Infographics Presentation templates

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July 2021 Monthly Planner Infographics presentation template

July 2021 Monthly Planner Infographics

If you liked our previous monthly planners of 2021, then you'll be glad to know that we're releasing more! This new pack revolves around July, and the design of the thirty different options included is more colorful now! Apart from being able to insert your own notes and reminders, the...

Smart Goals infographics presentation template

Smart Goals infographics

To achieve your objectives you should have smart goals, they need to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. Using these infographics you can set them to help focus your efforts and increase the chances of success. They are shown as blocks, graphics, pie charts, timelines... and best of...

Root Cause Analysis Infographics presentation template

Root Cause Analysis Infographics

Are you familiar with the term "root cause analysis"? It's a popular problem-solving method and now, thanks to these editable infographics, you'll be able to represent it in a visual way. Appearing as diagrams, blocks of text, graphs and more, you can edit the contents to your liking and make...

June 2021 Monthly Planner Infographics presentation template

June 2021 Monthly Planner Infographics

Having the foresight to plan ahead your tasks, duties and appointments shows that you like to be organized. This means this new set of infographics is just for you! Around thirty different calendar designs of June 2021 are included here, ready to be edited and customized. You can even copy...

February 2021 Monthly Planner presentation template

February 2021 Monthly Planner

February 2021 is just around the corner! Our newest set of infographics is actually a pack of calendars of this month, complete with notes, markers and other resources. The styles chosen are flat, semi-flat and doodle, which means you have quite the variety! Choose your preferred design and start organizing...

April 2021 Planner Infographics presentation template

April 2021 Planner Infographics

This new release is very simple: a collection of slides useful for planning your activities for April 2021. They come in the form of calendars, each one with its own design. Some of them contain extra resources—notes are always a nice addition whenever you need to remember something! Choose the...

Map of United Arab Empirates Infographics presentation template

Map of United Arab Empirates Infographics

Do you know how many emirates there are in the United Arab Emirates? Well, maybe your audience doesn't! We're releasing today a set of infographic maps of this country, whose rapidly-emerging economy means it's a hot topic for business or marketing. Edit our designs, add them to your slideshows and...

Illustrated Gradients Buyer Persona Infographics presentation template

Illustrated Gradients Buyer Persona Infographics

Do you have a good idea of how your customers look like and what their interests are? Then, show that buyer persona in an infographic, such as the ones included in this template. Being a powerful marketing resource for business, you can make it even more useful by adding illustrations...

Map of Malaysia Infographics presentation template

Map of Malaysia Infographics

If you have been looking for maps of Malaysia for some time and weren't satisfied, have a look at this set of infographics! There are thirty different designs, each one with its set of resources, such as percentages or blocks of text. Ranging from flat and dotted to hand-drawn, the...

Map of Turkey Infographics presentation template

Map of Turkey Infographics

Our category of infographic maps keeps growing and growing! Today, we're releasing this set of maps of Turkey, a transcontinental country between Europe and Asia. To better engage your audience, it's always great to show data visually, and if you need to explain data related to this nation, it's much...

Map of Germany Infographics presentation template

Map of Germany Infographics

Germany, being one of the most relevant countries in Europe and in the EU, can be the topic of your study. Whenever you need to talk about its culture, its population, its regions or its weather, download this template and adapt the maps of this nation (and its accompanying infographics)...

Map of South Africa Infographics presentation template

Map of South Africa Infographics

Slidesgo keeps visiting new places—well, at least in the form of templates. This set of infographics contains maps of South Africa and its provinces, accompanied by various resources, such as icons, blocks of text, indicators, gauges and percentages. Don't miss out on this opportunity to explain data about this country...

Map of Finland Infographics presentation template

Map of Finland Infographics

Do you love Finland? Or do you need to explain some concepts or data about this country? Worry no more, for Slidesgo is bringing you this new template, containing 30 different designs with maps of this nation along with infographic resources. From flat to fill, have a look at the...

Map of Egypt Infographics presentation template

Map of Egypt Infographics

If we name Egypt, surely its world-famous pyramids will immediately come to your mind. In addition to that, the African country stands out for its great history, which you can transmit to your students thanks to these map infographics. In it you have different formats to help you structure the...

Map of Russia Infographics presentation template

Map of Russia Infographics

We all know Russia for the cold weather and vodka. And the truth is that there is a lot to discover about this country, the largest of the world. These map infographics allow you to delve into Russian culture in a different and visual way. Its style is flat and...

Map of Croatia Infographics presentation template

Map of Croatia Infographics

Whether you are a geography teacher or you work in business, with this Map of Croatia Infographics template you can explain the data they need about the European country. It is flat and linear in style. Its graphics in different formats allow you to choose among different options to display...

Canada map infographics presentation template

Canada map infographics

Looking for resources to present data on Canada? This template will help you. It has a wide variety of flat-style map infographics and maps by regions that will be useful to highlight the information related to each one. You can talk about percentages, means of transport, main economic activities or...

Tachometer infographics presentation template

Tachometer infographics

Tachometers are an instrument used to count revolutions. We are used to seeing them on car dashboards, and at Slidesgo we wanted to design a template with tachometer infographics in flat style and gradient. It is a creative way of presenting marketing data, such as the phases of your strategy,...