Marketing Infographics Presentation templates

Anticipate and satisfy your customers' needs creating marketing infographics with your own information! Get ready to get more and more clients showing your data and information with great diagrams!

SWOT Analysis Infographics presentation template

SWOT Analysis Infographics

Discover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your own company performing a SWOT analysis. Use this basic strategic planning to evaluate your position with these new infographics created by Slidesgo.

KPI Infographics presentation template

KPI Infographics

Do you want to assess the success or failure of your company? Use these KPI (Key Performance Indicators). It is a great tool to determine if you are achieving a goal or not. Represent your information about actions, strategies or productivity with bar or pie charts, pyramids, tables, percentages, maps......

Cycle Diagrams presentation template

Cycle Diagrams

Cycle diagrams are great if you want to depict a circular flow of a series of steps, stages or events that interact between each other repeatedly without a clear end. Use them when talking about company processes, in marketing, health or for educational purposes. Of course, the different sections (up...

Value Chain presentation template

Value Chain

Are you looking for some infographics to describe the activities of your company? Value chains are great for doing so, and to add some value for the final client and the enterprise itself. They resemble arrows, and they display flat, linear and filled designs and 4 to 6 sections per...

Technology Infographics presentation template

Technology Infographics

The designs included in this new template have something in common: all of them have some kind of technological motif. You’ll find many infographics with devices and icons supporting the circular, isometric, roadmap-like and even hexagonal layouts. and the number of sections range between three and six per slide.

Strategy Infographics presentation template

Strategy Infographics

How important it is in marketing or in the world of business in general to devise and follow a good strategy to boost sales or revenue. With these infographics, you can talk about yours. We’ve got many resources and designs for you: steps, blocks, tables, comparatives… Let the team know!

Social Media Infographics presentation template

Social Media Infographics

Some say that if you’re not on social media, you’re nowhere to be found. Use these free infographics in your digital marketing presentations to talk about these popular sites. Circle charts, blocks of text, a 3D cube, a map, banners—what a wide range of designs we’re offering! There are flat...

Building Infographics presentation template

Building Infographics

This time, we’ve designed some infographics with illustrations of buildings. How about you use their varied heights to your advantage and visually explain some numeric data? Apart from this, there are also some timelines, maps and even donut charts, among others, that you can use to show a process or...

Linear Flowchart Infographics presentation template

Linear Flowchart Infographics

Flowcharts are representations of a process or a workflow, and we know that including one in your presentations can be a good idea. All the designs are in linear style, which means that shapes have no color fill, only stroke. Give them a try!

Gradient KPI Infographics presentation template

Gradient KPI Infographics

Show on your slides all the information obtained through key performance indicators or KPIs and let your colleagues make sense of it thanks to these free infographics. The main attraction point of this set is the use of gradients in all the designs. Lots of maps, charts and columns are...

UI/UX Infographics presentation template

UI/UX Infographics

All the editable infographics included in this new set we’ve just released look like the interface of a program, or elements that could be a part of an interface. A lot of different diagrams, charts and designs have been added, expanding the amount of choices. Apart from flat and fill,...

Nature Infographics presentation template

Nature Infographics

Is your pitch related to nature, sustainability or ecology in any way? Then how about you present some compelling data in a visual manner? Our infographics are a good choice, since all their designs, including maps, timelines and tables, have been created just for these kinds of topics. And the...

Customer Journey Map presentation template

Customer Journey Map

Prepare for your next meeting an appealing presentation where you show the customer journey, that is, what path your customers follow from the point when they're interested in your product until they purchase it. We're offering you timelines, roadmaps, tables and many other resources so you can decide the best...

Product Lifecycle Infographics presentation template

Product Lifecycle Infographics

Making your work easier for you, that's our motto with our infographics! Download this template and show visually the lifecycle of a product, that is, how its sales evolved over time. All these designs incorporate four elements in different styles of timelines, roadmaps and tables. Marketing and/or business presentations will...

Boost Engagement Rate Infographics presentation template

Boost Engagement Rate Infographics

Engagement rate is one of the key metrics in digital marketing. Keep it under control with this infographic template that you can use for your website, social networks or email marketing. It consists of different easily editable graphs. Fill them in with your data and you will be able to...

Museum Company Profile Infographics presentation template

Museum Company Profile Infographics

Oh, museums, the perfect place to admire creations of historical and cultural significance. They’re extremely popular among the public, so you might want to provide some statistical data on them in your slides. How lucky! These new infographics combine with our Museum Company Profile template, which means the Memphis style...

Science Fair Newsletter Infographics presentation template

Science Fair Newsletter Infographics

Are you organizing a science fair and sending a newsletter to subscribers? Try using infographics to give it a more visual and entertaining touch. In this template we bring you today you have a multitude of structures that you can easily edit with Google Slides or PowerPoint. It has a...

Color Psychology Infographics presentation template

Color Psychology Infographics

According to color psychology, different colors can convey different meanings, which is especially relevant in fields such as art, architecture, fashion or advertising. It's no surprise we had to design a set of editable infographics on this subject! These graphs, tables, schemes, diagrams and more are a great helping hand...