Marketing Infographics Presentation templates

Anticipate and satisfy your customers' needs creating marketing infographics with your own information! Get ready to get more and more clients showing your data and information with great diagrams!

Buyer persona infographics presentation template

Buyer persona infographics

Do you know your buyers? Analyzing your buyer persona is a vital part of any business. With this template we give you all the resources so that you can define them visually and recognize them at a glance. Help yourself with tables, graphs, icons and avatars to explain tastes, demographic...

Flat Dashboard Infographics presentation template

Flat Dashboard Infographics

Showing your data in a visual way is key to understanding the info in a suitable way. Make use of our dashboards now to do so! Have a look at these flat steps, blocks, bar and pie charts, maps, budgets and result slides. They include many sections and are perfect...

Creativity Infographics presentation template

Creativity Infographics

Bring your presentation to life with these original and colorful infographics that will help you explain creative processes from start to finish. Use it for brainstorming, compiling and organizing ideas. It includes several options with boxes and pie, line or ladder charts, among others. There will be no project that...

Infographics for Tips presentation template

Infographics for Tips

We’ve got a tip for you: use infographics to illustrate your own tips. Customize our set of designs and insert actual text that can be useful for your audience. We’re providing mostly flat-colored illustrations, but there are also some hand-drawn elements. We’ve opted for a variety of different topics so...

Gaming Infographics presentation template

Gaming Infographics

Join Slidesgo in this new release: a set of infographics about gaming. All of our colorful designs revolve around gamers, gamepads, directional buttons, lifebars and consoles. Is your pitch about technology or e-sports? You won’t go wrong then! Most of the shapes are circles, squares or rectangles, and everything is...

Linear KPI Infographics presentation template

Linear KPI Infographics

There’s always a visual aid that helps you explain large amounts of information in a faster way: infographics. These graphs, maps and charts have been designed in a linear style (meaning they have no fill), and are intended for representing KPIs, or key performance indicators. If you need to give...

Nature Infographics presentation template

Nature Infographics

Is your pitch related to nature, sustainability or ecology in any way? Then how about you present some compelling data in a visual manner? Our infographics are a good choice, since all their designs, including maps, timelines and tables, have been created just for these kinds of topics. And the...

6 Concepts Infographics presentation template

6 Concepts Infographics

How many populated continents are there in the world? Six! That is the exact number of elements you will find in these infographics. Not five, not seven. Use the different timelines and diagrams to display a process consisting of exactly six steps, or compare six pieces of data, or detail...

UI/UX Infographics presentation template

UI/UX Infographics

All the editable infographics included in this new set we’ve just released look like the interface of a program, or elements that could be a part of an interface. A lot of different diagrams, charts and designs have been added, expanding the amount of choices. Apart from flat and fill,...

Gradient KPI Infographics presentation template

Gradient KPI Infographics

Show on your slides all the information obtained through key performance indicators or KPIs and let your colleagues make sense of it thanks to these free infographics. The main attraction point of this set is the use of gradients in all the designs. Lots of maps, charts and columns are...

Doodle Budget Infographics presentation template

Doodle Budget Infographics

A new set of infographics has just been created for people who want to explain the budget allocation to their colleagues and need to do so in a visual way. With pie charts, tables, comparison tables and diagrams designed in doodle style, your presentation will have a unique look. Isn’t...

Linear Flowchart Infographics presentation template

Linear Flowchart Infographics

Flowcharts are representations of a process or a workflow, and we know that including one in your presentations can be a good idea. All the designs are in linear style, which means that shapes have no color fill, only stroke. Give them a try!

Marketing Models Infographics presentation template

Marketing Models Infographics

This pack of infographics is intended for marketing gurus. We propose several ways of representing data within several well-known frameworks in marketing. If “PESTLE”, “SWOT” or “7S” sound familiar to you, do not hesitate to download this template and start editing the contents with some campaign results or analyses!

Doodle Marketing Infographics presentation template

Doodle Marketing Infographics

Innovation and the surprise factor are two valuable resources in marketing. Visually convey your ideas, concepts or data by using these free editable infographics. All of them have been designed using doodles, a graphic style that is gaining popularity with time. Bar charts, pie charts, pyramids, blocks of text, banners—you’re...

Brainstorming Infographics presentation template

Brainstorming Infographics

Since brainstorming is a common practice in many companies, especially in marketing and advertising, Slidesgo has designed a series of infographics to help users reflect all their ideas and proposals in a single diagram. Illustrations of brains and lightbulbs are also supplied, as well as different graphic styles, such as...

Product Overview Infographics presentation template

Product Overview Infographics

Wouldn’t it be easier if a product was shown along with its features so the audience has all the info at a glance? Well, these infographics just do that! We’ve made designs that use flat illustrations of laptops, cars, tools, home appliances, books… We’re sure this can be a great...

Campaign Planning presentation template

Campaign Planning

Keep your colleagues up to date with the development of a campaign and help them visualize the different stages and the status of each one. Not only timelines will work for this, but also some donut charts, gauges or colored blocks of text—and we’ve included all of this.

Customer Satisfaction Infographics presentation template

Customer Satisfaction Infographics

This new set of infographics are a mainstay of a lot of presentations. Why? Because they depict customer satisfaction data. Choose from the variety of designs, use the colors to your advantage and visually convey what people think of your business, product, organization, medical center, school… Edit them and aim...