Project Proposal Presentation templates

Download and customize these free and easy-to-edit templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint to present your new Project Proposal. Your partners will appreciate the nice slide designs and appealing backgrounds.

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Balance Sheet Project Proposal presentation template

Balance Sheet Project Proposal

Do you have a project proposal in mind and need to present it publicly? Take a look at this Slidesgo proposal. It has a professional and creative style design, with geometric shapes and cartoon-like illustrations. We have included a great diversity of resources that will help you give all the...

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Round Edges Corporate Proposal presentation template

Round Edges Corporate Proposal

Do you have a project proposal in mind? Start shaping it with this Memphis style template. It is yellow, which conveys energy and optimism, and in the background we have added small geometric drawings. The typography is purple and sans serif, which gives it a more modern look and is...

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Catering Service Proposal presentation template

Catering Service Proposal

When you're in an event, such as a conference or a recording, you probably noticed that there's food prepared for all the attendees. That's catering, and you might be one of the next important food providers. Just present your project by using this template! Customize its slides in order to...

Saas Sales Proposal presentation template

Saas Sales Proposal

Forget about super serious presentations that do not fit your brand and use this new template. Let us tell you: it's super cool and creative. Well, and geometric too! The contrast between colors is super striking: there's black, white and very light green. And there's something that couldn't be missing...

HVAC Project Proposal presentation template

HVAC Project Proposal

You've got a big idea and you've got your enterprising spirit, and now you only need the approval of your higher-ups. Get this template and show your proposal by adding all the details in these professional and geometric slides. You know that HVAC means "heating, ventilation and air conditioning", right?...

Branding Proposal presentation template

Branding Proposal

Your brand identity is what defines you, what people use to recognize you and tell you apart from the competition. Bring your own proposal to the table and present it to your partners. To do so, you just have to download this template and customize its colorful and striking layouts!...

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Super Electric Blue Project Proposal presentation template

Super Electric Blue Project Proposal

Our team of designers agree: this new template will leave you speechless. It's been created for presenting project proposals, and its main attention-grabbing point is the visuals. The backgrounds are unlike anything you've seen before, quite futurustic, "electric", which makes them perfect for companies in the IT sector. Titles come...

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Memphis Agenda Project Proposal presentation template

Memphis Agenda Project Proposal

"Hurry up, the meeting is about to start! Did you bring the presentation? Yeah, that one with the Memphis style, so dynamic and full of different shapes and colors. Did you also edit all the slides accordingly? All the project goals, the budget, the predicted results and the video for...

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Blue and Pink Technology Project Proposal presentation template

Blue and Pink Technology Project Proposal

Are you looking for something modern and with bright and cheerful colors? Here it is! With this template you will attract all the attention of your audience. It is in blue and pink tones, with geometric shapes, very dynamic. Exactly what you need to present your technological project proposal. You...

Flower Power Project Proposal presentation template

Flower Power Project Proposal

Is your project related to nature and bio topics? Then this template will come just right. It has a nice floral design, perfect for flower power project proposals. It is made in A4 format and stands out for its creativity. The yellow and green colors are reminiscent of mountains, trees...

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Oil Crisis Project Proposal presentation template

Oil Crisis Project Proposal

Do you have a project in mind that has to do with oil, petroleum transport or the cleaning of a tanker accident? You can show your corporate social responsibility with this template, perfect for talking about such topics. There's a minimalist design composed of rectangular shapes and a two-tone color...

Course Project Proposal presentation template

Course Project Proposal

Whenever you feel like giving a speech and setting forth a project proposal, Slidesgo recommends this new template. Since two dimensions are sometimes not enough, we've added lots of 3D shapes on the backgrounds! But there's even more visual power inside these slides. We've used gradients! So, the appeal is...

Energy Saving Project Proposal presentation template

Energy Saving Project Proposal

What you'll get with this new template is a minimalist design with some photos and numerous details on the edges of the slides that look like stains. That plays around with the theme of the presentation, which is energy saving, so use the resources included to speak in favor of...

Investigation Project Proposal presentation template

Investigation Project Proposal

Life is full of mysteries, but most of them have an explanation—you just have to find it! Our new template is about investigation, so it can be a good choice for PIs or cybersecurity. Multiple characters from Storyset are present in the slides to add a good visual touch to...

Photography Project Proposal presentation template

Photography Project Proposal

If you are a photographer you need to take a look at this photography project proposal template. Its design is a mixture of simplicity and professionalism, which together with the black and white colors give it an extra touch of elegance. Use it to present your work to new galleries...

Sustainable Agriculture Project Proposal presentation template

Sustainable Agriculture Project Proposal

Nature and society: two worlds that are bound to coexist. Put your ideas into practice and present a project on sustainable agriculture by using this "green" template. Yes, that's the main color, and the pictures are very inspiring too. Engage your audience and make them think about what can be...

Minimalist Project Proposal presentation template

Minimalist Project Proposal

Oftentimes, people tend to oversaturate their slide decks with lots of elements that end up distracting from the key message. Try this minimalist template instead! Its pictures make it suitable for projects on interior design or real estate (but you can replace them if the topic is different). With such...

OKRs Framework for Performance presentation template

OKRs Framework for Performance

In the world of business, OKR (objectives and key results) is a framework to keep track of objectives and how they help employees develop in terms of work and personal life. Opting for a modern design, we've added gradient backgrounds and we've made the layouts so that they look like...