Education Infographics Presentation templates

Books, blackboards and essays are not the only ways of teaching and learning, you can rely on infographics! Create easy-to-understand education diagrams for your students. They'll be a success!

Mind Maps presentation template

Mind Maps

Mind maps are used to organize information, visually speaking. It displays a hierarchical structure, in which branches need to be balanced. You can use them in several ways: when learning something, when teaching, but also for commercial purposes or when you want to explain something about your company. They are...

Training Infographics presentation template

Training Infographics

Are you looking for a way to show your data in a visual way for your students? Try using these Training Infographics to compare items or explain steps, These slides include timelines, processes, schedules, tables, blocks or banners that are notable for their flat design. They have three to six...

DNA Infographics presentation template

DNA Infographics

These new infographics have designs that revolve around illustrations of DNA and helices, so that makes them great for health-related presentations or scientific topics. All of them are very colorful, and the diagrams are varied, including circles, processes, and have a number of elements that goes from three to eight.

Concept Map Infographics presentation template

Concept Map Infographics

Slidesgo makes it very easy for you to depict the relationship between ideas, concepts or elements. These concept maps are inspired by the galaxy and the planets, done in two main graphic styles: flat and doodle-like. Some of them come with icons and, of course, all of them can be...

Sports Infographics presentation template

Sports Infographics

Our new editable infographics are perfect for all sport lovers out there. You can talk about different disciplines, provide percentages, show the results of a knock-out tournament, compare performances in a bar chart and many other purposes! The main style is flat, but there are also a couple of hand-drawn...

Yoga Mind Maps presentation template

Yoga Mind Maps

Are you in need of a way to visually convey a group of ideas or concepts and how they are related to each other? And perhaps the topic is yoga? Introducing our new set of infographics! We've combined both "worlds" and this is the result. Icons, imagery and illustrations of...

Religions of the World Infographics presentation template

Religions of the World Infographics

There are several religions in the world, and this being an important topic for many people, it's natural we had to create infographics that help you highlight data on this matter. We offer you some diagrams, percentages, bars, maps, timelines and other resources. Everything is totally editable, and the slides...

Papyrus History Lesson Infographics presentation template

Papyrus History Lesson Infographics

Once again, Slidesgo is glad to help teachers and students of the world! If you think that history lessons are dull, we have a template called Papyrus History Lesson that looks so cool and takes you back to the past. Since your students will need to remember some facts or...

Virtual Classroom Kit Infographics presentation template

Virtual Classroom Kit Infographics

Digital learning is almost a necessity nowadays. If you're teaching via online classes, then you must have a repertoire of slideshows, as they're the perfect resource for that. Well, let us help you with some infographics to power up those presentations! We have here some timetables, pyramid diagrams, tables and...

Elementary Level - Book Planner Infographics presentation template

Elementary Level - Book Planner Infographics

Do you know our template called "Elementary Level - Book Planner", where we we supply different slides, sorted by day of the week, with examples of resources that can be used for your lessons? Well, if you wanted to expand it more, here's our set of infographics that has the...

Studying Organizer Infographics presentation template

Studying Organizer Infographics

Slidesgo is back with a new set of infographics for those students who want a little bit of help in order to organize better their week. For that, we have designed calendars, tables, notes and all kinds of resources that can be edited with your own contents. Tasks to do...

Alphabet Soup Infographics presentation template

Alphabet Soup Infographics

Time to play! If you like alphabet soups this template is perfect for you. We have designed different slides in which you must find the words by moving the red shapes and dragging it to the word in question, so it is fully interactive. And if there is one that...

Writing History Thesis Infographics presentation template

Writing History Thesis Infographics

Sometimes, a presentation for a thesis defense needs extra help, such as infographics, graphs and similar resources so that the data represented is more understandable and easy to grasp for the examination board. Get this new template and make use of its slides! It has textured backgrounds and some drawings...

Interactive Folders Infographics presentation template

Interactive Folders Infographics

As a teacher, being organized is not only a plus, but sometimes a must! If you already know our template called "Interactive Folders", then you might recognize the design of these infographics. This is a colorful set that you can use in your presentations to better represent data visually. Timelines,...

Sketch Out! Infographics presentation template

Sketch Out! Infographics

Learning and having fun are synonymous thanks to this doodle-style infographics template, which will give your classes the dynamism you are looking for. It has cheerful colors that will capture your students' attention, and you have different resources, such as graphs, calendar, diagram, map, tables, etc. And best of all,...

Chemistry Lesson Infographics presentation template

Chemistry Lesson Infographics

How many atoms of oxygen and hydrogen are in water? If you know the answer, perhaps you like chemistry! Here you have this new set of infographics for lessons, just in case you want to represent some concepts visually. Thanks to the doodle aspect of the illustrations, the diagrams and...

LGBT+ Infographics presentation template

LGBT+ Infographics

If you are preparing a presentation in which you need to explain the different sexual orientations, in which countries gay marriage is approved or any other LGBT-related topic, this infographic template will become your best ally. The design is colorful, inspired by the rainbow flag, and we have included different...

Back to School: Info for Parents & Students Infographics presentation template

Back to School: Info for Parents & Students Infographics

A new school year is starting and there is a lot of information to share with parents and students. To make it easier and more enjoyable we have prepared these infographics, whose background simulates a blackboard. In addition, both the typography of the titles and the doodle drawings seem to...