Business Presentation templates

Engage your audience in your business presentations with our free customizable PPT templates and Google Slides themes. They’re perfect for business plans, office meetings, pitch decks or project proposals.

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Pharmaceutical Lab Business Plan presentation template

Pharmaceutical Lab Business Plan

Pharmacology is one of the most important fields of the health industry (it already was when Dioscorides was alive!) Unlike our medieval predecessors, we rely on different labs to do some research and to patent and sell new remedies. Promote your Pharmaceutical Lab Business Plan with our template!

Detective Consulting presentation template

Detective Consulting

Looking for a slideshow where you talk a bit about detectives and the services they offer? The topic might sound serious, so we've opted for a more casual look in this template. The different hand-drawn illustrations of clouds and cities, and the fonts might remind you of comic books, conveying...

Supermarket Business Plan presentation template

Supermarket Business Plan

Would you like to own a lovely shop? Use your noodle and develop a business plan for your supermarket with this free template! Run errands with these creative slides!

Employee Newsletter presentation template

Employee Newsletter

Create a Newsletter for your employees and share it with them with this neon presentation. You’ll have plenty of different sections for you to use: announcements, in depth, in brief, and even events!

Safety Pin App Pitch Deck presentation template

Safety Pin App Pitch Deck

It's difficult to find good investors that are willing to believe in new projects. That's why we're here! If you've designed an app and want to give a convincing pitch, try this template! Our designers have decided to give a creative vibe to the slides, and it shows! A lot...

Library Assistant CV presentation template

Library Assistant CV

Thinking of changing jobs? In that case you need a resume that will make you stand out. Today we bring you this library assistant resume template, which features a cartoon-style design that is sure to catch the attention of recruiters. The background is white, and the touch of color is...

Real Estate Business Plan presentation template

Real Estate Business Plan

Design a compelling business plan for your real estate agency and promote your business brand. We have designed the perfect template for you. Ready to sell a lot of properties?

Brands Response to COVID-19 presentation template

Brands Response to COVID-19

The infamous COVID-19 has caused a deep crisis, but not everything is lost… there is light at the end of the tunnel! Brands are responding to this complex moment helping people and raising awareness. Give a presentation about how they are aiding the most affected countries and their initiatives with...

Cute Geometric Monsters App presentation template

Cute Geometric Monsters App

Developing apps can be possible with two things: a great idea and money to make it a reality. You have the first but you're missing the second? Attract possible investors by giving a great pitch deck! Design your slides thanks to this wonderful template, which pays homage to several things....

Réunion D'accueil Des Nouveaux Employés presentation template

Réunion D'accueil Des Nouveaux Employés

Welcome! Today you are welcoming new employees to your company? Great! Slidesgo brings you this template to give them a warm welcome. You will be able to present in Google Slides or PowerPoint your business plan, your company profile and other information that new employees will need. With a creative...

Valentine's Love & Hugs App presentation template

Valentine's Love & Hugs App

Oh, Valentine's Day, that specific date on February dedicated to lovers. Well, not everyone has it easy to find their soulmate, so that's where your app can come into play. Pitch your ideas with this template and win the hearts of those who could fund your project. Provide an overview...

Comic Illustrator CV presentation template

Comic Illustrator CV

With this new template you will “draw” a lot of attention! We have prepared a CV presentation in which you’ll be able to express your strengths as an illustrator and impress every recruiter. The design looks like a comic, so if that’s your specialty this template is just perfect for...

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Language Learning App Pitch Deck presentation template

Language Learning App Pitch Deck

Hola! Guten Tag! Salam! Language learning is a wonderful and challenging experience. The more time you spend on it, the quicker you’ll master a new lingo. To ensure you’re never out of touch, you need resources that are accessible 24/7! If you’ve developed a language learning app and are looking...

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Dating App Pitch Deck presentation template

Dating App Pitch Deck

They say love is in the air, and this digital age we’re living in can make things easier than ever. Dating apps are very popular, so try giving a pitch deck for your own thanks to this template by Slidesgo, full of affection and useful resources!

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World Day for Safety and Health at Work presentation template

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Workplace risk prevention is a fundamental matter in any company. For this reason, on April 28 is celebrated the world day of safety and health at work. At Slidesgo we are very aware of this issue, and that is why we bring you today this template that you can edit...

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World Product Day presentation template

World Product Day

World Product Day is celebrated on May 27, and aims to highlight the work of product management. Join this worldwide event with this purple color template with gradients and geometric shapes, which has a very technological style. We have created a harmonious combination of cartoon-like illustrations and real photos, which...

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Abstract CV presentation template

Abstract CV

We all know that looking for a job is not that easy, but we’ll help you! Are you a creative person looking for a new position? Design an effective resume and get hired by your dream company!

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Game Developer Portfolio presentation template

Game Developer Portfolio

The video game industry is always looking for new talent. You could be the next one recruited by a leading company, especially if you use this template to create your portfolio. It follows certain trends in which the design is more flashy. In fact, you'll find this slideshow funny and...