Business Infographics Presentation templates

Thinking about new techniques to improve your company performance? Try our effective infographics for Google Slides and PowerPoint and present your data and results easily!

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Square IG Post Infographics presentation template

Square IG Post Infographics

Nowadays, we spend so many hours looking through social media that these apps have become a part of our lives. Every marketer knows the importance of platforms like Instagram, that’s why we have prepared a set of infographics in this format that will help you share information with those that...

Tech Startup Infographics presentation template

Tech Startup Infographics

If your startup is focused on the world of information technology, there's nothing like a futuristic-looking slideshow to spread that "techie vibe". Support your data with some infographics, which have been created following the style found in the "Tech Startup" template. The elements are based on hexagons and there are...

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Team Appreciation Infographics presentation template

Team Appreciation Infographics

Keeping employees motivated is essential to improve productivity and, consequently, the company's results. One of the things workers value most is to feel recognized and valued. For this reason we have designed this infographic template, so you can show your team how valuable they are, and recognize the merits they...

Monthly Meeting Infographics presentation template

Monthly Meeting Infographics

If you ever wanted to use some infographics whose elements look like hand-made and where the text is hand-written, this is the one for you. Represent your data visually and do your best during the monthly meeting. Timelines, pyramid diagrams, cycle diagrams—there's a lot to choose from. How about combining...

Strategic Alignment Infographics presentation template

Strategic Alignment Infographics

Strategic alignment in a business is fundamental. It consists, as its name suggests, in aligning the overall objectives of the company with those of each of its departments, so that together they contribute to achieving business success. This infographic template will help you establish those goals and distinguish the different...

Canvas Business Model Infographics presentation template

Canvas Business Model Infographics

The Canvas Business Model was created by Swiss entrepreneur and author Alexander Osterwalder. It is a widely used template for developing new business models. If you are also creating yours, take a look at this infographic template inspired by this strategic management model that will help you put your ideas...

Neon Cyber Monday Infographics presentation template

Neon Cyber Monday Infographics

After a great sales day on Black Friday, you should try to keep the momentum going. Don't run out of steam and try using these editable infographics to prove that your prices are unrivaled. You can insert them into our Neon Cyber Monday presentation and power up your slides! As...

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Research Project Infographics presentation template

Research Project Infographics

Are you preparing your research project? Surely these infographics from Slidesgo will help you make it more visual when you present it. The design of this template is clean, with white background and generic illustrations that make it very versatile. The colors of the elements used are elegant: green, dark...

Museum Company Profile Infographics presentation template

Museum Company Profile Infographics

Oh, museums, the perfect place to admire creations of historical and cultural significance. They’re extremely popular among the public, so you might want to provide some statistical data on them in your slides. How lucky! These new infographics combine with our Museum Company Profile template, which means the Memphis style...

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Daylight Infographics presentation template

Daylight Infographics

Day and night are so different! Some people even feel different depending on the time it is at the moment. Boost your presentations by inserting these editable infographics, which revolve around daylight and information derived from that. The designs are quite varied, with all kinds of illustrations and arrangements. There're...

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Denison Model Infographics presentation template

Denison Model Infographics

The Denison model is based on the research of Dr. Daniel Denison, who related organizational culture to certain business performance indicators. Both must be aligned to achieve business objectives. This template includes dozens of graphs and flat style infographics related to this model, which analyzes four key company factors: adaptability,...

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Emoji Scale Feelings Infographics presentation template

Emoji Scale Feelings Infographics

The opinion of your customers is invaluable in order to keep improving your services, products, shops, anything! If you're going to show a report on customer satisfaction, make it more visual by using these infographics. All of them depict different emojis, representing various degrees of approval or disapproval. Most of...

Six Sigma Infographics presentation template

Six Sigma Infographics

What you'll find in this new template is a collection of infographics of the Six Sigma strategy, one of the best tools for process improvement. Our designs make use of gradients and come with five elements in order to represent the DMAIC methodology (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control). This...

Product Lifecycle Infographics presentation template

Product Lifecycle Infographics

Making your work easier for you, that's our motto with our infographics! Download this template and show visually the lifecycle of a product, that is, how its sales evolved over time. All these designs incorporate four elements in different styles of timelines, roadmaps and tables. Marketing and/or business presentations will...

Business Strategies and Framework presentation template

Business Strategies and Framework

Do you need to prepare a talk about business strategies? In this template you will find a wide variety of resources. This presentation has a flat style with green tones. It includes different frameworks, such as timelines, graphs, tables and diagrams that you can edit as you like to explain...

Porter's 5 Forces Infographics presentation template

Porter's 5 Forces Infographics

Competition is fierce in almost any field, so you must go always one step ahead of other companies. With this set of infographics, you can add to your slideshow a representation of Porter's 5 Forces framework, consisting of "Threat of new entrants", "Threat of substitutes", "Buyer power", "Supplier power" and...

Value Chain Analysis Infographics presentation template

Value Chain Analysis Infographics

This set of infographics is a new creation for business-related presentations. Whenever you need to analyze a value chain so that your product reaches the market in a way that is desired by the customers or clients, try representing your data in these designs. From cycle diagrams to timelines and...

Smart Goals infographics presentation template

Smart Goals infographics

To achieve your objectives you should have smart goals, they need to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. Using these infographics you can set them to help focus your efforts and increase the chances of success. They are shown as blocks, graphics, pie charts, timelines... and best of...