Education Infographics Presentation templates

Books, blackboards and essays are not the only ways of teaching and learning, you can rely on infographics! Create easy-to-understand education diagrams for your students. They'll be a success!

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Learning Games Infographics presentation template

Learning Games Infographics

Let's say you have a slideshow prepared for your class, but you think you're missing something. Maybe some fun educational games for your students? If so, download this template, which contains lots of activities and exercises for little kids so you don't have to create them by yourself! Have a...

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Emotions Infographics presentation template

Emotions Infographics

Expressing different emotions will be easier than ever thanks to this infographics template with funny emojis that convey different feelings. These funny emoticons have become a universal language, and what better way than through them to talk about feelings. It includes graphs, diagrams, infographics and even process infographics with the...

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Daylight Infographics presentation template

Daylight Infographics

Day and night are so different! Some people even feel different depending on the time it is at the moment. Boost your presentations by inserting these editable infographics, which revolve around daylight and information derived from that. The designs are quite varied, with all kinds of illustrations and arrangements. There're...

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Math Lesson Infographics presentation template

Math Lesson Infographics

Numbers, they're all over the place! Math is the quintessential subject in school. Did you enjoy the Math Lesson template we've created some time ago? Now, to take it to the next level, you can download this set of editable infographics and turn them into new content for your presentation!...

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Galaxy Gradient Infographics presentation template

Galaxy Gradient Infographics

By now, you'll already know that Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and the closest one to the Sun, but perhaps you have other data related to planets or outer space that is more obscure and lesser known. If that is the case, download this set of...

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Creative Writing Workshop Infographics presentation template

Creative Writing Workshop Infographics

Creative writing is an art that can be practiced. If you are thinking of preparing a workshop to help others improve their writing skills, we have the perfect solution for you. In this infographic template we have included a multitude of resources that will help you prepare that master class....

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Botany Lesson Infographics presentation template

Botany Lesson Infographics

Are you teaching future experts of plant life? Using visual content, such as photos or a slideshow, is a great idea because it helps you give examples of the subject you're talking about. If you already know our Botany Lesson template, you can further enhance it with this set of...

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Biology Lesson Infographics presentation template

Biology Lesson Infographics

Biology lessons will be more entertaining than ever thanks to these infographics that we bring you today at Slidesgo. They are focused on the marine world, and they have a nice watercolor design with illustrations of fish, algae, marine plants and animals, etc. You have different infographic formats available, so...

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School Assignments Infographics presentation template

School Assignments Infographics

School assignments might be a bothersome thing for your students, but you can make them more fun! These infographics combine to perfection with our School Assignments template, including the fonts and the colorful nature of the slides. There are a lot of designs to choose from: calendars, graphs, percentages and...

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Elementary School Weekly Planner Infographics presentation template

Elementary School Weekly Planner Infographics

Are you looking for resources to organize your school week? This infographics template is designed for kindergarten and primary school teachers to plan their weekly activities in an easy and fun way. It is colorful and includes beautiful illustrations and icons that make it very pleasing to the eye. It...

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Word Work Activities Infographics presentation template

Word Work Activities Infographics

It's almost a motto now here at Slidesgo: education can be fun. In this template you will find lots of slides with different examples of activities for kids that can make your classes more entertaining for them. Since the style follows that of the Word Work Activities template that we...

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Online Learning Planner Infographics presentation template

Online Learning Planner Infographics

Organizing and planning your online classes will be a piece of cake thanks to these infographics we have created at Slidesgo. They have a colorful and functional design, with cartoon style illustrations that give them a fun touch. The typography is round and sans serif, which makes it easy to...

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Electronic Learning Infographics presentation template

Electronic Learning Infographics

During recent times, e-learning was already becoming more popular than ever, but due to the pandemic, it has been the main way teachers have taught lessons to their students. Dates, events, locations: there's a lot to remember, so why don't you use infographics to make it easier for your pupils?...

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High School Resume Infographics presentation template

High School Resume Infographics

If you are looking for your first job to combine it with your high school studies, or to earn some extra money during the vacations, we have a proposal that you will surely like. With this modern and creative infographics template you will have plenty of resources at your disposal...

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Trity Lesson Plan Infographics presentation template

Trity Lesson Plan Infographics

Being organized is key if you are a teacher, but having so many classes and tasks can be daunting. Some infographics might help you with your planning, so here's our newest template! Based on our "Trity Lesson Plan" presentation, it shares a similar design style, which means it has a...

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Cultural Diversity Infographics presentation template

Cultural Diversity Infographics

This set of infographics, based on our "Cultural Diversity" presentation, has what you need to stand out from the rest. Some of the designs come with stylized flat characters that make your data representation more dynamic. The main colors featured in the palette are white, orange and blue, allowing you...