Holidays Presentation templates

Download free Holiday templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint to give a vacation feeling to your presentation. Customize them at will with the easy-to-edit graphic resources at your disposal.

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US Reconciliation Day presentation template
Download 389

US Reconciliation Day

April 2 is the date when Reconciliation Day is celebrated in the United States. It's a day to patch difficult relationships and make amends between people. Now you can talk about this topic in front of an audience with the help of this new template by Slidesgo. To make it...

Happy Holi Colorful Festival presentation template
Download 6,131

Happy Holi Colorful Festival

Holi festival, also known as spring festival or festival of colors, is one of the most important dates in India, celebrating the arrival of spring and the end of winter. It begins on the last full moon of March and lasts until the following day. This festival also signifies the...

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International Day of Happiness presentation template
Download 24,539

International Day of Happiness

Did you know that there is an International Day of Happiness? Yes, there is! It is celebrated every year on March 20, since 2013. Being happy is one of the main goals as human beings, and there are a multitude of factors that influence it. For example, did you know...

Luck of the Irish! presentation template
Download 3,057

Luck of the Irish!

Have you already prepared your marketing campaign for St. Patrick's Day? There's still time! Download this editable template with a green background, inspired by this Irish holiday, and take advantage of this special date to run a raffle or contest with your customers. Think about what defines you and differentiates...

Let's Celebrate Starkbierfest presentation template
Download 1,295

Let's Celebrate Starkbierfest

This new template is a festive one, but only for people of legal age, since it's focused on Starkbierfest, or the "strong beer festival", celebrated in Germany. Talk about the history and the traditions with the help of our slides, which alternate the colors orange and brown. Of course, the...

Las Fallas of Valencia presentation template
Download 1,683

Las Fallas of Valencia

If there is a typical festival in Valencia that is Las Fallas. They take place in March and it consists of the burning of the falleros monuments in the streets, preceded by a fireworks performance. It has become a tourist attraction that you can inform about with this cartoon style...

Peru Travel Tour presentation template
Download 5,212

Peru Travel Tour

Did you know that in Peru there are almost a hundred different microclimates? Undoubtedly, it is one of the most interesting countries in Latin America. To explore it well, it is essential to have a good travel guide, like this one we propose in Slidesgo. Help your agency or web...

Ceremonial Speech presentation template
Download 7,036

Ceremonial Speech

Making a speech is a big responsibility for which a little bit of help is always welcome. With this Slidesgo template you can create a workshop on the different types of speeches and ideas for each one. Its design is creative, with cartoon style illustrations and photos. The background is...

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Chuseok Festivity presentation template
Download 3,060

Chuseok Festivity

Chuseok means 'Autumn eve', and is a harvest festival that takes place in Corea on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. It is also known as Hangawi. During three days they celebrate sharing traditional food, like songpyeon. Interesting, isn't it? If you want to prepare...

Brazilian Carnival Season presentation template
Download 3,877

Brazilian Carnival Season

If there's a carnival that stands out and is famous almost worldwide is the Rio Carnival. Get this festive template and give a presentation on this matter. Rest assured, the resources will help you a lot: masks, maracas, banners, dancers and many more illustrations are waiting for you in these...

International Mother Language Day presentation template
Download 5,081

International Mother Language Day

In this globalized world, cultural diversity is, fortunately, much and much more of an accepted reality, so UNESCO announced the Mother Language Day, an annual observance on February 21. So of course Slidesgo had to create a template about it! With cartoony characters and lots of maps on the background,...

Travel the World Agency presentation template
Download 11,689

Travel the World Agency

Nowadays, traveling has become one of the most attractive hobbies, that's why we bring you this new presentation with professional slides and a simple design where you can show your customers who you are, your evolution and promote your services. The best choice to make your travel agency grow and...

Vasant Panchami Festivity presentation template
Download 9,126

Vasant Panchami Festivity

Have you ever heard of a festivity called Vasant Panchami? Hindu people celebrate it, and it's mainly the announcement of the preparations for spring. You can download now this template and have a slideshow ready in case you need to talk in front of an audience about this topic. In...

Colorful Love Letters presentation template
Download 17,514

Colorful Love Letters

If you have something beautiful to say to your soul mate, but words can't come out, try writing a love letter! Our new template has lots of different designs with which you can express your feelings and show your love for that special one. Get this cute pack now and...

Valentine's Season presentation template
Download 20,078

Valentine's Season

Valentine's Day and marketing are, believe it or not, closely tied! Lots of brands aim to send one message or another for this day, so why don't you try this template and create yours? Its main features are the pictures of lovers, the doodles on the backgrounds and a script...

Japan's National Foundation Day presentation template
Download 11,791

Japan's National Foundation Day

Long time ago, on a February 11, the first Japanese emperor ascended the throne, and every year the National Foundation Day is celebrated. This thematic template is as Japanese-inspired as it gets. Photos, illustrations and patterns, all inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun, and a set of infographics...

Chinese New Year Cards presentation template
Download 6,977

Chinese New Year Cards

Interested in wishing your family and friends a happy Chinese New Year with more originality than ever before? Try using one of the cards included in this template! These have been beautifully designed and illustrated using Chinese-themed imagery. As you've probably guessed, the ox is the true star of our...

Year of the Ox Campaign presentation template
Download 9,821

Year of the Ox Campaign

On February 12 the Chinese people will enter a new year, the year of the ox! There's still time to market your campaign properly, and with this template you can reach your target audience with ease. You'll find a lot of Chinese imagery in the slides, and the backgrounds have...