Education Presentation templates

Manage your lessons and workshops or present a master’s thesis with these free Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates. There’s no better visual aid for teachers and students alike.

Teletext Style Workshop presentation template

Teletext Style Workshop

Remember teletext? Today it seems like a thing of the past, but at the time it was something totally innovative. Well, we have based ourselves on it to create this workshop template. It has a retro style, with a design that simulates that of a teletext. The background is black,...

Foreign Languages Subject for Middle School: French presentation template

Foreign Languages Subject for Middle School: French

It's time to learn French! With this great Google Slides and PowerPoint template you can introduce your students to the exciting world of French. Created for the first levels of French lessons, your young students will be able to learn the numbers, the days of the week, how to introduce...

Virtual School presentation template

Virtual School

We all went to school when we were young, but nowadays distance learning and virtual classrooms are becoming more popular. Do you have an academy or a learning center whose lessons are taught exclusively online? Then you can promote your different courses with this template. The palette combines gray and...

Master the Yo-Yo! presentation template

Master the Yo-Yo!

Are you a yo-yo expert? Taking advantage of the fact that June 6 is the international day of this toy, you could create a workshop to teach others how to use it. This template that we have created at Slidesgo will fit you like a glove. It has a colorful...

City Planning College Major presentation template

City Planning College Major

Have you already decided what will you major in? Whenever you see a land plot, you imagine a nice residential area? Perhaps city planning is your innate talent! Think of this new template as your blueprints where you can design your own slides and tell potential students what the benefits...

Dark Chrome Design Thesis presentation template

Dark Chrome Design Thesis

The defense of your thesis is a crucial moment in which you show the committee what you've been working on for years. Not only has it to be informative, but also interesting to everyone watching. Let us help you with the design: here's a template in which we've used textured...

Work-Life Balance Thesis Defense presentation template

Work-Life Balance Thesis Defense

In order to have a productive life, both at home and at your workplace, you must attain a work-life balance. Do you need a presentation to talk about this matter, and more specifically during a thesis defense or similar? You'll be glad to use this template, because eye-catching it is!...

Astrophysics Lesson for College presentation template

Astrophysics Lesson for College

Are you an astrophysics professor at university? Would you like to prepare a different class? Take a look at this proposal we have created at Slidesgo. It has a black background, which combines very well with the yellow of the texts, to which, by the way, we have put a...

Manato Notebook Planners for Students presentation template

Manato Notebook Planners for Students

You don't need to go to the stationery shop to get some planners or notebooks—you have this template, which acts as one and is digital! Look at the backgrounds: they're textured! We've added many examples of timetables, schedules, to-do lists and other compositions that will inspire you to start editing....

Ice Skating Center presentation template

Ice Skating Center

Would you like to learn how to skate on ice? Perhaps you've seen it on TV and thought that it would be cool to try it. With this template, you can promote your ice rink, especially if you offer courses or classes to people willing to learn. The palette is...

Social Studies & History Subject for Middle School - 6th Grade: World History presentation template

Social Studies & History Subject for Middle School - 6th Grade: World History

History is one of the most amazing things to study! Imagine if we could all understand what happened in the Earth centuries ago, how we used to live, how our houses used to look, how the relationships between us were… If you’re passionate about this subject, you’ll transmit it to...

Biotechnology Master Degree presentation template

Biotechnology Master Degree

Who could have thought some years ago that biotechnology would be a thing today? This is a modern template that can be used to tell potential students what they can learn by enroling in your college. Grainy textures, several photos and a geometric design, three features to grab attention as...

Adult Style Lesson for High School presentation template

Adult Style Lesson for High School

If you are a high school teacher you will know how hard it is to keep your students' attention. Surprise them with this modern style presentation and make your class their favorite. It has a red background that will catch their eyes right away, and a black frame that adds...

Simple Geometry Lesson for Middle School presentation template

Simple Geometry Lesson for Middle School

If you have fun while learning, you'll be more keen to remember the lesson! This new template is for teachers of middle school who want to turn their geometry classes into something more interesting for their students. Yes, since it's meant to be fun, we've added some smiling geometrical shapes...

Brutalist Palette Style Thesis presentation template

Brutalist Palette Style Thesis

You have finished your research and you are just one step away from getting your PhD. Let us help you with the design of your presentation. If you are looking to impress the thesis committee, take a look at this template. It has a modern style and abstract design, with...

Law Major for College presentation template

Law Major for College

A degree in law is perfect for those who dream of social justice, equality and defending the rights of people. Do you want to make more potential students interested in your study program? Then, use this thematic template we have designed in Slidesgo to inspire your audience to join law...

Friendly College and University Listings presentation template

Friendly College and University Listings

After so many years of studying and preparing, the time has finally come. It’s time to go to college! But wait, there are so many to choose from, the options are almost endless… why not present the best ones in this template? That sounds like an amazing idea! We have...

Preparing Your Students for College Admissions presentation template

Preparing Your Students for College Admissions

Going to college is a big step for some—they begin the studies that will grant them a degree, and later access to a job or to even higher education. Let's not panic! Use this template to help them prepare for college admissions. If you want them to listen to you,...