Business Infographics Presentation templates

Thinking about new techniques to improve your company performance? Try our effective infographics for Google Slides and PowerPoint and present your data and results easily!

Organizational Charts presentation template

Organizational Charts

Organizational Charts, also known as organigrams or organograms, present the ranks and relationships within a company or its structure. They typically have three to four levels.

SWOT Analysis Infographics presentation template

SWOT Analysis Infographics

Discover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your own company performing a SWOT analysis. Use this basic strategic planning to evaluate your position with these new infographics created by Slidesgo.

Project Management Infographics presentation template

Project Management Infographics

Do you want to present your business or company data in an effective way? Go ahead and use these Project Management Infographics. They contain a lot of different designs: circular, arrows, paths… We have created them using yellow, orange, pink and purple hues and plenty of icons that you can...

Goals Infographics presentation template

Goals Infographics

Explain your goals and objectives or how to achieve them with these infographics! Tell your audience about what you want to achieve to get new clients, measure your success and encourage your team using these diagrams. Some of them look like mountains, bullseyes, tables, roadmaps, stairs, tables…

Location App Infographics presentation template

Location App Infographics

If you have created a location app or if you want to talk about different places, represent your data in a visual way with these infographics full of maps, paths, pins, bar charts or even roadmaps. Some of them are flat, other present round edges and isometric designs. Its two...

Milestones Infographics presentation template

Milestones Infographics

List the most importantyour milestones related to your company or marketing campaign with these infographics. You’ll find timelines, roadmaps or steps with a flat design. They include many sections!

Technology Infographics presentation template

Technology Infographics

The designs included in this new template have something in common: all of them have some kind of technological motif. You’ll find many infographics with devices and icons supporting the circular, isometric, roadmap-like and even hexagonal layouts. and the number of sections range between three and six per slide.

Finance Infographics presentation template

Finance Infographics

Our new infographics are great for presentations about economy, finance, funding and anything related to money management. The diagrams have been created using different styles: circles, 3D, radial chart, arrows, pie charts, hexagons and a lot more. Percentages and numbers are a must in these, so allocate your efforts as...

Status Report Infographics presentation template

Status Report Infographics

Is it time to check out how well a project is faring so far? To make it visually appealing, try our infographics. Your reports will look amazing with these designs, which make use of traffic lights or status bars to represent the different stages and their current status. Everything is...

Market Share Infographics presentation template

Market Share Infographics

Do you want to give a report on how the market is faring and how it is segmented? Edit these infographics with your market share data, make comparisons, highlight your main competitors and so on. We’ve got circle charts, maps, bar graphs and tons of percentages.

Our Team Infographics presentation template

Our Team Infographics

Customize these cool infographics to introduce the different members of your team to your audience. From office workers to hospital staff, we have designed many different groups, each with its own set of text boxes. The styles are diverse and some of the illustrations come from Stories by Freepik.

Flat Dashboard Infographics presentation template

Flat Dashboard Infographics

Showing your data in a visual way is key to understanding the info in a suitable way. Make use of our dashboards now to do so! Have a look at these flat steps, blocks, bar and pie charts, maps, budgets and result slides. They include many sections and are perfect...

Strategy Map Infographics presentation template

Strategy Map Infographics

Today we're expanding our catalog of infographics with this new addition: strategy maps! Lay out the goals that your company wants to achieve in these diagrams, complete with different colors, arrows and text boxes. You can make them even more visually appealing if you use the icons included!

Strategic Planning Infographics presentation template

Strategic Planning Infographics

Start editing these infographics to show the different stages of a business' strategic planning. These multiple diagrams, timelines, tables and other kinds of schemes look so clean that there will be no questions asked after the slideshow. Adapt the amount of elements to your needs!

Illustrated Gradients Buyer Persona Infographics presentation template

Illustrated Gradients Buyer Persona Infographics

Do you have a good idea of how your customers look like and what their interests are? Then, show that buyer persona in an infographic, such as the ones included in this template. Being a powerful marketing resource for business, you can make it even more useful by adding illustrations...

Strategic Alignment Infographics presentation template

Strategic Alignment Infographics

Strategic alignment in a business is fundamental. It consists, as its name suggests, in aligning the overall objectives of the company with those of each of its departments, so that together they contribute to achieving business success. This infographic template will help you establish those goals and distinguish the different...

Monthly Meeting Infographics presentation template

Monthly Meeting Infographics

If you ever wanted to use some infographics whose elements look like hand-made and where the text is hand-written, this is the one for you. Represent your data visually and do your best during the monthly meeting. Timelines, pyramid diagrams, cycle diagrams—there's a lot to choose from. How about combining...

Tech Startup Infographics presentation template

Tech Startup Infographics

If your startup is focused on the world of information technology, there's nothing like a futuristic-looking slideshow to spread that "techie vibe". Support your data with some infographics, which have been created following the style found in the "Tech Startup" template. The elements are based on hexagons and there are...