Asia Presentation templates

Whether for educational or business purposes, these Asian-themed templates are perfect for any topic related to this continent. They are easy to edit and customize. Download them now and give a professional look to your presentations.

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Chinese Dragon Boat Festival presentation template

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Introduce the Dragon Boat Festival to your audience and tell them the origins and the traditions of this celebration! Originated in China and with a different date (as it is observed on the 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese calendar), we think the design of this template...

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Japanese Pop Culture Lesson presentation template

Japanese Pop Culture Lesson

Do you love manga, anime, J-pop music, Japanese doramas, gameshows, video games, everything that comes from Nippon? If you work for a cultural institution, you can use this template to show some aspects of the Japanese pop culture to your audience! The layouts are made of white backgrounds and colored...

Korean Style Portfolio presentation template

Korean Style Portfolio

Here at Slidesgo we like to design templates for portfolios: it's a great way of showing your work to everyone who's interested. This one is very cool and a bit elegant, with some minimalist elements. You'll have no problems adding your data, such as experience, education or skills. We've added...

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Russian Language Day presentation template

Russian Language Day

Mark June 6 on your calendar because it's Russian Language Day! It coincides with the birthday of Alexander Pushkin, a famous Russian poet. With this template, apart from exhibiting a great use of geometric shapes and different colors, you can teach some Russian to your audience! Introduce some aspects of...

Simple East Asian Landscape Campaign presentation template

Simple East Asian Landscape Campaign

If you are fascinated by everything related to the eastern Asian world and want to incorporate it into your presentations as well, you will love this proposal. It has an elegant design, focused on the development of a marketing campaign. It illustrates different landscapes in pastel tones that bring serenity....

Ikko Tanaka Style Business Plan presentation template

Ikko Tanaka Style Business Plan

A business plan is the first step to set in motion your new ideas and check whether it is viable. To make your presentation more unique, we've decided to create this template following a bit the style of the late graphic designer Ikko Tanaka. You'll find a great assortment of...

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Boseong Green Tea Festival presentation template

Boseong Green Tea Festival

If you are a green tea lover you surely know the Boseong Festival dedicated to this beverage. It takes place in the month of May, at the Korean Tea Cultural Park. There, visitors have the opportunity to learn firsthand how tea leaves are picked and how it is prepared, in...

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Stop Asian Hate presentation template

Stop Asian Hate

The cultural variety in Asia is amazing! There are so many different places and people. The Slidesgo team has just designed this new template to help you raise awareness about the hate some Asian people are receiving. Stop racism and use these slides, containing beautiful illustrations, to state your points....

Damyang Bamboo Festival presentation template

Damyang Bamboo Festival

The Damyang bamboo festival takes place in Korea. It is held annually in the month of May in Juknokwon and Gwanbangjerim forests. Visitors can enjoy different experiences and educational activities, as well as taste delicious local specialties. Spread the word about this unique festival with this green and white template,...

Learn to Play Mahjong presentation template

Learn to Play Mahjong

Have you ever played Mahjong? It is a board game that originated in China. It requires strategy, skill and a bit of luck, and there are different variants. It is highly recommended to improve mental agility. Use this modern style red and white duotone template to create a workshop where...

Goyang International Flower Festival presentation template

Goyang International Flower Festival

In Asia, when it comes to big events about flowers, you can't miss the Goyang International Flower Festival. It attracts a lot of people, but there may be others who haven't heard of it. That's where our template shines best! Each slide is like a landscape, with flowers, grass and...

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Korean Clothing Brand Campaign presentation template

Korean Clothing Brand Campaign

Fashion knows no boundaries! Do you want to appeal to a Korean audience with your new line of clothes? Now you'll have it easy with this new template. Use its pictures and its modern style to adapt it to your brand's image and voice and let your marketing campaign flourish!...

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Nami Island Cherry Blossom Festival presentation template

Nami Island Cherry Blossom Festival

Watching the cherries blossom is such a beautiful sight! Did you know that there's an island whose shape resembles a half-moon and is very famous for being the place where many Korean doramas are filmed? Now you can talk about Nami Island in this template. Yes, the palette revolves around...

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Map of Vietnam Infographics presentation template

Map of Vietnam Infographics

It's always a good idea to explain data as clearly as possible, especially if your audience is not an expert on the topic at hand. For example, our collection of infographic maps can help you show the territory of a certain country and then indicate its regions, or show percentages,...

Map of Singapore Infographics presentation template

Map of Singapore Infographics

Asia has lots of very interesting countries, each one with their own cultural identity. Our collection of infographic maps keeps growing, now with the addition of Singapore. This nation has seen an economic boost in recent times despite its small size, so it might be interesting for you to talk...

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Judo Dojo Center presentation template

Judo Dojo Center

Judo is a very effective martial art for self-defense, and it is not only based on strength, but also on the mind. If you have a judo teaching center and would like to attract more students, try using this illustration template to present it. It is orange colored, with abstract...

Map of Thailand Infographics presentation template

Map of Thailand Infographics

Here's a new addition to our collection of infographic maps. This time, it's Thailand's turn! This Asian country has a very distinctive culture and monuments, so it's a popular destination for tourists. If you want to make your travel guides or geography lessons more interesting, try editing these designs and...

Asian Pacific Heritage Month presentation template

Asian Pacific Heritage Month

May is Asian Pacific Heritage Month because it commemorates the arrival of the first Japanese migrants to the United States in the mid-19th century.If you want to explain to your elementary and middle school students what it consists of, we propose this dark blue template with illustrations. With it you...