Infographics Presentation templates

Discover our engaging Google Slides and PowerPoint slides full of infographics to present your information or data clearly and quickly!

Pollution Infographics presentation template

Pollution Infographics

A picture (or infographics, in this case) is worth a thousand words. To talk about pollution and the risks it poses to health, our designs will come in handy. With many different styles and a variable number of elements per slide, you can get an educational piece of information that...

Product Overview Infographics presentation template

Product Overview Infographics

Wouldn’t it be easier if a product was shown along with its features so the audience has all the info at a glance? Well, these infographics just do that! We’ve made designs that use flat illustrations of laptops, cars, tools, home appliances, books… We’re sure this can be a great...

Campaign Planning presentation template

Campaign Planning

Keep your colleagues up to date with the development of a campaign and help them visualize the different stages and the status of each one. Not only timelines will work for this, but also some donut charts, gauges or colored blocks of text—and we’ve included all of this.

Thermometer Infographics presentation template

Thermometer Infographics

Is the temperature going up or down? Use this concept to your advantage and represent a status, comparisons, sequences or other data. Our infographics contain illustrations, as well as flat or filled elements. There are some maps included too which can come in handy!

Gradient Medical Infographics presentation template

Gradient Medical Infographics

Make your health-related presentations much more appealing to the eye with these infographics. All of the elements integrated into the designs, such as thermometers, microscopes, pills and organs of the body have a gradient effect. Doctors, this is your chance to shine in a congress or in an informative slideshow!

E-Commerce Infographics presentation template

E-Commerce Infographics

Describe and explain online purchases, data about e-stores and various forms of e-commerce and devices that make all of this possible. All this information will look great as an infographic, right? Here you have different kinds of charts, timelines and, in general, ways of representing all about online shopping!

Doodle Resume Infographics presentation template

Doodle Resume Infographics

If you’re looking for a job and want to impress your recruiters, list your skills and visually show your experience and studies in a slideshow. These cool infographics will do the job to perfection! We’ve opted for a doodle style—that’s right, the illustrations and elements of each design look as...

City Infographics presentation template

City Infographics

For these infographics, the main topic is the city, its landscapes, buildings and streets. Insert them into your presentations and adapt them to show qualitative and/or quantitative data. Choose a design, including bar charts, roadmaps, pie charts and banners, and set out on the road to success!

Customer Satisfaction Infographics presentation template

Customer Satisfaction Infographics

This new set of infographics are a mainstay of a lot of presentations. Why? Because they depict customer satisfaction data. Choose from the variety of designs, use the colors to your advantage and visually convey what people think of your business, product, organization, medical center, school… Edit them and aim...

Market Segmentation Infographics presentation template

Market Segmentation Infographics

Know your market a bit better and adapt your marketing strategies and products to your potential buyers with the help of these infographics. There are many kinds of designs here—including radial graphs, cycle charts and pyramid diagrams—and a colorful palette to effectively show the market segmentation to the rest of...

Awards Infographics presentation template

Awards Infographics

And the winner is… you! Present some awards by customizing these infographics, carefully designed for this purpose in particular. Each one of the designs has illustrations of trophies, medals or badges, and they contain several elements per page, so you can include runner-ups and special mentions too. Let the ceremony...

3D Rings presentation template

3D Rings

What you’ll find in this template is a nice set of ring-shaped infographics with a 3D effect that simulates depth. These are useful for business presentations where data must be shown clearly and understood by the audience at a glance.

Flat Design Letters presentation template

Flat Design Letters

Slidesgo is back with a set of infographics where flat-styled letters are represented. You could adapt them for use in educational presentations or you could convey key concepts or ideas by means of a big letter. Give them a try and enjoy something different!

Patient Care Infographics presentation template

Patient Care Infographics

Here’s a set of different medical-oriented infographics meant to show symptoms, treatments and preventive care. The variety of designs is astonishing, so you can talk about blood, the lungs, fever, the colon, the eyes, dental care and many other topics. Choose the one that suits your presentation!

Statistics & Results presentation template

Statistics & Results

Go ahead and include some statistics and the results of a campaign or a sales program by customizing these clean-cut infographics. We’ve got timelines, processes, steps, Gantt diagrams, maps and tons of percentages. Even some of the designs simulate a 3D effect. Understanding numeric data couldn’t be easier than this!

Square Infographics presentation template

Square Infographics

Squares are shapes that are tied to order, good organization, symmetry. With these infographics, you can visually explain concepts and compare items with ease. Some designs borrow elements from calendars, processes and pricing tables, apart from other usual graphs, such as cycle diagrams or Gantt charts.

Mekko Chart Infographics presentation template

Mekko Chart Infographics

Mekko charts, also known as mosaic plots, are visual representations of data by using stacks of tiles in different colors. Some of our designs give more leeway and are combined with other types of graphs, such as bar charts. You’ll find borderless tiles, others with stroke and even hand-drawn elements.

Traffic Lights Infographics presentation template

Traffic Lights Infographics

Ready to have some exciting slides in your presentations? Go! These infographics contain traffic lights, which you can then use to compare data or talk about the status of any process (use the colors as indicators!). Flat, filled, isometric and even doodle designs are provided here!