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Equality and Fundamental Rights presentation template
Download 11,103

Equality and Fundamental Rights

Let's fight for a more equal society, where fundamental rights are respected! Here's our take: a presentation template, completely editable and full of illustrations of all kinds of people, allowing you to position yourself in favor of diversity. These slides are structured so that you can use them for project...

Lovely Couple presentation template
Download 75,311

Lovely Couple

You've come to the right place if you were looking for one of the most beautiful templates for presentations. With this one, aptly named "Lovely Couple", you will win everyone's hearts thanks to its drawings of flowers, its script font, its pink backgrounds and its photos. Love is love, so...

Clinical Case 02-2021 presentation template
Download 23,230

Clinical Case 02-2021

Let us introduce you to this new template for clinical cases! Its contents will look amazing thanks to the Memphis design, which is always pleasing to the eye. With a combination of gradient backgrounds, some pictures and a variety of different infographics, you'll be explaining the data that you've gathered...

The Dentist's Advice:
Download 2,184

The Dentist's Advice: "Veneers Check"

Professionals of oral medicine, here's a new template with which you'll be able to convey some points without having your audience run in fear! It's a colorful presentation with some geometric details, such as rectangles. Visual contrast is easily achievable thanks to the alternate use of dark blue and pink....

Colorful Love Letters presentation template
Download 17,602

Colorful Love Letters

If you have something beautiful to say to your soul mate, but words can't come out, try writing a love letter! Our new template has lots of different designs with which you can express your feelings and show your love for that special one. Get this cute pack now and...

Valentine's Season presentation template
Download 20,181

Valentine's Season

Valentine's Day and marketing are, believe it or not, closely tied! Lots of brands aim to send one message or another for this day, so why don't you try this template and create yours? Its main features are the pictures of lovers, the doodles on the backgrounds and a script...

Valentine's Love & Hugs App presentation template
Download 11,535

Valentine's Love & Hugs App

Oh, Valentine's Day, that specific date on February dedicated to lovers. Well, not everyone has it easy to find their soulmate, so that's where your app can come into play. Pitch your ideas with this template and win the hearts of those who could fund your project. Provide an overview...

French Literature presentation template
Download 34,047

French Literature

Who hasn't ever heard of Jules Verne or Victor Hugo, for example? French literature has been so influential in the past, it's just the perfect topic for a lesson (or a workshop). Open this book—sorry, template—and get inspired by the creativeness and the beauty of the slides. Apart from easy...

Travel Guide: Bali presentation template
Download 3,280

Travel Guide: Bali

Traveling to Indonesia sounds so fun and enticing... Well, Slidesgo can do something about it! Here's a template that can be used for travel guides. This time, we've added lots of resources related to Bali, one of the most iconic tourist attractions of this country. The backgrounds contain gradients that...

Pinky Buzzle presentation template
Download 2,379

Pinky Buzzle

If there is a color that denotes a playful side of yourself, that's pink. Introducing our latest template! Yes, the main protagonist is this tone, supported by an arrangement of 3D shapes and a typography that isn't your typical one used in presentations for class. The dynamic, eye-grabbing aspect of...

Roses Are Red presentation template
Download 104,051

Roses Are Red

"Roses are red" is how a very popular and classic rhyming poem begins, the epitome of love confession. We thought "why don't we use this to create a presentation template for, maybe, literature or poetry lessons?". And so we did! The palette is made of white and pink tones, there...

Motic Abstract Business Plan presentation template
Download 11,238

Motic Abstract Business Plan

Whenever you show a presentation like this one to your investors or partners, fresh ideas are conveyed. We firmly believe that this template, thanks to its abstract design, has the potential to engage any audience as you set forth your business plans. There are specific slides to talk about the...

Pre-K Daily Seasonal Calendar presentation template
Download 10,141

Pre-K Daily Seasonal Calendar

If you think that organizing your week as a pre-K teacher is hard, let us lend you a hand. Download this new template that features timetables, calendars, tables, lists and useful layouts in general so that you don't end up stressed out whenever you think of all the things you...

Papilloma Clinical Case presentation template
Download 3,510

Papilloma Clinical Case

With this professional Slidesgo template it will be incredibly easy to present medical information about papilloma clinical cases. It has a wide variety of resources, such as infographics to show what the physical examination consists of, slides to explain the patient's medical history, graphs for your research findings, comparative tables...

Teaching Islamic Traditions presentation template
Download 14,280

Teaching Islamic Traditions

Give a fresh air to your religion lessons with our Slidesgo templates. On this occasion we propose one related to Islam. It’s designed with pink background and gradients. The serif typeface conveys formality and respect, in line with the theme of the presentation. And the illustrations reminiscent the typical elements...

Generation of '27 presentation template
Download 96,580

Generation of '27

Generation of '27 is a group of avant-garde poets and artists who began to publish their work in the 20s of the 20th century. To help you explain this interesting part of Spanish literature to your students, we propose you this old-style brown template, with different illustrations of books, pens,...

Junive Daily activities presentation template
Download 8,558

Junive Daily activities

Bring your classes to life with this template full of color and wisdom! If you are a teacher you should know that you always have to look for new ways to surprise your students to keep their attention and interest. With this presentation of daily activities, you will get it....

January Daily Slides presentation template
Download 75,934

January Daily Slides

Each new year comes with new resolutions and dreams that usually fade over the months. Does it sound familiar? To help you succeed this time we have designed a template of January daily slides with which you can organize your day and write motivational quotes to reach your goals. It...