Marketing Infographics Presentation templates

Anticipate and satisfy your customers' needs creating marketing infographics with your own information! Get ready to get more and more clients showing your data and information with great diagrams!

Virtual Campaign Infographics presentation template

Virtual Campaign Infographics

The launch of a new product or service is always exciting. Create a virtual campaign strategy to accompany the launch and take care of every detail thanks to these infographics from Slidesgo. They are full of color, a mix of yellow, green, blue, pink, and orange that give joy and...

Museum Company Profile Infographics presentation template

Museum Company Profile Infographics

Oh, museums, the perfect place to admire creations of historical and cultural significance. They’re extremely popular among the public, so you might want to provide some statistical data on them in your slides. How lucky! These new infographics combine with our Museum Company Profile template, which means the Memphis style...

VALS Framework Template presentation template

VALS Framework Template

The VALS framework is used in marketing to segment customers based on their values, attitudes and lifestyles. It is a qualitative methodology used to understand how consumers think. This way you can create more effective messages focused on their interests. If you want to apply this technique to your project,...

Boost Engagement Rate Infographics presentation template

Boost Engagement Rate Infographics

Engagement rate is one of the key metrics in digital marketing. Keep it under control with this infographic template that you can use for your website, social networks or email marketing. It consists of different easily editable graphs. Fill them in with your data and you will be able to...

Product Lifecycle Infographics presentation template

Product Lifecycle Infographics

Making your work easier for you, that's our motto with our infographics! Download this template and show visually the lifecycle of a product, that is, how its sales evolved over time. All these designs incorporate four elements in different styles of timelines, roadmaps and tables. Marketing and/or business presentations will...

Illustrated Gradients Buyer Persona Infographics presentation template

Illustrated Gradients Buyer Persona Infographics

Do you have a good idea of how your customers look like and what their interests are? Then, show that buyer persona in an infographic, such as the ones included in this template. Being a powerful marketing resource for business, you can make it even more useful by adding illustrations...

Doodle Customer Journey map presentation template

Doodle Customer Journey map

The customer journey is the “journey” that our client makes from the moment a need arises until they solve it with the purchase of a product or service. As entrepreneurs and marketers, it is important to know this path to offer the best customer experience so that they end up...

Population Chart Infographics presentation template

Population Chart Infographics

All these charts serve one purpose: help your audience visualize statistics about the population. Whether you've conducted a market research, or you want to show some opinion polls or voting intention, you'll be able to do so with our colorful designs. Choose your preferred style among flat, fill or linear,...

Flat KPI infographics presentation template

Flat KPI infographics

Before establishing your strategies and actions you have to be very clear about your business objective. Once you have this analysis, you can decide what actions will help you achieve that goal. And when you have developed them, the first thing you should do is define what the KPIs are,...

Isometric Customer Journey Map presentation template

Isometric Customer Journey Map

Present like a true expert and use our infographics to show the process that a customer follows from taking an interest in your product to purchasing it. The different timelines have been designed in a way so that the resources look three-dimensional. The colors also play a part, since each...

Illustrated Linear Buyer Persona Infographics presentation template

Illustrated Linear Buyer Persona Infographics

Perhaps you know our previous buyer persona infographics? This new set is based on the linear style, so all the designs are composed of lines of different colors. Gather the data that represents your potential customers, such as age, interests, income or motivations, and let your colleagues know by showing...

Gradient Buyer Persona Infographics with Pictures presentation template

Gradient Buyer Persona Infographics with Pictures

To maximize the amount of information that your colleagues will see at a glance regarding your company's buyer persona, edit our infographics! Two things make them stand out: color gradients and photos. Your fellow marketinians will gladly appreciate helping them visualize the profile of potential customers.

Illustrated Doodle Buyer Persona Infographics presentation template

Illustrated Doodle Buyer Persona Infographics

Did you already define what is the profile of your customers? Age, interests, income, motivations? Create a buyer persona with the help of these infographics in order to represent it visually. Thanks to the designs made of doodles, you'll be greeted by the smiles of all the attendees.

A/B Testing Infographics presentation template

A/B Testing Infographics

Do you work in digital marketing? Then you'll be familiarized with the A/B testing methodology. How about showing the results to the rest of the team in a easily understandable way? Our infographics can help you make comparisons of the data you've gathered. The choice of diagrams is quite varied....

Market Research Infographics presentation template

Market Research Infographics

After conducting market research, you should list the data as clearly as possible so your team is able to make the best decision. To help you, we've designed these infographics, featuring lots of percentages. The layouts are varied, ranging from bar or radial charts to cycle diagrams.

Linear Dashboard Infographics presentation template

Linear Dashboard Infographics

Understanding big blocks of information can be hard, but how about you represent it in the form of a dashboard? Make use of our designs now to do so! All our slides have been designed in a linear style, meaning the shapes have no fill color. Bar graphs, pie charts,...

Mobile App Dashboard Infographics presentation template

Mobile App Dashboard Infographics

Do you want to be original when presenting information? Infographics are a powerful resource, but how about showing your data like if it were in a mobile app's dashboard? Complete with gauges, icons, gradients and silhouettes of cellphones, these designs will convey visually all the numbers, stats and key performance...

SEO Report Infographics presentation template

SEO Report Infographics

How optimized is your website for search engines? Did the number of visits increase last month? Display your metrics and results as visually attractive as possible with these infographics. The designs range from pie charts and radial charts to pyramid diagrams and circle diagrams. The graphs are editable too, with...