Medical Presentation templates

Create medical presentations with a professional design using our Google Slides and PowerPoint backgrounds. Talking about a case report or a breakthrough has never been easier.

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Liquid Gradients Backgrounds Clinical Case presentation template

Liquid Gradients Backgrounds Clinical Case

Are you working on a clinical case? Have you already collected your evidence and conclusions and want to present them? In Slidesgo we help you with the design. This time we bring you a template with an abstract style and blue color with gradients, which give it an original look...

Bad Sight Tests presentation template

Bad Sight Tests

This simple style template will be great for you to talk about tests for vision problems. It has an eye-catching yellow color with a red frame that will quickly grab your audience's attention. The title typography is thick and sans serif, which makes it easy to read on different screens....

Nice Veterinary Center presentation template

Nice Veterinary Center

What a lovely template we've just created for vet centers! We're glad to use illustrations of cute animals, and we've decided to do that as stickers! The shapes are rounded and the palette combines gray (for the backgrounds) with other colors, like red, yellow, green and blue. Any data that...

Strokes Breakthrough presentation template

Strokes Breakthrough

Any scientific breakthrough related to strokes is much welcome in order to better understand this medical condition. If you have information to share about this topic, you can use this template to create a presentation and show it to an audience. The design is not complicated at all. We've opted...

ALS/MND Global Day presentation template

ALS/MND Global Day

Motor neuron disease (MND) refers to a set of pathologies that affect nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain, resulting in muscle atrophy and weakness. To raise awareness about this issue, there is a global day that takes place on June 21. If you want to inform about these...

Bacterial Disease presentation template

Bacterial Disease

There are many diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria, so this presentation can be useful if you want to focus on one and provide as much information about it as possible. As a template, it offers many examples of layouts in which you can describe things such as symptoms, recommendations, treatment,...

Fisioterapia y Rehabilitación presentation template

Fisioterapia y Rehabilitación

Do you run a physiotherapy and rehabilitation center and would like to publicize the different services you offer? Then prepare a good presentation with all the information. For this you can use this Slidesgo template. It has a professional style, with gray and blue colors, which bring sobriety and serenity....

World Blood Donor Day presentation template

World Blood Donor Day

Blood donations save thousands of lives, that's why it's important to raise awareness so that people are encouraged to donate. Whether you want to raise awareness about this issue or if you want to take advantage of the world blood donor day to make them a nice recognition, this elegant...

Save Your Hearing Breakthrough presentation template

Save Your Hearing Breakthrough

The sense of hearing allows us to enjoy such wonderful things as music. If you are in the research world and need to prepare a presentation to communicate the results of your medical breakthroughs on hearing loss, this template is made for you. It has a cheerful cream background and...

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) presentation template

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also known as COPD, encompasses a group of diseases that cause problems with breathing. In the United States alone it affects about 16 million people. If you are preparing a presentation about it you can use this Slidesgo proposal. It has a simple style, with a...

World No Tobacco Day presentation template

World No Tobacco Day

“Commit to quit”. That’s the motto of the World No Tobacco Day, that is celebrated on May 31st. This campaign was launched by the World Health Organization and its goal is to create healthier environments that encourage quitting smoking. Did you know that the benefits of quitting tobacco are not...

Mad Headache Clinical Case presentation template

Mad Headache Clinical Case

Cephaleas consist of continuous headaches, which can affect the sufferer's daily life. If you are a doctor and you are preparing the results of your clinical case, we suggest you use this colorful template to present your findings. It has a modern style, mixing yellow, blue and red colors. We...

Nurse Academy Center presentation template

Nurse Academy Center

In healthcare, sometimes people think only of doctors, but what about nurses? They're a fundamental part and very hard workers. This template allows you to promote a nursing school that provides education and training for future nurses. Simplicity is the key here, with white backgrounds and blue titles (remember that...

Isometric Linear Healthcare Center presentation template

Isometric Linear Healthcare Center

Whether you want to publicize your healthcare center, or you want to keep shareholders and investors informed, this template will suit you like a glove. It has a cool style thanks to the isometric illustrations, which provide some perspective. The background is white, which conveys purity, and for the texts...

The Vaccination Process in Each Country presentation template

The Vaccination Process in Each Country

Finally, vaccines against COVID-19 have been developed and being administered to the general population. But how is each country faring regarding this topic? It's a good time to create a presentation on the matter, and this template will help you save a lot of time. Simplicity in each layout is...

Hospital Capacity Surge Plan presentation template

Hospital Capacity Surge Plan

Since the pandemic began, we have seen hospitals overflowing and running out of capacity to care for patients. If you need to present data on your medical center's surge plan, you can use this Slidesgo template. It has an elegant style, with a white background and blue geometric shapes, a...

Root Canal Dentist Breakthrough presentation template

Root Canal Dentist Breakthrough

It's wonderful how procedures related to dentistry are advancing. Are you aware of new discoveries in root canal treatments? We're sure your fellow dentists will be glad to know that information, so prepare a presentation for a conference and contribute to the medical community! You just need to edit these...

Rehab Therapy HealthCare Center presentation template

Rehab Therapy HealthCare Center

Do you want to promote your rehab therapy healthcare center? Prepare a good presentation dossier with this Slidesgo template. It has an abstract style, with a cream background and waves in green and yellow. As for the typography, we have opted for a sans serif for both titles and texts,...