Company Profile Presentation templates

Focus on your prospective buyers and stakeholders and talk about your products, services and current status with our free Google Slides themes and PPT templates. A well-written Company Profile is a great opportunity for your company to differentiate itself from your competitors.

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Rehab Therapy HealthCare Center presentation template

Rehab Therapy HealthCare Center

Do you want to promote your rehab therapy healthcare center? Prepare a good presentation dossier with this Slidesgo template. It has an abstract style, with a cream background and waves in green and yellow. As for the typography, we have opted for a sans serif for both titles and texts,...

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Bartender School Center presentation template

Bartender School Center

Receiving good service when you go to a bar or restaurant is almost as important as the quality of their products. If you have a bartender school center, make it known thanks to this template we bring you today. The main color is a muted pink which, together with the...

Administrative Assistants Week presentation template

Administrative Assistants Week

Imagine that you work in an office and there are around 300 employees. How can everything be in order with so many people? Well, among others, it's the job of administrative assistants! Honor them in this new template, in which we've used semi-flat illustrations and some wavy shapes. There are...

Soft Green Gradient Company Profile presentation template

Soft Green Gradient Company Profile

A company profile should be able to convey the essence of your business. Today we bring you a perfect template for those companies that want to give a modern touch to their presentation. It has abstract shapes in silver color and a green background with gradients. As for the typography,...

Pediatric Center presentation template

Pediatric Center

Do you need to prepare a professional presentation to present your pediatric center? Check out this proposal from Slidesgo. This template is created in pastel blue and pink colors, with geometric shapes and simple and professional style. The typography of titles and texts is modern, sans serif and easily readable...

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Soft Circles Company Profile presentation template

Soft Circles Company Profile

If you want other companies or your customers to know you better, having a presentation with your company profile is a good idea. While this template might seem simple, it's actually designed to grab attention. As its name suggests, it has lots of circular shapes (and arrows!), but the best...

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Core Competency Analysis presentation template

Core Competency Analysis

The core competencies analysis consists of identifying the strengths and attributes of your company so that you can enhance them to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Use this template to identify yours. Its style is modern, with a typography in the titles and a design that mimics that of a...

Hippie Style School Center presentation template

Hippie Style School Center

Peace and love! If you want to differentiate your school center from the rest, use this original purple hippie style template. It features fun illustrations of cactus, doves, hearts, flowers, etc. that will immediately catch the attention of parents and students. And now it's time to talk about your teaching...

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Judo Dojo Center presentation template

Judo Dojo Center

Judo is a very effective martial art for self-defense, and it is not only based on strength, but also on the mind. If you have a judo teaching center and would like to attract more students, try using this illustration template to present it. It is orange colored, with abstract...

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New Wave Consulting Toolkit presentation template

New Wave Consulting Toolkit

Do you offer consulting services and would like to differentiate yourself from the rest? Take a look at our proposal today. It's a consulting kit full of colorful and fun illustrations, with a grid background and handwritten typography in the headlines. All this gives it a fun, friendly and informal...

Political Party Company Profile presentation template

Political Party Company Profile

Give a fresh air to your political party before the elections and secure new votes. With this modern and professional style template you can present your party's measures and political program. It has a white background that conveys purity and team images with blue filter, which brings trust. The sans...

Geometric Shapes Agency presentation template

Geometric Shapes Agency

If you have an agency and want to make it known, prepare a good presentation that your audience can see. This Slidesgo proposal is modern, with white background and geometric shapes in green color, which transmits freshness and renewal. We have included some black and white images that add elegance,...

Retro Virtual Love App presentation template

Retro Virtual Love App

Nowadays, between endless routines and mobility restrictions due to coronavirus, we have no time left to look for love. Fortunately, there are mobile apps, which make our lives easier. If you have developed a virtual love app, this template will be great for you to prepare the presentation to potential...

Watercolor Consulting Kit presentation template

Watercolor Consulting Kit

Don't you feel lost sometimes when you need to keep track of everything concerning your business? In this new template you will find a lot of different layouts that serve many purposes, mainly to promote your services as a consulting firm. Need to show a SWOT or PESTLE analysis? Maybe...

Pias Company Profile presentation template

Pias Company Profile

Need to prepare your company profile, but don't have much time? We'll take care of the design! If you have a business related to construction, this template can help you. It has a formal style and simple design, with a striking green background that combines with the black and white...

Acupuncture Therapy Center presentation template

Acupuncture Therapy Center

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese technique that seeks to balance the flow of energy in the body through the insertion of small needles in strategic points of the skin. If you have a center where that offers this practice, why not promote it with this template? Its color is pink...

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Les Sciences Appliquées - Centre Botanique presentation template

Les Sciences Appliquées - Centre Botanique

If you want to attract new students to your applied science center, you need a template like this one we propose at Slidesgo. It has a vintage style, with a cream background with paper texture and illustrations related to botany, plus an elegant black frame. The typography of the titles...

Grayscale People Backgrounds Company Profile presentation template

Grayscale People Backgrounds Company Profile

Social networks are a wonderful communication channel with our customers. Take advantage of it and present your company to your followers. To help you with the design we have created this company profile template with Instagram stories format. It has a sober and professional style, in black, gray and white,...