Blue Presentation templates

Download these free Blue PPT templates and Google Slides themes for your presentations. This color is very popular among large companies, since trust, serenity, loyalty, strength are concepts tied to it, as well as water and sky.

Blue Tail Roses Phoneme Lesson presentation template

Blue Tail Roses Phoneme Lesson

Do you know what a /ˈfoʊniːm/ is? Sorry, we meant "phoneme". This concept can be very relevant in language and phonology, and so is in this new template. If you need to give a lesson on these subjects, we bring you this cool design with roses and their stems that...

Thematic Cruises Marketing Plan presentation template

Thematic Cruises Marketing Plan

Some people like traveling by car, others by plane, and others... by sea! Have you ever been on a cruise, relaxing and having a great time? You can present here thematic cruises in this template. It's focused on blue tones—the color of the ocean!—and simplicity. Describe the thematic packages you...

Fisioterapia y Rehabilitación presentation template

Fisioterapia y Rehabilitación

Do you run a physiotherapy and rehabilitation center and would like to publicize the different services you offer? Then prepare a good presentation with all the information. For this you can use this Slidesgo template. It has a professional style, with gray and blue colors, which bring sobriety and serenity....

Question of the Day for Preschool presentation template

Question of the Day for Preschool

With this new template, which has a very cute design and lots of illustrations of animals, you can create a presentation for preschoolers. Each day, you can show one slide with a question and they have to try to answer it correctly. Do you like the idea? Customize the contents...

World Milk Day presentation template

World Milk Day

Milk, in addition to calcium, provides us with numerous nutrients that are good for our health. On the occasion of World Milk Day we have created this template with which you can inform about the benefits of this drink. It has soft tones in cream and blue, and illustrations that...

La Noche En Blanco presentation template

La Noche En Blanco

La Noche en Blanco is a cultural initiative that is celebrated in different cities, among them Malaga, the city where the illustrations of this template are inspired. During that night citizens take to the streets to visit monuments and museums, enjoy various activities and attend concerts. If you want to...

Motivational Sentences for Middle Schoolers presentation template

Motivational Sentences for Middle Schoolers

Today we bring you a really fun and original proposal. It is a template in A5 vertical format, ready to print, in which we have included motivational phrases for your students, which you can hang in the classroom. They have a colorful design full of energy, and a combination of...

The Ultimate Soccer League presentation template

The Ultimate Soccer League

If you are a football lover, this template is for you. It is inspired by the colors and aesthetics of the famous league of European football clubs, and we have added illustrations and images of football players to complete it. With it you can prepare the summaries of the matches,...

Concentric Hearts Lesson for Elementary presentation template

Concentric Hearts Lesson for Elementary

Convey all the tenderness you feel for your elementary students with this concentric hearts template, with which you can create a really nice and cheerful class. The hearts are blue and lilac, which convey joy, as well as the handwritten, wide stroke typography of the titles. Explain the topic using...

Virada Cultural presentation template

Virada Cultural

Every year in São Paulo, there's an event that lasts 24 hours and offers all kinds of cultural activities, such as concerts or art exhibitions, and that's none other than the Virada Cultural. This is exactly the topic of our newest template, so download it now and start editing the...

Vintage VHS Style Lesson presentation template

Vintage VHS Style Lesson

To capture the attention of high school students you need something eye-catching, like this template we bring you today at Slidesgo. It is vintage style, inspired by VHS, of which we have included several illustrations. The background color is dark blue, which is combined with yellow, red, orange and pink...

Frankie Grid Pitch Deck presentation template

Frankie Grid Pitch Deck

The viability of your project is guaranteed, but sometimes you need to translate that into quantitative data. To get a great pitch deck, here's our newest template. Two things stand out the most: the blue color and the grid-like elements used in most slides. In fact, if you take a...

Sponsorship MK Campaign presentation template

Sponsorship MK Campaign

Have you seen popular events where the logo and the brand of a company appears in many places? That could be sponsorship! How about having your own logo and brand be shown everywhere? Then prepare a marketing campaign and propose it to your higher ups. With our template, the visual...

Rowing Center presentation template

Rowing Center

Let's row! If you have a rowing center and want to promote it to attract more students, we have the perfect template for you. This is a modern and simple style presentation, with blue color, which, besides being related to water, transmits trust. The waves in the background simulate the...

DUNA IG Stories Social Media presentation template

DUNA IG Stories Social Media

Do you like space related themes? Then you have to take a look at this galactic style template. It is created in Instagram stories format, so you can share it with your followers. In it we have included different resources that will help you develop your social media strategy. The...

Hamburg Hafengeburtstag presentation template

Hamburg Hafengeburtstag

Hamburg Hafengeburtstag, or the anniversary of the port of Hamburg, takes place on the first weekend of May, and is a big event in the German city, extending over several days. Did you know that this port is the largest in Germany and one of the largest in the world?...

Printable Brain Breaks for Classroom presentation template

Printable Brain Breaks for Classroom

Active breaks are a way for students to take breaks to change their dynamics for a short period of time, usually no more than five minutes. It is also a way to reactivate their attention. In this template you will find cards in A4 horizontal format ready to print, in...

HOORAY! Final Thesis Defense presentation template

HOORAY! Final Thesis Defense

Finally! The time has come to defend your thesis. After so many hours of dedication you are just one step away from becoming a PhD. What if you give a spring touch to your presentation? At Slidesgo we have created this simple floral style template. The background image is a...