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Biology Presentation templates - Page 2

Give interesting presentations about Biology with these free PPT templates and Google Slides themes. All life forms should enjoy a nice slide deck!


Biodiversity In Colombia - Lesson for Pre-K Students

Colombia's biodiversity is a wonderful thing to see. The country is replete with unique fauna and flora, from the majestic jaguar to exotic monarch butterflies. Along the coast, tropical rainforests stretch for miles and are home to thousands of exotic birds and incredible plants. If you love wildlife, then Colombia...

Biology Activities for Pre-K: Jellyfish

Awwwww, these jellyfish are so cute! What jellyfish? The ones that you'll find in this template, full of activities for little kids. Since everyone is afraid of the sting of a jellyfish, this adorable set of slides will help you teach about these unique creatures in a more light-hearted way....

Biology Subject for Pre-K: Bones

Bone-jour! Bones are extremely important for the body, but also for history! Or haven’t you heard about Napoleon Bone-a-part? Prepare a fun lesson for your primary schoolers and help them learn the bones they’re made of with this creative template filled with illustrations and exercises. The designs are completely editable...

Printable Spring Centers for Pre-K

When you’re a kid, your class always has fun name. Some schools choose animals, others colors, and others use the seasons of the year. If your school is among the latter, and you are in charge of the Spring Class, this is the perfect activity dossier for your little kids!...

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Biology Subject for Pre-K: Parts of The Body

What's that thing you have in your head that allows you to listen to music? Right, an ear! And what's the name of that part of your body that you use to grab things? Correct, a hand! This is the lesson that you can teach to little kids: parts of...