your fashion collections, your upcoming...


May Month Planner 2021 Infographics presentation template

May Month Planner 2021 Infographics

If you are one of those who need to have everything written down and organized, you will love this Slidesgo template.It is a planner for the month of May in which you can write down everything you want, whether important dates, events, activities, tasks, etc. It has different designs for...

Map of Saudi Arabia Infographics presentation template

Map of Saudi Arabia Infographics

Our selection of infographic maps about different countries of the world keeps growing once again! Today, we're releasing this set of slides with maps of Saudi Arabia, in Western Asia. It's where Mecca is located, the holy place for Muslims, so surely you might need these when giving a presentation...

Linear Philosophical Infographics presentation template

Linear Philosophical Infographics

What is life? Why are we in this world? Sorry, we got a little bit philosophical, but that's because it's the theme of our new set of editable infographics! All kinds of concepts and internal reflections can be represented by using these designs, which have been created with arrows, lines...

Watercolor Infographics presentation template

Watercolor Infographics

Representing data visually is great if you want your audience to understand everything at a glance. But you can make it more beautiful, esthetically and content-wise. Download our collection of infographics and enjoy their watercolor designs. These brush strokes add so much value to the information that you need to...

Piano Keys Infographics presentation template

Piano Keys Infographics

If you love music and, more specifically, the piano, take a look at this infographic template. It is entirely inspired by the keys of this musical instrument, so it is ideal for teaching piano playing, although it can also be adapted to other themes. It has different types of layouts,...

Japan Map Infographics presentation template

Japan Map Infographics

Japanese people are known for being very respectful and quiet, but did you know that tipping is frowned upon? You can tell this and other curiosities to your clients by preparing a guide to Japan before their trip. With these infographic maps you can tell them what are the most...