Education Presentation templates

Manage your lessons and workshops or present a master’s thesis with these free Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates. There’s no better visual aid for teachers and students alike.

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Law Lesson presentation template

Law Lesson

We believe in the uses of technology in education, so that’s why we thought of creating a free presentation template for law lessons. This could be useful for law schools or universities, and its design is as formal and professional as this topic requires.

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Simple Blackboard Background presentation template

Simple Blackboard Background

Wipe off the chalkboard and get ready to prepare your classes! Write your ideas, draw some doodles and put your thinking cap on with this cool template for Google Slides and PowerPoint.

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Anatomy Lesson presentation template

Anatomy Lesson

The word anatomy comes from Greek (“anatomē”, which means dissection). This natural science studies the structure of the human body and their parts. It is a very complex matter: we have 640 skeletal muscles and 270 bones. That sounds like a lot! Why don’t you try our anatomy template to...

Culle Watercolor Workshop presentation template

Culle Watercolor Workshop

Get your brushes! This Workshop presentation is perfect for teaching Watercolor techniques. It’s delicate, soft and we have included different textures and stains. Make use of sections such as theoretical lessons, features, topics and practical exercises and mesmerize your students.

Elementary Digital Choice Boards presentation template

Elementary Digital Choice Boards

This versatile template is very cool and it contains many doodles. You can adapt it to your purposes, although it is perfect for education. Its sections include an overview, topic and assignment. You’ll find stickers, sheets of paper, pictures and different diagrams.

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Phone Engineering Lesson presentation template

Phone Engineering Lesson

Phones have become another accessory in our daily lives, but these devices hide a lot of technology inside. If you want to explain it to your college students we suggest you use this template for engineering class. It is modern in style, with a gray grid background and colorful illustrations....

College Pastel Notes presentation template

College Pastel Notes

Between classes, project works and studying, keeping up with everything seems difficult, especially at college level, right? Fear not, because Slidesgo has just created this template for you! To cheer you up, the first thing we came up with is bright pastel colors and many doodle-like illustrations—a fun touch is...

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Tie Dye Background Theme for Middle School presentation template

Tie Dye Background Theme for Middle School

The tie-dye technique dates from the 20th century, and we're sure you've seen it applied to T-shirts with very peculiar designs. We've tried to replicate it in the backgrounds of this template! This results in an abstract look on each slide, which leaves room for the imagination and is not...

Accounting & Finance Major for College presentation template

Accounting & Finance Major for College

Do you have an idea of what college will you attend? How about the major? This new template can be the introduction to accounting & finance, and thanks to its geometric and eye-catching design, these potential students might finally make their decision! You can explain the subjects that they'll study,...

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Social Skills Training Workshop presentation template

Social Skills Training Workshop

We humans are social creatures, so self-isolation has affected some of us a lot. Now that vaccination has become a reality, we are almost ready to go out and socialize again. However, we might find ourselves feeling awkward or not knowing how to make friends from scratch. It’s only natural,...

Social Studies & History Subject for Middle School - 6th Grade: World History presentation template

Social Studies & History Subject for Middle School - 6th Grade: World History

History is one of the most amazing things to study! Imagine if we could all understand what happened in the Earth centuries ago, how we used to live, how our houses used to look, how the relationships between us were… If you’re passionate about this subject, you’ll transmit it to...

Enrichment School Center presentation template

Enrichment School Center

When it comes to education, there are new approaches in which students broaden their knowledge and the things they learn. There are enrichment schools that offer alternative ways of learning so that kids can enhance their understanding of the topics. Promote yours with this new template, which is also rich...

Industrial Design College Major presentation template

Industrial Design College Major

Is your creative mind capable of designing objects that are going to be used by lots and lots of people? Perhaps industrial design should be your major! If you work in a college, you might want to take a look at this template to talk about this awesome degree. Most...

Developing Your Identity Workshop presentation template

Developing Your Identity Workshop

Feeling identified with a set of traits and characteristics is common to all human beings. These traits can be both physical and mental, but everyone has an identity made up of different characteristics. Our identity is what makes us unique and at the same time what makes us identify with...

City Planning College Major presentation template

City Planning College Major

Have you already decided what will you major in? Whenever you see a land plot, you imagine a nice residential area? Perhaps city planning is your innate talent! Think of this new template as your blueprints where you can design your own slides and tell potential students what the benefits...

Make Your Meetings Shine presentation template

Make Your Meetings Shine

Many people have meetings sooner or later at work (some even have multiple meetings every day!), so it doesn't sound too bad to offer a workshop on how to make your meetings shine, right? If that was your idea from the beginning, then this template will be most fitting for...

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Economics & Econometrics Major for College presentation template

Economics & Econometrics Major for College

If you want to study economics or econometrics (or both), be prepared to feel comfortable with numbers! But first, let's use this new template, which is totally customizable, to create a presentation in which you detail what this major has to offer. Watercolor effects look always great on the screen,...

HS Electives: Sociology Subject for High School - 9th Grade: Art History presentation template

HS Electives: Sociology Subject for High School - 9th Grade: Art History

Art encompasses so many disciplines, such as sculpture, ceramics, painting and more. What motivated people to create art? Why are there so many differences between different epochs? Well, it's art history's job to study that! With this template, you can introduce this subject or field of study to your students!...