Chart Infographics Presentation templates

Charts come in many different forms: bar, pie, pyramid, cycle, you name it. Browse our infographics for Google Slides and PowerPoint and use the type that you need for your slides!

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Denison Model Infographics presentation template

Denison Model Infographics

The Denison model is based on the research of Dr. Daniel Denison, who related organizational culture to certain business performance indicators. Both must be aligned to achieve business objectives. This template includes dozens of graphs and flat style infographics related to this model, which analyzes four key company factors: adaptability,...

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Emotions Infographics presentation template

Emotions Infographics

Expressing different emotions will be easier than ever thanks to this infographics template with funny emojis that convey different feelings. These funny emoticons have become a universal language, and what better way than through them to talk about feelings. It includes graphs, diagrams, infographics and even process infographics with the...

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Lettering Portfolio Infographics presentation template

Lettering Portfolio Infographics

Are you specialized in lettering and calligraphy design and want to prepare a portfolio that will impress recruiters? This is your template! It's full of cool infographics that you can edit to design a creative portfolio showcasing your best work. The typography of the titles is handwritten style, and the...

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Air Balloons Infographics presentation template

Air Balloons Infographics

The representation of data takes on a new meaning with this infographics template that we have designed in Slidesgo, and that will certainly give a fun and original touch to your presentation. It has a multitude of graphics with the air balloon as the protagonist, from tables to diagrams and...