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Delirious Pitch Deck presentation template

Delirious Pitch Deck

Here at Slidesgo we have a huge selection of templates for pitch decks, helping you in the difficult task of attracting investors. Would you like to try our newest one? Its name, "Delirious Pitch Deck", is just a reference to the series of wavy shapes that you'll find inside. It's...

Korean Style Portfolio presentation template

Korean Style Portfolio

Here at Slidesgo we like to design templates for portfolios: it's a great way of showing your work to everyone who's interested. This one is very cool and a bit elegant, with some minimalist elements. You'll have no problems adding your data, such as experience, education or skills. We've added...

Language Arts Subject for High School - 9th Grade: Reading presentation template

Language Arts Subject for High School - 9th Grade: Reading

Slidesgo keeps increasing the amount of educational templates for subjects, such as language arts. This elegant design makes use of blue backgrounds, an ornamental frame for the slides and a combination of a serif font for titles and a sans-serif one for body text. Edit its contents to your liking...

Raggash Lines CV presentation template

Raggash Lines CV

Capturing the attention of recruiters is essential to achieve your goal of finding a new job. For this we have created this eye-catching resume, minimalist in style. The black background brings seriousness, professionalism and elegance, as well as the black and white image, while the yellow lines add a touch...

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Electric Consulting Toolkit presentation template

Electric Consulting Toolkit

What is the current current in design and presentations? Puns aside, we have created a new template for consultants or people who work in the business sector, containing a great amount of slides for many purposes, including Ansoff growth matrices, pricing strategies, business plans and many more. It plays around...

LGBT+ Community Meeting presentation template

LGBT+ Community Meeting

Need to prepare a meeting on LGBT+ topics? Check out this colorful template, with which everyone will feel represented. It combines different eye-catching tones that will help grab your audience's attention. It also has a modern and simple style, with thick stroke typography for titles and thin stroke for texts....

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Watercolor Texture presentation template

Watercolor Texture

One way or the other, astrology is part of our lives. It was even present in medicine centuries ago! Today, we use it, together with horoscopes, to know about our idiosyncrasy, our past, present and future. Use this cute template with watercolor skies and reveal the will of the gods!

Aqua Marketing Plan presentation template

Aqua Marketing Plan

For those times when a marketing plan needs to cause an impact, trust this template. You'll see instantly how appealing the watercolor details are when contemplating these slides. This design can be the perfect choice if your message has to do with water or the environment!

Kawaii Interface for Marketing presentation template

Kawaii Interface for Marketing

Do you know the kawaii concept? It emerged in Japan in the 1960s, and it is a design style that evokes tenderness. We have been inspired by it to create this template that simulates a computer interface, with a grid background and a nice pastel orange color, which will add...

Elegant Education Pack for Students presentation template

Elegant Education Pack for Students

The way in which we study has changed drastically in the last year, that's why we need to be more organized than ever. In Slidesgo we want to help your students and have designed this elegant template full of resources for your classes. We added everything you could possibly ask...

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Simple Blackboard Background presentation template

Simple Blackboard Background

Wipe off the chalkboard and get ready to prepare your classes! Write your ideas, draw some doodles and put your thinking cap on with this cool template for Google Slides and PowerPoint.

Minimalist Aesthetic Slideshow presentation template

Minimalist Aesthetic Slideshow

When you combine a minimalist design with abstract shapes and a palette composed of pastel colors, you get a successful result. This template has all of the aforementioned, plus an elegant typography and some icons of plants. It's quite unique and works for any topic, so give it a try!


Back to School: Info for Parents & Students Infographics presentation template

Back to School: Info for Parents & Students Infographics

A new school year is starting and there is a lot of information to share with parents and students. To make it easier and more enjoyable we have prepared these infographics, whose background simulates a blackboard. In addition, both the typography of the titles and the doodle drawings seem to...

Medical Planners Infographics presentation template

Medical Planners Infographics

With all the information available in the field of medicine and huge amounts of work, perhaps you need a little help when it comes to keeping things organized. This set of infographics is to be used as extra resources for planners, which means you'll find calendars, notes, timetables, and more....

LGBT+ Infographics presentation template

LGBT+ Infographics

If you are preparing a presentation in which you need to explain the different sexual orientations, in which countries gay marriage is approved or any other LGBT-related topic, this infographic template will become your best ally. The design is colorful, inspired by the rainbow flag, and we have included different...

Chemistry Lesson Infographics presentation template

Chemistry Lesson Infographics

How many atoms of oxygen and hydrogen are in water? If you know the answer, perhaps you like chemistry! Here you have this new set of infographics for lessons, just in case you want to represent some concepts visually. Thanks to the doodle aspect of the illustrations, the diagrams and...

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Weekly Schedules Infographics presentation template

Weekly Schedules Infographics

Your weekly schedule might be full of appointments or activities, so let us help you keep things organized! These infographics are totally editable and their variety of designs will allow you to write notes and memos of all the things you need to remember. They are very colorful and range...

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Linear Grid Newsletter Infographics presentation template

Linear Grid Newsletter Infographics

Do you want your employee newsletter to become the most read in the industry? Then you have to give it an original touch and make it as enjoyable as possible. This infographic template from Slidesgo will help you. It has a computer interface design and eye-catching yellow, pink, green and...

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How to Modify a Graph in Our Templates | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

How to Modify a Graph in Our Templates

One of the advantages of using Slidesgo templates is that they include editable graphs. This makes it easier for you to edit and customize the presentation and you will not waste time thinking about how to represent your data.If you would like to edit these charts easily and get the...

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How to change the background image and color in Google Slides | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

How to change the background image and color in Google Slides

In any presentation there are two fundamental components: the design and the content. Part of the design is the background you choose for your presentation. This has a significant weight, since with the image or color you select you will be conveying your personal style or that of your brand....

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How to Change Background Image and Color in PowerPoint | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

How to Change Background Image and Color in PowerPoint

When creating a presentation, the background image takes on special relevance, as it is able to convey different emotions, as well as it can play an important role in the readability of the text. That is why this aspect must be taken care of as much as the content itself.In...

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