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Discover our engaging Google Slides and PowerPoint slides full of infographics to present your information or data clearly and quickly!

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Goyang International Flower Festival Infographics presentation template

Goyang International Flower Festival Infographics

Did you attend the Goyang International Flower Festival? Did you also download our template dedicated to it? Then, if you were wishing for more, we're happy to oblige! This is a set of infographics whose style is similar to the mentioned template, so you'll find lots of flowers as part...

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Gender Infographics presentation template

Gender Infographics

Learning new concepts is easier with visual resources. That’s why if you’re a teacher that wants to explain your students the difference between things like gender identity, sexual orientation and biological sex, this template is perfect for you. This presentation includes lots of infographic resources about the LGTBI+ community and...

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Early Childhood Center Infographics presentation template

Early Childhood Center Infographics

As an educator, you most probably already know that the best way of learning new things is through visual information. That’s why using this set of infographics to present your early childhood center is the perfect way of attracting new clients! The resources we have prepared have eye-catching colors and...

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Law Center Infographics presentation template

Law Center Infographics

You have the right to... create awesome presentations! In the past, we released a template called "Law Center", and this set of infographics is a nice addition to it, since the infographics, tables, graphs and diagrams mimic the style found in that presentation. If you wanted to provide more specific...

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Superheroes Infographics presentation template

Superheroes Infographics

They fight for justice, they get rid of the baddies and they have the power... to convey complex data in a easier way! These superheroes have come to Slidesgo to boost these editable infographics so that they have the ability to show information visually. There are graphs, timelines, steps and...

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Pedagogical Education Infographics presentation template

Pedagogical Education Infographics

Perhaps you might remember our template called "Pedagogical Education" and its cute and funny illustrations and its colorful nature. It looked great on the screen! This set of infographics is designed as an extra, meaning all the slides have a similar style to the one found in the aforementioned presentation....

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Family Infographics presentation template

Family Infographics

Do you want to share some ideas about how to spend time in family? This set of infographics offers you some ideas and layouts that are ready to edit... and insert into your own presentation! Some of them have illustrations and icons of members of a family to make everything...

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Elementary Class Organizer Infographics presentation template

Elementary Class Organizer Infographics

If you have enjoyed our presentation called "Elementary Class Organizer" and found it useful for your job as a teacher, here's the perfect addition to it! This set of infographics has a similar style, so you'll probably like again the colorful nature of the slides included, the brushstrokes and the...

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Video Game Pitch Deck Infographics presentation template

Video Game Pitch Deck Infographics

Have you seen our template Video Game Pitch Deck? This new set of infographics is kind of like a DLC: it has more resources and designs that are to be used in that presentation. The design is similar, it has futuristic vibes and combines neon blue with a dark background:...

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Survival Kit Infographics presentation template

Survival Kit Infographics

What do you need to survive in the wilds? Did you bring your backpack with everything? Wait, you're missing something... this set of editable infographics! These designs will save you from boring presentations, since these infographics, graphs, diagrams, timelines and more will turn long pieces of data into something more...

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Flat Style Disease Infographics presentation template

Flat Style Disease Infographics

If you use the infographics included this new template and edit them so that you later add them to your medical presentations, you can raise awareness about a disease and help people prevent it. We have created it using the flat style, which means the colors are solid. There are...

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Magic Tricks Infographics presentation template

Magic Tricks Infographics

You have some complex data that you need to show to your audience and explain. And, magically, they suddenly start to understand everything! That's because you've used these editable infographics in your slideshow! When you have diagrams, timelines and tables with illustrations of magicians and magic tricks, the illusion turns...

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Staying Hydrated Benefits Infographics presentation template

Staying Hydrated Benefits Infographics

Water is the source of life, that’s why it’s so important. Do you have information about this important liquid that you want to share and you don’t know how? Then you’ve come to the right place. Let us help you convince everyone to stay hydrated with these infographics that we...

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Korean Language School Center Infographics presentation template

Korean Language School Center Infographics

Getting new students to join your Korean lessons will be an easy task with this set of infographics, you only must use them to illustrate your data and they will be instantly convinced to start learning the language! The style of these infographics is cute, they have pastel colours and...

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Trains Infographics presentation template

Trains Infographics

Organise your train of thought with these amazing infographics about trains! Is this fast and strong your favourite way of transport? Then you will love these resources. Use them to give all the information you want in a visual and understandable way. We know there’s endless facts to know about...

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Geometric Animals Infographics presentation template

Geometric Animals Infographics

Everyone loves animals, they are wonders of nature. Are you planning to give a presentation about them? Then these infographics are exactly what your slides need. They illustrate different kinds of animals and help visualize lots of data in an easy and comprehensible way. In this template we have also...

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Clinical Case in Neurology Infographics presentation template

Clinical Case in Neurology Infographics

Not so long ago, we published a presentation template about a Clinical Case in Neurology, does it ring a bell? Well, we thought that there is no better way to comprehend such complicated information than with infographics. This field of medicine is one of the most complicated and explaining data...

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Traffic Signs Infographics presentation template

Traffic Signs Infographics

Turn right. Caution, bridge ahead. You might think this sounds like rally pacenotes, but actually we're talking about traffic signs! These new infographics integrate different roads and signs into the designs. Graphs, diagrams, roadmaps, timelines and more are together here to offer you unique visual representations of data. You can...